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  1. Your last paragraph absolutely, cogently and articulately sums up Ryan's career in the eyes of non homers. Most if not all posters in here will cringe at that last paragraph. But it is the truth. Great post.
  2. Ryan has like an Opie cornball image. Couple that with he's a statue in the pocket... with an average arm at best... along with losing every major, organizational changing game he played in... Not exactly the stuff legends are made of. ... Well you have your answer.
  3. Who cares how he will do? Matt Ryan is irrelevant from this point on. When a new head coach/gm contemplates taking this job, they aren't asking about Matt Ryan. They are asking how high are we drafting so we could land either Lawrence or Fields. You could bet the house on that.
  4. ""The stat padding BS. MR has been much more than that in his career. Until this year, the guy was money when the game was on the line. This narrative is tired, untrue, and completely stupid."" Money? You can't be as dumb as you sound. What alternative universe do you live in? Money? 28-3. How money was that that when he took an inexcusable sack on a drive when all we needed was a chipshot field goal. He would've been better had he just audibled at the line and taken a knee for cripes sake. Afterall he was the mvp, right? Money? How about the epic fail with the nfccg against San Fran
  5. C'mon now... Those quarterbacks if you added all their ages would still be younger than Ryan. They're young and in their prime and generate a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. And most importantly are part of the future vision for those teams. Ryan is past his prime. And he represents a failed team and organization which he helped, unfortunately, to create. Bringing in the right coaching staff is not going to improve an already fading arm. Stick the fork in Ryan in terms of moving forward. At best his most valuable role would be that of a tutor to his successor... whether it be Lawrence or Fie
  6. Oh yeahhh... I forgot those things. It all makes sense now. I take it back. He is not a loser. Only a winner let's their team down inside the 15 with four tries to make a first down, and get to a super bowl. Oh wait... Maybe that's the Philly game I was thinking of. My bad...
  7. Seriously? We are back to "if we bring in the right coaching staff" nonsense? We've been saying that ad nauseum, for the past several years. What part of that article did you not read? It's over. Get over it. Move on. The right coaching staff will not be brought in to coach the likes of Ryan and Jones. And if you think they are, you would be greatly deluding yourself. That would be like taking a shower and putting your dirty drawers back on. That has to make a little sense... Right?
  8. Correct. And the player at the very top of the many players who have a loser mentality is Matt Ryan. There is just no way around that. 28-3 debacle... Nothing more to be said. The epic 17 point collapse against San Fran in the championship game when he couldn't get a first down deep into 49er territory that could've allowed them to win. Wasn't even close in that last series. The playoff game against Philly. 4 downs from inside the ten, and couldn't get it done. He has to take full responsibility for that... All of that. That my friends is what a loser mentality looks like.
  9. Not sure I want them to be safe. MR surely isn't the answer to a regressing team that needs an overhaul. He is stale, old and like a previous poster said... his weak arm won't do any better with a new OC.. He simply represents the underachieving, failing, heartbreaking, choking past. Not the future.
  10. Model of consistency? Has that "model of consistency" gotten us close to a super bowl in the last several years? Like it or not, if we get a top two pick, Ryan is a goner. Not to draft Lawrence or Fields would be criminal. Yeah, he will hang around for another year and let either Lawrence or Fields sit. But after that year? This team will be on a different trajectory to better things. Even the most die hard Ryan apologists would have to admit that.
  11. It's been nice knowin' ya Dan. Don't let the door hit you in the *** on the way out. He will always be associated with 28-3. Always. I will no longer miss that vapid, clueless, loser look on his face. Other than that, I wish him well.
  12. Short pass Brees? No touch Brady? Faded away Flacco?... All Super Bowl champions. How many does Ryan have? Actually I'll make it easy for you. How many should he have? Seriously... is this where this thread is going?
  13. How many huge blown leads have Favre and Roger's relinquished in Super Bowl games... when it actually counted? Go ahead, I'll wait.
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