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  1. Minter in to pitch before o'day left me puzzled. O'day was part of the regular high stress relievers and no where to be found. Minter done good this year but law of averages comes to bite you in the behind
  2. I'm confident in anderson to lead the braves to a title run. After all without him braves wouldn't be in this position. All in on anderson
  3. He seems out of gas in the 3rd. Don't make same mistake with newcome
  4. Still can't believe braves had a one run lead in the 6th last night and couldn't close it out. May be better going all out yesterday with Martin 1-2 innings and melancon 2 innings
  5. Yeah that's what I meant. 3 innings minter and then wright
  6. Probably best to use wright tonight after minter .If he does good then use him ~4/5 innings and you win the game if he does not good then you won't use him again
  7. Tomlin is in? I was going to stay up ( going to work tomorrow) but good night
  8. Might as well use wright tonight
  9. Be patient with baez and take a walk
  10. Hopefully matzet(sp?) Is good to go because the braves will need him to win tomorrow
  11. That guy seems to see everything.
  12. I don't think smith should be in high leverage situation any more esp against this lineup.
  13. Dang. Shouldve let greene pitched. Probably better than smith. Pitch seems on point more than smith
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