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  1. Braves need to bring pitching coach from AAA up. They get good in AAA then good 1 start here then there we go again
  2. Braves have to call up Alex Jackson. They want to wait til September but man...
  3. Or Ender with a left handed pitcher. Riley need to play. What is Snit doing?
  4. Duvall doing Riley impersonation. Even though Riley seems to start doing better
  5. McCann should work with every pitcher from the minor league
  6. Ender is a fast runner guys. He just slips
  7. This is a good series to get Riley there to be the DH and starting his learning curve.
  8. Greene needs to work with McCann. See if that help him
  9. Looks like Greene top speed is 91mph? Is that good to close?
  10. Good confidence builder for Riley
  11. Hmm
  12. Martin, Greene, Webb, Jackson, Szac, newcome, maybe gausman too, nice top end
  13. Isn't he in the futures game? From what I read, he's good. I don't know who would provide equal value.
  14. Braves have 2 pitchers batting 8th and 9th. No balance in the lineup.
  15. May see the new bullpen guy today.