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  1. Osiruz liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in Breakdown of my favorite CB Kristian Fulton   
    Yes. One guy I'm high on. Another I'm high on is Julian Blackmon from Utah. Here's what I have written for his report:
    Scheme wise, he’s a fit. They play a lot of cover 1 man and cover 3 at Utah. Has experience at CB/FS. Plays a lot of press too. Impressive frame/long speed. Reminds me of Damontae Kazee coming out of the draft. Similar role/scenario to Nasir Adderley and Juan Thornhill. High energy player who knows how to turn his head when ball is in pursuit.
  2. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by ike barn87987 in DB coach interviewed   
    I like Whitt better. I hate he went to GB after Petrino pulled what he pulled.
  3. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by KRUNKuno in Butt Releases Draft Details   
    My butt releases drafts regularly if ya know what I mean 
  4. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by ATLSlobberKnockers in Graham Glasgow to test f.a. Market   
    Graham Glasgow LG/C for the Lions doesn't want to stay in Detroit. He's not top tier but he's can solid and has played well this year at LG with the emergence of Frank Ragnow.
    He could also slide inside and play center for us at an above average-good level. He is a clear upgrade to Brown,Carp,  and Wes and won't break the bank. We would get need to let Wes walk as Glasgow fills the same role he just does it better.I
    We lost out on.Spain last year, and Glasgow is closer to his level than he is to Carpenters. Don't miss out on an UPGRADE to our line again.
  5. ATLSlobberKnockers liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in Why You Shouldn't Take a RB in Round 1   
    Not a fair assessment. Neither do OL but it's highly necessary regardless. 
  6. djbrough liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in Draft Targets from 10-15   
    If the Falcons win today, they can move up a COUPLE picks at most. On a loss, they can slide a couple picks as well. Here's my realistic scenario/targets at those spots.
    At pick 10.. possibly Isaiah Simmons but I'm not in love with a swiss army knife SLB in the club value early first. Would help massively in the second and third levels but there are bigger needs to me. Plus, that's the latest he'll slip after the combine. He's realistically gone by 8. At 10, i'd like to see Atlanta go at Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina DT. Assuming Atlanta doesn't have the $ to bring Davison back, Atlanta will need a possible 5 year option to put at the 1/3T. That versatility is huge in this defense. Jarrett plays over the nose and in the B gap a LOT. Kinlaw plays the 1/3T shade at South Carolina and has the measurements to succeed in the league. Tall, big and fast.
    At picks 11-13.. definitely Kinlaw. Considered a CB but early for Fulton/Wade/Henderson. Also sounds like TD is comfortable with what we have at CB.
    At pick 14.. out of Kinlaw post-combine range but seems like a food spot for my guy K'Lavon Chaisson, LSU DE. To me, this is one of those "get your guy moments" that we see so frequently under TD. He gets his guys no matter what.. (see him trading up 2 picks for John Cominsky).. Chaisson is similar to Beasley's playstyle. Incredibly explosive OLB, but unlike Beasley, KLC can control the edge against the run. I'm a huge fan of his. Had 2 sacks and 6 tackles last night against Oklahoma. At 6'4", 250, TD and Q should be incredibly impressed. Beasley may be too expensive to bring back, Clayborn is a FA, Means is a FA and Campbell (Sub PR) is a FA. Gotta plan for the future at DE. Get a guy who can do both.
    At pick 15.. probably more appropriate for Chaisson. 
    Bottom Line: Kinlaw and Chaisson are my current first round targets/favorites.
  7. KCFalcon22 liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in Draft Talent   
    Depends for me. If we win today, we'll likely go Javon Kinlaw. If we lose and fall back in the order, we're gonna go EDGE. I think we will LOVE Chaisson from LSU.
  8. ATLSlobberKnockers liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in Who are “your guys”?   
    My guys so far:
    RB Chuba Hubbard
    DT Derrick Brown (boring, but he's a stud)
    CB Jeff Gladney
  9. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by A-TowN.- in 10th-18th pick for the 2020 Draft   
    R1: Kinlaw
    R2: Etienne
    That’s who I want for the first two picks right now. 
  10. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by Rise in 10th-18th pick for the 2020 Draft   
    Kinlaw: I am beginning to agree with this pick.
    The Falcons are less like likely to find a dominant DE who they will start immediately..
    Kinlaw harrassed UGA's vaunted NFL O-Line Factory...
    Pressure inside.
    Help MLB Jones
  11. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by isproab in 10th-18th pick for the 2020 Draft   
    I don't understand this line of thinking. Sure we need a defensive lineman more than anything. If we are in the 15 to 22 range, I'm not sure there is a really good value there. Combine will reveal a lot about final rankings. 
    I know for a fact that the RB talent is really good. Swift, Dobbins and Taylor (despite me not being 100% sold on Wisconsin RBs). 
    Freeman looked like a has been all year. Brian Hill was nothing more than a stop gap. Yesterday against a team that's in the bottom 5 or 6 they both have good days. Not saying that is your reason, but we need a running game. Nobody on our roster can provide a consistent one. Ollison hasn't done much, but I'm not playing that let's see what he can do game. I have seen a lot of what was said about him coming out of school. Doesn't run as big as his size indicates. He literally gets hit and goes down, he doesn't break off a 12 yard run where he runs through 4 tackles. Definitely, can bring him back, but not planning on riding him. 
    I can take a RB in round 2 or 3 no problem. However, not just so I can over draft a defender in round 1 when I already have Beasley and McKinley who are "on the bubble." 
  12. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by Rings in if I was author blank I would do this   
    I think I speak for everyone on TATF when I say that I am very thankful you are not Arthur Blank.
  13. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by Falcons Fan MVP in Falcons at Buccaneers/black Monday predictions?   
    I predict that the Falcons will beat the Buccaneers 26-20 week 17. On black Monday I predict Thomas Dimitroff will either be fired or moved to a different role and a new GM will be brought in. I predict Dan Quinn and Dirk Koetter stays. Raheem Morris of Jeff Ulbrich will be promoted to defensive coordinator and we will most likely get a new offensive line coach.
  14. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by k-train in 2020 General Manager Candidates To Keep An Eye On   
    Ryan & Julio are great, but they are also older players who are eating up an enormous amount of cap.

    Mack is still solid but has regressed a little over the past 2 seasons & likely only has a year or two left. He also has a high cap number & could very well be a necessary cut this offseason for cap purposes.

    Hooper stands a good chance to be gone in the offseason. We just don't have the cap room to pay him what he's worth. If we could keep him, you'd think that we would've heard about them trying to get a long-term deal worked out, but there hasn't even been a peep about it to my knowledge. Sadly, I think he's gone.

    Ridley is promising, but is still understandably in the shadow of Julio, so we don't know that he's great. His ceiling might not be a true #1, he might just be a great #2 WR for all we know right now.

    As for Lindstrom, we've only seen a game & some change of the kid against starting NFL players. Granted it's been good so far, but it's still an extremely small sample size, so we need to pump the breaks a bit & see if he can do that consistently & stay healthy before we start factoring him in as some sort of great asset.

    With McGary it's the same thing. He's shown some good stuff & improved in some areas, but he's still a rookie and it shows a lot. That's fine & totally expected, but again... pump the breaks & see how these guys look after 3 years in the league.

    Grady is a monster.

    Debo is mostly a monster.

    Takk is worse than Beasley & always getting hurt, so that's hardly anything to get excited about.

    Tru can be very good at times, but can also be disappointing. He started his career strong, but never really panned out to be a great lockdown CB. He's gonna be 30 next year, so he has zero upside & has had his own fair share of injury issues. He's also got a really large cap number moving forward & could be a guy like Alex Mack that has to be released to creat some much needed cap relief.

    So with our dire cap situation & a number of our best players being 30+ with large contracts, I'm not sure this job is as enticing as Falcons fans think.
  15. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by ike barn87987 in 2020 General Manager Candidates To Keep An Eye On   
    Paton, Borgonzi, or Hortiz 
  16. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by kiwifalcon in So.who is our target in 2020 now?   
    Grady Jarrett clone.
  17. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by Cole World in G-Dawg 2020 Falcons Mock Draft - 11/13/2019   
    For anybody sleeping on Brown.
  18. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by Smiler11 in G-Dawg 2020 Falcons Mock Draft - 11/13/2019   
    I've heard Josh Jones has a chance to go in the first 2 rounds - he isn't likely going to be there in the 7th.
    Yetur Matos-Gross played at 259lbs last year, I think he's 260lbs+ now. He's got a lot of upside though and probably a 1st rounder when all is said and done.
    Love the CEH pick. I thought of MJD and Freeman when I saw him.
    Derrick Brown is going to be good.
  19. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by FalconsIn2012 in G-Dawg 2020 Falcons Mock Draft - 11/13/2019   
    Great mock.  The picks in Rounds 2-4 would be a dream scenario.  Gross-Matos (incredible motor), Johnson (true boundary cb), Winfield (star potential in the right system, right @Knight of God) 8 Edwards-Helaire (day 1 starter) will all be players
  20. Mr.Falcon79 liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in Eno Benjamin   
    My guy is Rodney Smith, Minnesota. True sleeper. Dude is 5'11" 210 and moves like Dalvin Cook.
  21. Refried Beans liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in My New FO   
  22. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by NWFALCON in My New FO   
    EB’s college OC stats scare me. I’m on the fence on whether the KC offense is a result of him or Reid. I think he definitely will fix the run game as seems to be a RB whisper. 
  23. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by marvinthemartian in My New FO   
    I want a GM who believes the game is won in the trenches by running the ball, stopping the run, pass rush and establishing the run to set up the pass. These four pillars of football have never changed. 
  24. CMarinoNFL liked a post in a topic by theDIRTYcode in Consolidated Arthur Blank Thread   
    I'm sorry, but dont do anything to jeopardize our shot at Chase Young. I can handle losing. I cant handle losing without a reward.
  25. Cole World liked a post in a topic by CMarinoNFL in The Consolidated Dan Quinn Thread   
    I posted that Tweet. It's certainly true.