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  1. How long has GeeorgiaDiddledLittleBoyz?
  2. If we make the playoffs with rookie being 2 of our 3 highest contracts, I suspect it will be an NBA first
  3. This forum is dead
  4. My ninja...2nd vest LB on the team
  5. Dre needs a bounce back season for us to get where we want to be
  6. I read that OTA’s don’t matter. Glad this young man doesn’t agree
  7. Excited about this young man right here
  8. Capela will not shoot 3’s. But our Center has to have 3 qualities: great defender that balances out Collins, effective pick & roll on offense, effective switching on defensive pick & roll’s. Shooting 3’s is not an absolute need from our Center
  9. Again, I like Bruno. But pulling one name out of a hat is futile. List the other 2nd round players drafted that year. I think Middleton also was 2nd round that year. Not a good success rate
  10. If he signs with Lakers it’s a short term deal, no doubt. 2-3 years since LeBron will be done then. Perhaps he signs with Clippers afterwards
  11. Ok Princess
  12. You’re not.
  13. Only place to look now is in the more tryna deflect