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  1. Need a bonified closer at the very least
  2. All depends on the bullpen. If Greene and Smith does a good job then yeah.
  3. Ozuna has not been productive this year so it's not a big deal imo. Heard Michael Harris is good if waters isn't ready
  4. Consistency is key. Dansby and Ozuna looked good last year too
  5. When is Greene ready? And Braves should consider lineup redo. Ozuna needs to switch with Riley or something.
  6. Didn't the Braves gave snit an extension last year
  7. BP needs most adjusting. Seems like they needed Oday and Melancon
  8. You got jackson, tomlin and minter getting high leverage situation so that's expected. Minter's ok sometimes but really unreliable. Only one I'm confident is Matzek. Maybe Newt too. That's only 2. Need at least 2 more
  9. Need better bullpen. Can't go with Luke or minter in high leverage but what is going on with offense? Guess chipper didn't help
  10. ****** snit. Bunt the ball, takes away opportunity to get acuna up
  11. Thanks. Need to watch the offense now freddy back at #2
  12. Someone tell me a link to watch on the phone?
  13. Need a real closer. If not, I nominate Matzek
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