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  1. Hey friend... the Falcons had 12 rushes for ten yards in the second half. Do you realize if Ryan simply checked off at the line of scrimmage and called for three more runs for zero yards, we would all have been drenched in black and red confetti? At that point tho, he was starting to wilt like a slug with salt on its back. Let that one sink in if your capable of that.
  2. Nonsense? Don't think so. This article points out just beautifully what I've been saying for a while now... only to be met with ridicule, mockery, derision, laughter and contempt. You shouldn't substitute emotion for logic and reason. It will always lead you to the wrong conclusion.
  3. Off balance? Did the pats defense look off balance in the fourth quarter to you? Don't think so. As a matter of fact, the pats d looked like they couldn't wait to get out there.
  4. Code speak for... "... Let me see how deep I can bury my head in the sand..."
  5. Is.... It.... Shanny's..... Fault.... That..... Ryan.... Repeatedly.... Took.... Snaps.... With... 16 seconds.... Left.... On.... The.... Clock.? And if not, whose fault is it? Also, is this the recipe on how to win SB games?
  6. Is it Shanny's fault Ryan's snapping the ball repeatedly with 16 seconds left on the play clock? Not only is it inexcusable... it's dumb.
  7. YOUNG: How Falcons QB Matt Ryan handed Super Bowl LI to the Patriots | Local Sports | thesunchronicle.com
  8. ***I like the idea of having LT nailed down for another decade +*** Was this not the idea when we drafted Jake?
  9. Do I need to repeat myself again? He...... Has...... Never..... Won.... The....... Big... Game. Now you can be the biggest Ryan apologist in the world. But that is a fact. Funny how it's always the D's fault when he loses the big game. Each and every time. So the offense drags the D kicking and screaming all the way up to the big game. However, Ryan can't get them over the hump once he gets there. Then it's really the D's fault. Smh....
  10. First off... Ryan was top five in effiency rating under Koetter. A lot of other coaches run Kutty's offense, Ariens being one of them. Reid runs a similar offense as well. He's not as terrible as people in here have you believe. The thing is posters are conditioned to blame the OC for Ryan's shortcomings. Happened with Mularkey, Kutty, Sark and I'm sure it will happen with Ragone and Smith. Ryan has played with as much or more talent than any QB in the last decade... Gonzo... Roddy (future HOF), Julio, Mack and now Ridley if he continues to put up great numbers. Even Burner Turner was up
  11. Not talking about the sack/fumble where Free whiffed. Talking about the Trey Flowers sack I believe on the Julio catch series. Had time to throw away or fall like he has a propensity to do. He did neither and took a twelve yard loss.
  12. The Free wiff occurred earlier on the fumble. The other sack happened on the Julio catch series. He still had time to throw it away... or simply fall without losing 12 yards. He had the presence of mind to do neither. Also when we should've been running down the play clock to the last second, he was snapping with sixteen seconds left. Inexcusable...
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