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  1. So... Derrick Brown..
  2. Bredeson is an early day two guy.
  3. Wow. That’s huge. I think Bredeson could easily be the quickest guard in the class. To me, his feet are real fast.
  4. Interesting list here. I love Rodney Smith, RB from Minnesota. Surprised you don't have him here. Definitely check him out. He could easily be a fringe top 10 RB in the class. Also think you're big time sleeping on Ben Bredeson. Lemieux is really low. Your CB rankings are real bold. Not hating btw. I acknowledge these are your personal rankings, just figured id throw in my 2 cents.
  5. My guy is Rodney Smith, Minnesota. True sleeper. Dude is 5'11" 210 and moves like Dalvin Cook.
  6. Ive changed my entire prediction lol
  7. I desperately want Dodds at GM, but he's in lockstep with Ballard. He won't leave Indy. Also really like McClay in Dallas but the chance of him leaving is even lower. As far as what I'd predict: GM: George Paton, Vikings assistant GM Has been previously linked to ATL. Recently heard that ATL liked him when Pioli stepped down. HC: John DeFilippo, Jaguars offensive coordinator From the Paton tree. Catching a lot of steam as head coaching candidate. Offensive guy to provide long term MR2 stability. "John DeFilippo has been described as bringing a modernized west coast offense, with some spread-offense concepts, pre-snap movement, and play-action from Philadelphia. Pat Shurmur brought those same things from Philadelphia too. So, from a base scheme perspective, there may not be much change- except players having to learn some new terminology. And like Shurmur, DeFilippo likes to tailor his offense to the strengths of his quarterback." OC: Aaron Kromer, Rams Run Game Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach DeFilippo would be calling plays obviously, but a young offensive coach needs a good RG coordinator and an elite OL coach to succeed. Kromer and DeFilippo have been connected in the past, an iffy source tells me on Twitter. DC: Rex Ryan Worked with John DeFilippo in NYJ in 2009. Perfect fit for this defense. Arthur Blank loves Rex. Not the dream, and not overly pretty, but we can't always get what we want.
  8. Who wants him? He's inconsistent and expensive. A 5th is generous imho.
  9. YES.
  10. Don't get the Koetter hate. I like his passing game.
  11. I posted that Tweet. It's certainly true.
  12. He's so, so good. Transforms this Falcons PR day one. Seems like a pipe dream though. A typical Falcons-esque scenario would be for Atlanta to win 4 more games and draft in the middle lol