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  1. I put a 5 & left my yahoo email in the review. That all?
  2. Love to see the Baun steam picking up. Here's my Reddit post regarding it:
  3. Its blended with Pauline's rumors as well.
  4. Finally, someone else on the Baun possibility,
  5. Yep. McKinley's biggest red flag was his shoulder though. The Falcons are going to be incredibly safe this year and only select a guy if his background is whiteboard clean. Not gonna risk It on Kristian Fulton, who's film, isnt even that good.
  6. Need a true cover 1 and cover 3 FS for next year. Rico probably won't return, Keanu probably won't. Kazee might not.
  7. Sure, but it seems like this front office gives lots of chances. You're probably right this year. This front office doesnt have room to fail.
  9. Te Thomas' history is so rough. Like.. rough. But he did predict we would trade up to 26 with Seattle when we took McKinley, so there's some substance.
  10. Agreed. Baun is the pick, but I doubt at 16. Falcons probably will trade back with Philly and take him at 21. Could add a true FS and would be like FS: ___ SS: Rico WLB: Keanu OCB: Oliver/Upgrade OCB: Sheffield/Upgrade NCB: Kazee I love Ashytn Davis and he's exactly what we need, but we would need to devote a second to him, in which I believe will end up being Nick Harris. Feels like a stretch to add a FS when we can just do this: FS: Kazee SS: Keanu WLB: Foye OCB: Upgrade OCB: Oliver NCB: Sheffield Makes way more sense personally.
  11. It'll be a guy of his position at 16. Thinking Baun is the darkhorse at 16. Here's my reasoning: Bet the NFL is higher on him than most by comparing him to how well TJ Watt has translated from that scheme to the NFL.
  12. #Falcons certainly love Zack Baun. Met with him at the Senior Bowl and the combine. Zack Baun on Falcons meeting: "They gave me some good tips on things I do well, things I don't do well. Just a brief conversation. I think they're a team that's looking for an all-around guy like me." "All-around guy" is interesting. Sounds like they want an OLB with edge contain ability, base gap penetration ability, coverage ability and pass rush ability. That would be Baun to a T. Shoutout to M2Falcons for this: 2. ZACK BAUN, WISCONSIN (from PFF; they rate only Simmons ahead of him) Baun played edge at Wisconsin and while he primarily rushed the passer, he also dropped into coverage far more than your average edge defender. In fact, 195 times over the past two seasons Baun dropped into coverage on pass plays. He earned coverage grades of 81.3 (2018) and 86.9 (2019) over that span. While that’s still a small sample size, it meshes with the fluid movement skills we’ve seen from him again and again on tape. After checking in at 240 pounds at the Senior Bowl, Baun unsurprisingly stated he wanted to make the switch to off-ball. All of a sudden, his pass-rushing prowess that saw him put up a 91.0 grade while rushing against college offense tackles becomes a serious weapon as a blitzer. His flexibility is superb and he has no problem playing through contact. That ability to defeat blocks also projects well when asked to play the run or defend screens from off-ball. While asking a player to execute a completely different role comes with some risk, Baun has proven to have the skillset to do it. Just says it all. He's a perfect fit. Also, for what it's worth, Wisconsin OLB coach Bobby April worked with current Falcons STC Ben Kotwica for the NYJ in 2013 and 2014.
  13. I think Chaisson would be the guy who'd replace Devondre
  14. Giving a huge shoutout to you. Always on top of connections