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  1. Agreed. However, I would be perfectly OK using a day 2 pick on a QB to develop as either a real backup to Matt Ryan, an EVENTUAL successor, or trade bait in 2-3 years.
  2. That is a cogent, insightful, intelligent question. Meaning D Led would never even consider asking it.
  3. Can't handle the "pressure" of Boise St. and Washington?!? HARD pass.
  4. I would be good with Riverboat Ron as HC. I might prefer a hot WC-ish style offensive mind as HC, with Ron as DC/Asst. Head Coach.
  5. Drafting with the 3rst pick? I'll drink to that!!!
  6. Hire a Head Coach with a cohesive vision for the identity of the overall team, and how each unit will contribute to forging that identity. Hire an Offensive Coordinator whose vision and philosophy furthers the Head Coach's vision, and whose play calling (if the Head Coach is not the play caller) will advance the team's building of an identity. Hire an Offensive Line coach who is best capable of forging the disparate pieces into one cohesive unit. Draft players that fit that scheme and who embody that identity. Trade or release players who cannot/will not. Give the unit time to bond and coalesce. Everything else is chasing soap bubbles in a hurricane.
  7. I think Cowardly Clueless Quinn is all we need to rely upon for this.
  8. The same number as Tarkenton, Vick, and Cunningham combined.
  9. 10 rings to mobile quarterbacks. Roger Staubach x2 Ken Stabler Joe Montana x4 Steve Young Russel Wilson Aaron Rodgers
  10. It's not like there were any fans at the game to get offended or to riot.
  11. Both Quinn AND Koetter should be fired, but Blank is too stupid to pull the trigger. If we fire the coach early, we can begin interviewing hot coaching candidates immediately, rather than after the season.
  12. I think a better question is who is the worst coach we've had? Dan Quinn Marion "Swamp Fox" Campbell (twice) Bobby Petrino Eddie LeBaron Dan Hennig Dear GAHD but we've had some just AWFUL coaches.
  13. I disagree. Showing it again gives Clueless Cowardly Quinn a chance to throw the challenge flag for a 15 yard facemask penalty, that should have been called.
  14. Smith, was perfect for where we were in 2008. We needed stability, calm professionalism, and a coach focused on basics and fundamentals. Mike Smith coached above his talent level for several years. Then, when we got more talent and better players, he stifled them with his unchanging inflexible approach. He never realized that his players at the end were capable of taking some chances, risking a few mistakes, because they now had the talent to often make those chances pay off, and to recover from them when they didn't. Cowardly Quinn wants to be "one of the guys" more than an actual coach.
  15. Lamar Jackson works hard, studies the playbook, and is obviously coachable. Mike Vick didn't study the playbook (by HIS OWN ADMISSION), was coddled instead of coached by Mora, and was running an intra-state dog-fighting/gambling ring.