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  1. So Jalen Hurts elusiveness didn't count for any points? Or were his scores all from the pocket?
  2. So are you saying that Justin Fields couldn't have gotten us more than six points?
  3. Any fan base that would allow an opposing team's fan base to come into their stadium and take over is pathetic. I live in Philly and they are just laughing at what took place in that stadium last Sunday. Believe me, that would not have happened at the Linc...
  4. Bro, you can't possibly endorse that dreck that was perpetrated on us in front of a national audience now, can you? With the stadium half filled with Eagle fans who were as every bit as loud as the stupid *** "Rise Up" crowd? That game was emblematic with everything that is wrong with this team and city. Lack of effort. Lack of character. Lack of talent. Lack of passion. Irrelevancy. The media's total and utter apathy regarding this mess. Sticking with an aged QB whose best years are behind him and looks as if the game has passed him by. My God when will we finally turn the page on this franchise and move on from the mediocrity that has plagued this team for years? Ryan is done. Accept it. The faster we move on from that, the faster that new energy can, and will be injected into this star crossed morbid franchise.
  5. Sorta left out Julio, Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, Michael Turner, Alex Mack, Hooper, Devonte Freeman... but who's counting?
  6. Oh great... Thanks for allaying any fears that I might of had regarding Ryan's pitiful performance. Chalk it up to a bad OL. Got it. Was that the problem for the past several years as well? Here I might have thought that it something to do with his lack of arm strength... his absolute immobility... And the fact that he has had more pro bowl offensive caliber players than any other QB in football, and can't win. As Hardcase said, he has three to four more excellent years to guide this team to a SB. Pitiful.
  7. Young skulls full of mush? And who are you? The football oracle who would have us believe that what you saw in Ryan is acceptable? He has three or four more "excellent years" of leading this team to a SB? Based on what? Please tell me you're joking, because you can't possibly be as dumb as you sound. He looked frail, feeble, dumbfounded and utterly clueless. He was the last ranked QB yesterday. His arm is shot. He can't escape anything to extend the play... even remotely. He is a total statue. It was a miracle that pigeons weren't landing on him during the course of the game. His time is over. He is so irrelevant at this point. The only thing that I can think of is that he has compromising pictures of Arthur Blank to keep him on this team. 55k yards for his career? Who gives a rat's *** at this point. This isn't a charity benefit the Falcon's are running. Let me ask you... If Hurts was our QB, do you think we would've put up more than 6 points? Case closed.
  8. You said to a tee what Collins' game and limitations are. The Hawks top brass knows that as well... that's why he's not signed yet.
  9. My problem with Collins is that when asked to step up and perform like a max player when Trae went down... he didn't. When Giannis went down, Lopez, Holiday and in particular Middleton played like max players. They were dominant WHEN THEY HAD TO BE. Collins wasn't. He played like a good player, not a max player. Not saying he shouldn't get paid. Just that he was disappointing. He didn't demand the ball and impose his will on the Bucks. He's not that player. He's a Robin... Definitely not a Batman.
  10. Are you that dense to think that this team minus Trae Young can beat the Bucks? Second of all, please don't equate the loss of Harden and Kyrie to the loss of Hunter and possibly Young. Two established super stars to one budding superstar. You guys are a riot...
  11. OK I'll give them an A for effort. But there are no participation awards here. With the remaining players they have not named Trae Young, they are mediocre.
  12. It's obvious this team is average without Trae. No one is capable of creating their own shot. And with your two best wing/3 pt. players shelved in Dr'e and Cam... Fuhgetaboutit....
  13. Trae relies on super quick twitchy speed to create openings. That now is gone. Kiss this series goodbye. This team is mediocre at best without him. Collins has shown why Atlanta didn't sign him to a max contract. He simply is not a max player. Bogi is hurting as well and is only a shell of himself. Capela has the athleticism of a statue. Anytime a player like Solomon Hill is seeing minutes, you know you have problems. Gallinari is really stepping up and keeping us in most games. But simply put, without Trae, we are screwed.
  14. Collins has to step up and play like the max player he claims to be. So far he's been average.
  15. Listen, Bogi choked. He couldn't hit the ocean if he fell out of a boat last night in the most important game of his career. If that continues in game 7, Trae will have to launch 45 shots. Other than marginal scorers like Gallinari and Heurter, the Hawks have nothing. It's too bad Cam and Dre' are hurt. They are special wing players with scoring ability from the perimeter, and are legit defensively.
  16. Hey friend... the Falcons had 12 rushes for ten yards in the second half. Do you realize if Ryan simply checked off at the line of scrimmage and called for three more runs for zero yards, we would all have been drenched in black and red confetti? At that point tho, he was starting to wilt like a slug with salt on its back. Let that one sink in if your capable of that.
  17. Nonsense? Don't think so. This article points out just beautifully what I've been saying for a while now... only to be met with ridicule, mockery, derision, laughter and contempt. You shouldn't substitute emotion for logic and reason. It will always lead you to the wrong conclusion.
  18. Off balance? Did the pats defense look off balance in the fourth quarter to you? Don't think so. As a matter of fact, the pats d looked like they couldn't wait to get out there.
  19. Code speak for... "... Let me see how deep I can bury my head in the sand..."
  20. Is.... It.... Shanny's..... Fault.... That..... Ryan.... Repeatedly.... Took.... Snaps.... With... 16 seconds.... Left.... On.... The.... Clock.? And if not, whose fault is it? Also, is this the recipe on how to win SB games?
  21. Is it Shanny's fault Ryan's snapping the ball repeatedly with 16 seconds left on the play clock? Not only is it inexcusable... it's dumb.
  22. YOUNG: How Falcons QB Matt Ryan handed Super Bowl LI to the Patriots | Local Sports | thesunchronicle.com
  23. ***I like the idea of having LT nailed down for another decade +*** Was this not the idea when we drafted Jake?
  24. Do I need to repeat myself again? He...... Has...... Never..... Won.... The....... Big... Game. Now you can be the biggest Ryan apologist in the world. But that is a fact. Funny how it's always the D's fault when he loses the big game. Each and every time. So the offense drags the D kicking and screaming all the way up to the big game. However, Ryan can't get them over the hump once he gets there. Then it's really the D's fault. Smh....
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