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  1. Not sure about Duval in the 5th spot
  2. Atlanta falcons should've rebuild and not retool. Should've taken a QB
  3. Dink and dunk is not going to get it done. Even if he complete the pass it still won't make a difference
  4. The dude posted an 1.07 era in 17 games with the Braves. Only 0.84 WHIP and 0.169 BAA so it's hard to get runners on with him on the mound.
  5. Looks like martin has lost a step. This bullpen needs some changes I think. We'll see but I'd go Smith 7th, Matzek- 8th, Rodriguez-9th. Luke can be 6th
  6. Why mess with Swanson at 5? Would've put Travis at 6 for now
  7. Can't have the closer have an era close to 4. Either he needs to get it below 3 or they need to change closer before it's too late
  8. Need to save the money to extend Hunter. I see the big 3 are hunter, Trae, and Collins right now. Huerter value is good at 5mill/4year
  9. smith is a 6th inning guy at best
  10. Didn't realized this but the braves run differential is +64, highest of any in the division. They're way underachieving. And most probably know who/what is the issue.
  11. Need a bonified closer at the very least
  12. All depends on the bullpen. If Greene and Smith does a good job then yeah.
  13. Ozuna has not been productive this year so it's not a big deal imo. Heard Michael Harris is good if waters isn't ready
  14. Consistency is key. Dansby and Ozuna looked good last year too
  15. When is Greene ready? And Braves should consider lineup redo. Ozuna needs to switch with Riley or something.
  16. Didn't the Braves gave snit an extension last year
  17. BP needs most adjusting. Seems like they needed Oday and Melancon
  18. You got jackson, tomlin and minter getting high leverage situation so that's expected. Minter's ok sometimes but really unreliable. Only one I'm confident is Matzek. Maybe Newt too. That's only 2. Need at least 2 more
  19. Need better bullpen. Can't go with Luke or minter in high leverage but what is going on with offense? Guess chipper didn't help
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