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  1. I really can't fathom this happens. Bill bellichek once said a good team can't overcome coaching mistakes. Well this is a good example.
  2. Agree on snit and Freeman non leadership. A manager with 45 years of exp with no leadership whatsoever. You need to stand by your players
  3. Wow. I thought u misread it at first but 10? WTF????? Now you see why it doesn't matter home/road whatever. Soroka needed to pitch 2 games like every ace should.
  4. Hopefully Soroka can at least go 3 innings today. Wish he'd have two full games at it.
  5. In hindsight , should've walk Molina
  6. They got a double and did their job. Braves need to do better
  7. Now the real game 4 starts
  8. Wow. That triple by acuna is the game
  9. Will the Freeman of the braves show up or Freeman from falcons? Stay tuned
  10. Will Freeman make up for this game? Stay tuned
  11. Bro...
  12. Tomlin did a good job. But you cant leave him out there with middle order
  13. The middle order is up. Bring in Greene
  14. Tomlin? Good job snit
  15. I was joking with Tomlin but hey, good job