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  1. I've been saying this for months. Pathetic. I don't give 3 flying moose farts about his Christian faith when it comes to on field performance. I don't want/won't tolerate outright slimebags like woman-beaters or the like, but as long as the player is a reasonably decent human being, I don't care about their faith, politics, etc., etc.
  2. You underestimate just how big a jerk I am, and how much I love confrontation.
  3. Football aside--- I hope he's OK, and is just being irresponsible and stupid. Prayers that he isn't in need of real help.
  4. Time will tell. I hope I'm wrong! If I am wrong, and if Victory Road becomes AJ Terrell, please feel free to call me out on it. I am not the type to run and hide. I don't mind one little bit being wrong, if it is to my team's benefit. If he turns out to be a good player, I will gladly take an "l". I was wrong about Matt Ryan. I was wrong for opposing the trade up for Juliop. But more often than not, I'm right.
  5. That is the basis for the "Clueless" in my calling him "Cowardly Clueless Quinn".
  6. So you think Victory Road will do better against Michael Thomas, the Bucs pair of stud wide receivers, twice each year? Most NFL teams have a receiver or two as good as or better than Chase, as he was in college. With any luck Marlon Davidson and Grady Jarret can collapse pockets before Victory Road can break down too badly. I LOVE the Marlon Davidson pick.
  7. The national championship game defines who and what he is. He has the physical ability to be a fantastic player. He was in position to make a great play on each of those TD's. But he lacks the feel, the instincts, to actually MAKE the big play he was in position for. He will be another in a long line of "never lived up to his potential" schlubs. Before we drafted him, watching the national championship game, I nicknamed him "Victory Road", because he will be the opposing quarterback's route to success. Charles Dimry, Michael Booker, and Tim McKyer will soon have company at the Loser's Table of Disappointment. (McKyer wasn't bad--- he had the misfortune of playing opposite of Deion, so got picked on mercilessly, but still---)
  8. Which is why I am calling 6-10 at best. We have 12-4 talent with 4-12 coaching. This season, if we even have one, will be a disaster, and a waste of one of Ryan's/Jones' waning career seasons. Neither is quite done, but both are nearer the end than the beginning.
  9. That crapbag is lazy, selfish, has no heart, no pride, no concern for his team or teammates. He is a total loser. And Cowardly Clueless Quinn had us pony up $12 million in cap space for him last year!!! Those two deserve each other.
  10. Vandy, a linebacker doesn't need a pocket to throw from. A linebacker doesn't need receivers to actually catch the passes he throws. Your comparison is stupid, inaccurate, ridiculous, and ignorant. A quarterback is much more reliant upon the talent around him than a linebacker is.
  11. Why did you quote me, then list the stats of Dan Fouts? Even if I were comparing the two (which I wasn't), Fouts had a fantastic team around him and an all-time great offensive mind coaching him. There is no basis for comparison. Both were great. Only one had the team and coaches around him to showcase his greatness effectively.
  12. Because we have a head coach with no clear vision hiring his coaching staff.
  13. I'm old enough to remember the true great Manning quarterback: Archie. If you are old enough to have seen him play, to have seen how seldom he had a pocket to throw from, how many filthy Taints receivers dropped perfect passes, you would also look past his numbers and appreciate just how good Archie Manning was, and how big a shame it is that he never got to play for a real NFL team when he still had knees.
  14. If we are serious about winning, we will upgrade the CB position. Then again, if we were serious about winning, either Morris or Ulbrich would be our new head coach, and the other would be our Defensive Coordinator.
  15. The quarterback's placement in or out of the pocket does not allow contact. Had Ryan run beyond the line of scrimmage, that would have allowed contact.
  16. NFL teams today do not make "special players" who they view as starters play special teams. He also split carries with az running back who was so "special" that they traded him away. Mostert is a journeyman who grows on trees, is easily replaced, is easily found, and is no more "special" than dozens of college UDFA running backs. There is literally no justification in trading assets to acquire him, nor in spending cap money on the contract he will want. This is ridiculous. William Andrews would have been a HOF back if arthroscopic knee surgery had been a thing in his day. Gerald Riggs. Jamal Anderson. Michael Turner. Are you 12 years old? Have you never heard of or seen any of these backs? Watch the following clip of William Andrews:
  17. If Mostert didn't have the 49ers last year, he'd be flipping burgers. Nice guy? Maybe. Good story? Definitely. Do I respect his perseverance, and wish him well? Absolutely. Just not in (or AGAINST!) Atlanta.
  18. He did jack-crap nothing until parts of last year. He's a product of Shanahan's scheme and the 49er o-line.
  19. Marquand Manuel was the DC. Then CCQ stupidly fired him after the injury-ravaged 2018/19 season and took over. Even though the defense was mostly healthy, under CCQ the defense went completely to crap. As soon as Morris/Ulbrich took over, the defense immediately improved. There is no reason whatsoever to believe in Cowardly Clueless Quinn.
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