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  1. Y'all always claim he's elite and get mad at him not being considered a top qb.Hes never thrown 6 tds in a game,only elite qbs can do this
  2. The Vikings exposed the falcons in that first game and everyone followed the blue print,simply run the ball,set up play action,pick on Oliver and you'll have success.The only reason we beat Philly was because of injuries and we should've lost that game truth be told
  3. I told you guys this all offseason and the begining of regular season nobody wanted to listen view my posts,I'm not surprised
  4. Would love to see him take Oliver's place
  5. Go ask the moderator, anyone with common Sense knows Oliver is trash.No I only have one account. I'm not the only person who feels this way about Oliver smart guy maybe you should check in the other threads,no trolling here,just a realist oh yeah and I still think Oliver sucks
  6. Bruh Oliver is trash.he made a good play,but should've been beaten for td for the second game in a row
  7. That part he still sucks.He made a good tackle at the end of the game,but he's starting to become a liability he got beat for a td against the Vikings to,he's definitely the weakest link amongst the dbs,Tru is a beast tho
  8. Got rid of alford for this piece of trash.I told you all before the season this guy was trash.Id take alfords holding penalties anyday over Oliver not getting his head around and letting guys walk into the end zone
  9. I understand you being positive and all but I broke my remote today.This totally unacceptable and we better get things turned around fast in the last few years I can't remember us getting dominated like this in a season opener
  10. Love Julio but all these stupid threads about he is better receiver than AB IS STUPID. AB ABUSED RHODES WHEN HE PLAYED AGAINST THEM,BUT JULIO ALWAYS HAS TROUBLE against Rhodes. However I am absolutely pissed about this outing against the Vikings we couldn't stop the run,couldn't really get anything going on offense uuugh
  11. Bro Rhodes always shuts Julio Jones down see last time we played the bikes,AB DESTROYED DUDE THO
  12. And y'all talking bout Julio better than AB,AB NEVER GOT SHUT DOWN BY RHODES,AS A MATTER A FACT HE DESTROYED HIM
  13. And we let alford go for this piece of trash OLIVER SUCKS,I TOLD YOU ALL BEFORE THE SEASON,BUT GOT FLAMED.HE SUCKS
  14. Now all this talk about Julio being better than Ab will stop. he already has better stats,but now he has the best QB in the NFL I bet his numbers will still be better than julios. A falcons fan but I told y'all Julio is not better than AB
  15. Ok I'm a Falcons fan,but some of you guys are delusional I understand ab is a headache,but Julio is not better than him and those who keep saying so do not know football. Check the highlights bro,CHECK THE STATS.Stop trying to down play AB anyone with an ounce of common Sense knows he's slightly better than Julio,the numbers prove it,the highlights,and last time I checked it AB Never had a season where he had trouble scoring in the redzone,yea remember that with Julio last season. AB didn't drop a wide open td pass against the Panthers.Glad we have Julio he's a better teAm player,but he is not a better receiver than brown,FACTZ BRUH!
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