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  1. If we make the playoffs with rookie being 2 of our 3 highest contracts, I suspect it will be an NBA first
  2. “HeyLover, YoBlubber this is more than a crush...hey lover YoMother this is more than a crush.”

  3. Capela will not shoot 3’s. But our Center has to have 3 qualities: great defender that balances out Collins, effective pick & roll on offense, effective switching on defensive pick & roll’s. Shooting 3’s is not an absolute need from our Center
  4. Again, I like Bruno. But pulling one name out of a hat is futile. List the other 2nd round players drafted that year. I think Middleton also was 2nd round that year. Not a good success rate
  5. If he signs with Lakers it’s a short term deal, no doubt. 2-3 years since LeBron will be done then. Perhaps he signs with Clippers afterwards
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