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  1. Slim and none... And slim just left town. Idk if anyone is capable of rehabbing a career after coughing up a 28-3 lead in the second half of the most important and celebrated game of the year. The look of abject bewilderment, nausea, resignation and ultimately defeat as victory was slipping through his hands is for the ages. You just don't recover from that. He is the luckiest guy in the world. He could very easily have been fired after that game and looking for employment at Valdosta State (maybe after a good recommendation) after that epic loss.
  2. Saw it a thousand times. His left foot would've been out of bounds. My point is that it shouldn't have gotten to that point. And when it did? We failed miserably as we always do when we absolutely need a play at the most crucial time.
  3. He did have a future hall of famer to throw to I believe. Probably should've done it for all four downs...
  4. Ryan had 4 chances to punch it in from the nine yard line and it wasn't even close. Very telling. And for a guy who is 4-6 in playoff games? No reason for optimism against Vikings there.
  5. Absolutely no excuse to not come away without any points when the balls on the Pat's 22. Field goal ices the game there. Taking a knee would've been better than what Ryan did by losing field position on three consecutive plays.
  6. Defense roll over? They couldn't get off of the field because of all the three and outs, sacks, turnovers, and holding penalties in the 4th quarter under the supreme generalship of Ryan. (I guess now is when you totally exonerate Ryan by blaming Shanahan... Go ahead, I'm waiting) You know there is no way Brees blows that. None.
  7. Wonder if Brees would've allowed his team to lose a 28-3 lead....
  8. Besides winning a Super Bowl? If that was the ONLY thing he ever did, that would still be better than Ryan.
  9. So what? I'd still take Brees. And prolly 90% of gm's would also...
  10. Winning the SB gives you a ton of capital and street cred regarding high picks that didn't turn out . i.e... Beasley , Peria Jerry, Baker, Weatherspoon... However, losing the most winnable SB game in history puts you on the hook for those disastrous picks.
  11. What astounds me is that Philly has a QB in Wentz who is 27. In the prime of his career. Whose arrow is pointing up. And is, when healthy, a legitimate mvp candidate. In spite of that, they draft Hurts. This team, run by a bunch of numbnuts, drafts marginal players, who if everything goes right, might contribute. One glaring potential problem might be with an aging QB who is 35... Whose arrow is pointing down... Whose best years are behind him... And is in the final years of his career. Despite this, these bunch of yahoos don't even think of drafting Hurts. Not even a thought.
  12. ---He was the best corner available--- Does the fact that you were the smartest kid in summer school make you a Rhodes Scholar?
  13. Oh you mean like Rodgers going 25th? Got it. It all makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Known as a "high floor, low ceiling" talent. That says what you see is what you have. Not going to get much better.
  15. ---He's not bad at all. He gets beat deep. --- Just what you want to hear about a corner you drafted. It's like telling your wife you love her, but can't stand any 'effin thing she does.
  16. Yeah... Sounds like a plan. That's what you'd normally do with your 1st round pick. Don't bruise his confidence. Bring him along slowly. Ease him in, so maybe by game 10 he can play on special teams... Yeah... I think Carolina has the same plans for Brown.
  17. That whole meaningless run at the end = Terrell. Meanwhile, if you did it right like Carolina, you would've gotten a difference maker in Brown who will be pancaking our offensive linemen for years to come and creating havoc and disruption. Way to go guys!
  18. Amen! Finally someone on here with some brains. My man, hope you're ready for the blowback...
  19. How about if his ceiling was Michael Vick? What would you say then? Go ahead, I'll wait.
  20. No doubt... Love would be more impactful down the road... Boom or bust. At least it would be a roll of the dice worth taking. With Terrell, might be a nice complimentary piece. But definitely not a difference maker. Wasted draft pick. However, with the Matt Ryan apologists on this board who worship at the altar of Ryan? Forgetaboutit. You're wasting your breath. He could play until he's 50, and the jokers in here wouldn't want to look for another QB until the day after he retires. What a losing outlook. Then again would you expect anything different?
  21. So we make a reach for 2nd round talent, fearful that some other team grabs him? In that case maybe we can draft a long snapper in the 2nd round because another team might need one. Beautiful... The length that some homer apologizers on this board go through to make excuses is absolutely breathtaking...
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