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  1. The most unexpected but realistically possible thing TD does at #16? Easy. Draft a good defensive lineman in the first round. I'll be surprised, but odds are he's gotta hit on a first-rounder at some point, right?
  2. I'll second that. At 370-ish, the first time he has to rehab an ankle or knee, he's going to be in trouble.
  3. We have absolutely no shot--- 0% chance--- of addressing our biggest need via the draft. Unless we can somehow draft replacements for Quinn & Koetter, the rest of the holes we fill will just be trying to fill the Grand Canyon with teaspoons of sand.
  4. Prayers to Gritz and his friends and family.
  5. Wow. In November of 2005, the Monday after Thanksgiving, my best friend committed suicide in front of me. His wife had left and taken their 2 kids, my god-children, to move in with a "friend" he had known since kindergarten. They had been having an affair for months. I stopped by his house to see if he was ok. His front door was open, and he was in the dining room, crying uncontrollably, with a shotgun under his chin. I spent over 1 1/2 hours trying to talk him down while also inching close enough to grab the .12 gauge he had under his chin. When he noticed me getting close he would point it at me and force me back to the adjoining room. Rinse/repeat for over 90 minutes. As God as my witness, I swear I tried everything I could think of. I begged. I tried to calm him down. I tried using his kids as motivation to live. In the end I failed. I failed to get close enough to grab the shotgun. I failed to talk him down. I still hear his final words every f'ing day of my f'ing life: I said, "Tim, do you want Dale raising your kids? I thought you loved your kids more than this." He said, "Rob, I thought I did too." I hear that every day. I will till I die. I will never again criticize this kid or the trade again. I can't bear the thought of him reading my posts. I apologize. I will not make this mistake again.
  6. Totally different scenarios like--- drafting Simmons, or Brown, or possibly even trading up just a few spots for Young? Or scenarios like being able to trade back a few spots with a team looking for whatever QB is at our tanked-pick, pick up more picks, and still draft earlier than our current pick? Yeah--- those scenarios would just suck.
  7. 1) The naysayers can't change the realities of the salary cap, contracts, and dead-money. No matter who wants to ship Matt Ryan, no matter how badly they want to do it, no matter how justified they are or are not in wanting to do so--- Matt Ryan is untradeable for a couple of years at least. 2) The concept of tanking was not the topic. If Quinn hadn't taken his incompetent self out of the defensive coordinator role, the result would have been a tank--- intended or not.
  8. My thoughts on the 1980 Falcons: Stats be dammed: Steve Bartkowski is still the best QB we have ever had. Put Bart in a modern offensive system, with the offense-friendly rules in place today, Steve Bartkowski would light it up like no one else. William Andrews is the best all purpose back in the history of the game. Better than Walter Payton. Vicious, punishing blocks, clutch receiver, relentless runner. This was the best offensive line in our history. I can't understand how Mike Kenn isn't in the Hall Of Fame. Our best season, our most bitter season-ending loss.
  9. This post is too stupid and baseless to give any more of a response than this dismissal.
  10. I was around before the Duckett vs. Dunn flame wars. I was here when Vick was still good. I was here when Johnnybuc was a regular. When Rev Hal was still a regular. When Bama was a regular. STFU and GTFO. And I mean that with all the respect you're due.
  11. What a jerk post. As a general rule of thumb, one should avoid being a bigger, grinchier poster than me. You failed at that. Now, to answer the thread question: at #4 I would try to trade up to #2 for Chase Young as my first option. Barring that I would sit at take option 2 and trade back to #10 and regain our second 2nd rounder. At #10 I would target CJ Henderson in the first, then a Gallimore/Davidson/Madibuike type DT along with a Center like Biadasz or Ruiz with the newly acquired second-rounder.
  12. Not if they are off the field on passing downs because they are a liability in coverage, and a blitz isn't called up. Unless Murray demonstrates coverage ability that was never exhibited in college, if he is strictly an on-ball rusher, his presence on passing downs will alert opposing QB's to a blitz and where it's coming from, or will spotlight their best target of opportunity if he DOES drop back. Is he talented? Yes. Is he athletic? Absolutely. Could he actually have coverage skills that the Oklahoma coaches simply never utilized? That is an absolute possibility. But we cannot afford to use a #1 or our lone remaining #2 pick on a probable 1 or 2 down run-stopping/rush linebacker.
  13. My deepest sympathies to the entire Hebert family.