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  1. I've been suggesting this idea as well and I think it's a definite legitimacy. -Scheme familiarity/positional familiarity with OC Dave Ragone. -Great camp competition, will push the then-selected QB in the offseason. -Tannehill-esque developmental upside. -Jameis Winston type signing by Fontenot. Cheap (?) former starter who's a serviceable backup. -Arthur Smith has deep UNC ties.. not real significant but still a thing. -Player who's faced the trenches of the media.. will help rookie QB at pick 4 vs. the media. I think it happens. It makes so much sense.
  2. Fontenot mentioned his relationship with Swinney in his podcast with Schefter. Might be interesting to see if he talks around about JOK. I see the team going QB, but JOK is such a key-to-door fit in this defense that it wouldn't surprise me, even if they took him at 4. He played 195 snaps on the line, 433 snaps in the box and 680 in the slot in the last two seasons. I think he's better than Parsons. He's a g-d dam bullet, man. "Only 215" is lazy. He plays like he's 230... Excels in coverage, strong in run fits even at his weight and as previously mentioned, brings crazy versatility with
  3. Fontenot mentioned his sons being in the interview. The second part was my take. One of my close friends works as a recruiting analyst with Arthur's son, Max at Tennessee.
  4. He'd be the Cam Batson-type receiver for Smith. Also has familiarity with Dave Ragone, current OC. I wouldn't be surprised at all.
  5. **** YEAH!!!! https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/lists/falcons-2021-mock-draft-trey-lance-nfl/
  6. Because Watson transforms this team. But yeah, I agree. Its more likely they go QB at 4
  7. Im not saying its likely, but its not impossible to make it work. To preface, I have absolutely no idea what we would give them, but financially, here's how it could work: Assuming the Falcons somehow did acquire Watson, id imagine the team would give him a lucrative signing bonus to lower his cap hit in 2021 to ~$5m. If the NFL does increase the salary cap to ~$190m, this becomes a lot easier. Believe the team is expected to be ~over 56 million in cap next season, so you really just need to give Watson an initial signing/PRB and restructure some other guys to make it work mainly for
  8. I absolutely would. Arthur Smith spoke about playing to your players' strengths. With what he did with Tannehill and how many holes this team has, I absolutely would take Drew Lock and slide back 5 picks. Without a doubt. He's an UFA in 2023 and my eval on Matt Ryan's contract says the team moves on from him in 2022. Give Lock a season to sit behind a great QB coach and a legendary QB, play him in 2022, debate his 5YO and go from there. Lock has great upside with a great coach. I dont necessarily envision this happening, but I certainly wouldnt be opposed to it. Also, not sure if thi
  9. Thats fair. I just know hes an awesome fit. Regardless, im sure youre right. Just me being greedy now that we have some front office aggression!!
  10. That's true and a good point. Dont have a great answer for you and dont wanna pull anything out of my bottom. Maybe they take the pick and view Njoku has a cap hit where they can replace him for cheap and still use the same personnel.
  11. Smith had 8 snaps all season without a tight end. Expect the team to add another starting caliber TE, similar to Jonnu Smith and his role. Guys that pop up as fits: Trade a 6th for Browns' David Njoku - Njoku is a remarkable fit in Smith's offense. The Browns deploy primarily 11 and 12 personnel, similar to the Titans. Njoku has the ability to separate but also can be a red zone threat, given his speed and enormous arms. The former first rounder is now a 2nd stringer behind the hometown hero, Austin Hoooooooper. Sign 2021 UFA Geoff Swaim - Swaim comes right from Smith's offense. Was
  12. If he does in fact join, he'll join as a defensive analyst/advisor. He wont be DC imo. Awesome for us
  13. Lol. Doesnt matter who the OC is tbh. Just a keyholder. We hired Smith to call plays.
  14. Not even to mention it seems as if people have forgotten how good Hurts was
  15. Im with you here. That job is lowkey super attractive.
  16. It is. Not really, tho. They have a good run blocking OL, established backfield and two QBs to mess with. The Howie Roseman hate is dumb. Should be interesting nonetheless
  17. Which makes this a lot more concerning. Why would they send it out if they weren't certain he'd accept? Its been 5 hours
  18. Injuries took away Saleh's best and he still outperformed 26 other teams in DVOA
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