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  1. Are we forgetting about Kazee? He's 26 and was really good at FS last year..
  2. So? He’s worth it. He’s worth top 3 money because he is a top 3 tight end. MR2 is restructuring.
  3. Trading Hooper would be comical.
  4. You think Falcons going to love Brown/compare him to Poe? Plays like Akiem Hicks. Where will they play him?
  5. I understand the mentality but our defense is so bad, we take the best talent when we see it imo.
  6. And then go where?
  7. If that's the case, then a depth pick would be the only necessary time to draft a CB. Sheff was awesome. He's a future starting CB, might even replace Oliver now. It now becomes a conversation on comfortability with Tru/Miller
  8. Idk, but I wanna talk to the people that buy their tix week of lol.
  9. Blank needs to grow up. Were a good football team. NOBODY expected us to go 1-5, and we should honestly be 0-6, if it weren't for Agholor's butter. Nobody on this defense has any idea what a zone defense is. It's literally unwatchable. There is no upside to keeping DQ. It's like telling the players that losing is a theme in Atlanta all the sudden. CHANGE THE CULTURE! It's 0 surprise to me that Shanahan is 5-0. So, what does it tell you that the offensive coordinator of our Super Bowl run is 4 wins and 5 losses better than us? "Come on man, we made a miraculous comeback yesterday" 1. We shouldn't be in the position to make a comeback week after week. 2. We literally still lost. Yeah, it TECHNICALLY was on the hands of Matt Bryant, but the dude didn't workout once this offseason. He probably had a very average workout, GT was bad, and they signed MB3 back, only for him to throw the game. It all stems from the front office. 3. It was the Cardinals. It's all bad.
  10. You don't think Sheffield and Miller were picks that we would develop into starters?
  11. IF we do a total revamp: GM: Scott Pioli? HC: Matt Eberflus OC: Dave Christensen DC: Jerome Henderson Director of College Scouting: ............ Dan Quinn?
  12. My head coach pick for 2020 is current Colts DC Matt Eberflus. Incredible at developing talent. The Athletic refers to Eberflus as: "ultra-demanding culture of hustle, discipline and teamwork." Eberflus is a perfect fit for a team who needs a high character guy. Eberflus is notoriously accredited for developing his linebacker core into one of the best in the NFL. A common misconception is that the Falcons should avoid a defensive coach. Why? Mike Zimmer is a defensive coach with an explosive offense. With the Falcons' offensive talent, the #Falcons need a fire power defensive coach. Eberflus, a "No B.S" candidate and a defensive guru, is the perfect fit for what the #Falcons need. When lack of attendance is factored into the #Falcons head coaching search, Eberflus will certainly provide some marketing boost. He finished 3rd in votes for the 2018 AP NFL Assistant Coach of the Year Award. He helped turn a 4-12 team in 2017 to a 10-6 playoff team his 1st yr. Assuming Eberflus would want his own offensive coordinator, I’d predict it to be current ASU assistant head coach, Dave Christensen.. he worked at Toledo from 1992-2000, the exact years Eberflus did. Then went to Mizzou with Eberflus from 2001-2008. Christensen was OC, Eberflus was DC.
  13. This confuses me. How does a vote of confidence mean he's out? What else would Blank say?
  14. What? How?