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  1. He was hired as the director of player dev but yeah!
  2. CONTRACT TERMS: 4 yr(s) / $10,098,346 He's approx 2.5M per. I'd send a late pick.
  3. Ben Allbright texted me that it was BS lol
  4. Really good interview and thanks for sharing that. Arthur mentioning the Andy Reid tree and the Mahomes trade up as well as the Falcons drafting Matt with Todd McClure, TG and Roddy White in place makes me think that he wants to build the foundation before drafting a QB and doesn't believe a formidable foundation is in place currently. "We believe in our strategy" Just by the comments I'm hearing.. sounds like the Falcons have a plan built around making the OL strong. In 2015, according to FO analytics, the Chiefs had the 5th ranked OL per OL DVOA. Two years later, in 2017, they moved up for Mahomes. Needless to say that they had strong offensive weapons in place already. In 2020, the Falcons were ranked 26th as far as OL DVOA. It adds up. The foundation was built more towards a quarterback getting eaten alive. BUT.. in 2007, before they drafted MR2, they had the worst OL DVOA in the league, so idk. 17th ranked two years prior to his selection in 2008. Who's on the OL hot seat? LT: Matthews... as safe as it gets LG: wide open C; wide open RG: Lindstrom... as safe as it gets RT: McGary... room temp Just my 2c. Feel free to butcher my takes 🙂
  5. https://twitter.com/pschrags/status/1399168099757301762?s=21 What y’all make of this?
  6. Didnt think about this.. is there really a margin of difference between him and MR2 tho?
  7. Like, does anybody recall a young cat who was really liked by either the Saints, Bears or Titans in recent years that isn’t starting?
  8. It might actually appease Rodgers to trade his competition.
  9. Fontenot mentions theres trade candidates at QB. Any ideas? I know the Titans and Saints were both high on Jordan Love with Arthur and Terry on respective staffs.
  10. I was wrong this year. a lot of people were too tho - DLed, Tori, Schultz. That whole group really didn’t have insight this year. I also said that Lance would be the pick if he was available, which he was not
  11. Lol, me when the Falcons started winning in the second half of last season
  12. We’ve got Grady at the 4i and currently have Davidson and Cominsky as the 5Ts on the right and left sides. Neither Davidson nor Cominsky are Pees’ additions and he’s typically shown interest in having his IDL personnel fit identically to what he prefers.. my guess is Onwuzurike would play mostly 5T and rotate with Grady at the 4i. Davidson and Cominsky to get pushed down in a snap rotation. Would play 3T in 4-3.
  13. Dude hit 13 picks tonight and was top 10 in 2020. No bullshizz. Keep an eye out for him and Barmore (particularly Onwuzurike).
  14. Ive done quite a bit of research on CB connections to Falcons staff because I think connections this year are going to be huge. Some mid-round guys with connections: Shakur Brown (4), Michigan State: Jon Hoke, our DBs coach worked with Mel Tucker in 2013 with the Bears when Tucker was the DC and Hoke was DB coach. Tucker is now the MSU head coach and speaks highly of Shak. (Interviews on google by searching "Mel Tucker Shakur Brown" Shaun Wade (3), Ohio State: Dean Pees hired Kerry Coombs as his DB coach in 2018 for TEN. Coombs is now at OSU as their DC. Wade is a *solid* OCB. Ifeatu Melifonwu (1.9/2), Syracuse: Pees was highly interested in his older brother a couple years ago in his first year as Titans DC. Also, a less-important and lowkey stretch is that Syracuse defensive quality control coach Bryan Shepherd played for WashingtonFootball when current Falcons Vice President of player personnel, Kyle Smith was a regional Southeast scout and likely briefly scouted Shep as a CB at Nebraska-Omaha. Obviously connections arent the end-all-be-all, but its certainly interesting to see how much they rely on certain connections.
  15. IDK, this seems important. Ive heard Fields at 3 is a lock so this throws a bit of a wrench into things
  16. I provided countless stats. Now what are YOU talking about LMFAO? Then dont say it? say what? I said what I was prompted to say
  17. Do me a favor, try not to blindly ignore the 9 stats I just shared with you. Found on https://sisdatahub.com/leaderboards/QB. Bridgewater had a LOWER bad throw percentage and just got replaced by Sam Darnold. Try again.
  18. Matt Ryan had the 4th worst IQR in the NFL on deep balls last year among starting QBs with at least 400 snaps. IQR: (builds on the traditional Passer Rating formula by considering the value of a quarterback independent of results outside of his control such as dropped passes, dropped interceptions, throwaways, etc.) Matt Ryan had the 9th lowest catchable percentage in the NFL among starting QBs with at least 400 snaps. Matt Ryan had the 10th lowest on-target percentage in the NFL among starting QBs with at least 400 snaps. Matt Ryan had the 8th highest sack percentage in the NFL among starting QBs with at least 400 snaps. Matt Ryan had a 37% completion percentage on deep balls. Matt Ryan had the 12th worst IQR in the NFL on intermediate balls among starting QBs with at least 400 snaps. Matt Ryan had the 8th worst IQR in the NFL on short passes among starting QBs with at least 400 snaps. This is getting exhausting my man.
  19. What's generic is comparing every old QB to Brady (the best ever) It's like comparing young guys w/ Mahomes. The logic is the same. A QB with lacking arm strength and consequentially poor decision making doesn't scream to me somebody who's guaranteed a job for the next 2 years.
  20. Gladly. Beyond intermediates, Matt typically struggled to not only lead his receivers, but even reach their hip levels on balls. Dude even struggled in intermediates at time. Watch the LAC game. The duck on a 15 yard out to Ridley was a regressive throw. His arm velo has depreciated like crazy. IDK how it's even possible, but his decision making has gotten worse. Too many foolish decisions cost games (see LAC again).
  21. Watch his tape. Not discussing with anybody who says he isnt showing signs of regression. Its a foolish take.
  22. Fields is going 3 imho. A high ranking coach from NDSU told me that "the GM and HC certainly seemed like they liked him (Lance)" at his pro. Definitely some interesting dots being connected. I think the draft falls: Jags: Lawrence Jets: Wilson 49ers: Fields Falcons: Lance Bengals: Chase Falcons are in too good of a position to pass up on a QB. Bad bet to pass on one and say you'll get one later. Never the right move. Adding Pitts doesnt move the needle for us. Darren Waller was a 6th rounder. Kelce was a third. Kittle a fifth. Gronk, a second. Waller didn't move the needle for the Raiders despite being elite in his own right. Neither did Kittle. 6-10 with a lackadaisical QB but a stud weapon. Regression is regression and having a regressive QB defeats the purpose of adding weapons. Weapons can only get you so far if you cant support THEM. Lance makes sense for us from a pro-ready/offensive similarity standpoint where his playcaller has been on NFL rosters before. Team clearly likes him and his fit in Arthur's scheme. The truth is simple: The Falcons will have a ton of talent with Pitts on roster and will have a ton of talent without him. They need a hybrid-flex TE, but other than that, I question Pitts' opportunity in the system. Him being the replacement for Julio is DUMB. He'll be an injury machine if thats the case. Think they settle with Lance who fits to a T and add a guy like Hunter Long in early day 3..
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