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  1. More goes to it. No owner accepts mediocrity. Fans will give up, and have given up. We are the laughing stock of the NFL. That is not acceptable! **** relationships!
  2. Listen, I am the biggest wishful thinker and false hoper in the world and I am praying we do end up finding a way to trade for Adams. He single handedly evolves our defense, BUT: It probably won't happen. To preface: I'm not worried about the 1st round pick that's being given itself (I project them to go after a safety in the first round) because Adams is better than every safety in this class. But let's be real. Blank won't scrutinize our future front office and take their hand print picks away just to win this one year. That's bad business. Adams is gonna ask for money we qui
  3. No worries, allow me to explain. In the scenario that we'd be looking for a future franchise QB, that would likely come during a rebuild from a new front office. What that tells me is that Blank will not be happy with the PR situation. A *new* stadium, new uniforms and a rebuilding roster are three things that do not get along well. That's: Billions of dollars into external operations for a low income field performance. Not good. With that being said, more goes into the selection of your quarterback than just field play. You need a huge PR win. If the fanbase doesn't like the QB
  4. I think Holland is more talented, but I project Cisco to be more of a pro ready guy. Blank has always put an extra importance on being pro ready. Cisco has 12 picks in two seasons. That's the ball hawking nature this front office has drooled over. Can pop fools too. I think Cisco is their type of FS/SS flex guy. Can definitely see Cisco being really good. His film tells me that he gambles a lot and needs to play with his eyes over his head. If he polishes himself more, he'll be really good.
  5. Falcons will have a gaping hole at safety. 6 free agents at safety next year. I project the Falcons to have an entirely new front office which means from an outside perspective, that safety group is bad. Hawkins is a true SS in this scheme but shouldn't start year two. Plus, could be 3-5 safeties in that first round. Oregon's Jevon Holland would be huge for us. Fits the bill for what we want at safety, but that doesn't matter much if the front office is different. Could be running back as well. Obviously Gurley is only on the hook for one year and this class has some really good ba
  6. Not really smoke when Ian said that we’re “doing homework on the top tackles.” That’s undeniable interest. People are forgetting there’s a substantial difference between “showing interest” and “doing homework” showing interest = huge smoke possibility/rumor doing homework = noted interest, or at least pondering, but there’s definitely proof of interest
  7. For me, if you're trading into the top 5, just go all out for Chase Young man. He would singlehandedly change the team
  8. I think Murray is incredibly high on their board.
  9. Silva is one of the most plugged guys in the draft
  10. I think, for me, if Foye or Deion goes down, we are in massive trouble. You look back to DQ's Seattle defense in '13 and '14 and you see that its predicated on an efficient linebacker group with a strong secondary. We've been looking for a starlike LB2 for years. I mean, hey, we wanted to trade up for Devin Bush just last year in the first, then Quincy Williams in the third. We've shown interest in guys like Raashan Evans and Reddick in the past as well. I think DQ is really passionate about rebuilding that Wagner/Wright combo. To add, Kenneth Murray is the best fit out of the
  11. Interesting. It’s down to Terrell or Murray for me
  12. Ick. He's probably my CB12. If you're referring to my Twitter, I said that he was a fit and I bet they like him, but that doesn't mean I do. He's one of my least favorite guys in the draft
  13. My answer? **** yeah it does. He's played loads of WR in his past and has probably some of the best pure man upside in the draft. He was in Chase's hip pocket for the majority of the LSU film. Toughest competitor in the CB class. You could argue the Clemson defense was built around him. There's a reason teams have him as a top 17 player. He's incredibly sticky, smart, long and fast. You'll see.
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