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  1. I'm gonna guess 5/72.5 (14.5 per). Could be wrong. Little less than market value which appears to be 15 per. Injury plagued season year following Pro Bowl selection will hurt his value (is he the same player?) Right around the Kwon/Mosley range. Can't see the Falcons paying him more than 16mm with a 40% chance of reinjury in 2019, but very possible judging by Grady's contract (3rd highest DT contract). Polk and Dimitroff will ask themselves, can we risk paying him so much if he hurts himself and the team struggles again? They'll give him a rich amount regardless. Spotrac projects Bobby Wagner to make 14.2 per and is five years older than Deion. As far as 5 years, I can imagine the Falcons will want to lock up Deion longer than Grady to avoid a similar cap situation later on. Not to mention the fact that Deion is the centerpiece of our defense.
  3. Who r the 6 Ls?
  4. He needs to play SLB.. or 7T.
  5. Not a fan of Jaylon. He lacks effort. Doesn't finish plays.
  6. Looking through the abyss of Twitter, lottttttttta guys thinking #2 could be this year's MVP. I'm all. for. it.
  7. Ehhhhhk. Don't like the sound of that too much. Gotta figure out a way to spread the field on passing O. Too many weapons to force the run. I mean.. jeez, it's not hard. It worked for us in 2016. Single back formation or 12 personnel with receivers spreading the field and Hooper cutting the seam with a crosser. That's all play action. Then the very next play can be the same formation, just an outside zone look for the RB. Luckily, Ryan, Julio and DK know each other well. Can't imagine a "growing pain" will be significant between the three.
  8. Yes. One guy I'm high on. Another I'm high on is Julian Blackmon from Utah. Here's what I have written for his report: Scheme wise, he’s a fit. They play a lot of cover 1 man and cover 3 at Utah. Has experience at CB/FS. Plays a lot of press too. Impressive frame/long speed. Reminds me of Damontae Kazee coming out of the draft. Similar role/scenario to Nasir Adderley and Juan Thornhill. High energy player who knows how to turn his head when ball is in pursuit.
  9. Yeeeup. Here’s what I’ve got: MVP: Carson Wentz OPOTY: Saquon Barkley DPOTY: Aaron Donald OROTY: Josh Jacobs DROTY: Devin Bush CBPOTY: Jimmy Garoppolo COTY: Andy Reid
  10. wasn’t gonna see time anyway
  11. Probably no significance. Lots of guys doing this
  12. IF we are switching to a 3-4 base, then its more likely to select an early LB because Campbell is indeed an ILB starter in the 3-4. Let's look at the Falcons interest in Devin Bush. Some say he's a glorified 3-4 SLB. Hmmmm
  13. Ahh. Oops. Thanks for the info.
  14. Well.. many could argue Manuel's love for cover 2 and cushioning his DBs 10 yards off the LOS is what reduced Trufant's efficiency. But yeah. He still wasn't great.
  15. Wait.. who hated the Keanu pick?