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  1. Man hes a big dude! May the football gods smile on us with this one.. Still rocking that LT ear ring gotta love it.
  2. McGary weak link but could Lindstrom be so good that his availability is the difference for top 15?
  3. Could Fowler become an enforcer? Let him start year off strong and he will have ATL eating out of his hand. No denying his enthusiasm so far..
  4. Coward is right if you think he is. Congrats. Not one single national talking head gives Ryan the props he deserves. He gets the treatment that Aaron Rogers would be receiving if he had not one his 1 SB.
  5. I'd have to think that he wants none of Grady though... So sad he and Ryan both had a super bowl for the ages
  6. One would think that Foye with his safety background would be more of a coverage guy. He got lit up last year. Zero passed defensed in 2 years pro and 5 in college? Not a thumper either. Perfect world someone comes in and pushed him to 3, Walker at 4 on depth chart. Now who that may be not sure if still out there. https://www.sportstalkatl.com/dan-quinn-on-if-foye-oluokun-is-ready-to-start-i-know-that-he-is/
  7. Only visit to New Orleans was a work trip, and the city workers were on strike. Trash was piled up 20 feet high in places on Bourbon Street, but business was as usual from what I was told. Trying to find words for the experience, but toilet may be most appropriate.
  8. 1. We haven't had a true number 1 CB in years. You cant be referring to Trufant being gone. A Super Bowl run without him and secondary played better(light years) last year without him even active, much less on the field.
  9. Would be fantastic if so. Could push Takk down to 3 maybe 4 on depth if Means can make a jump which considering multiple bilateral shoulder injuries, is probably where he should be.
  10. Morris, in my opinion needs some serious credit for his development. Between how the whole receiver room young guys developed, and the second half turn around on defense, one could argue that Morris by himself saved a lot of guys jobs. Frankly if he(and Ulbrich to a degree) was not on staff I would give chances of playoff a negative zero. He molded Gage
  11. 11 man blitz to sack the QB if teams goes nfl record of consecutive games without one?
  12. He's right about some of the dimes that Burrow was throwing, my god that kid was in a zone. Frankly Id be bummed if I was LSU to of only had one season of that. They can forget it happening again of that precision and execution QB wise
  13. I think the decision to just have Koo at this point is shades of last years kicking dumpster fire.
  14. Wouldn't this mean the majority of his possible snaps would be at DT? What's he weighing/ gonna weigh to do so?
  15. Mack with 2 healthy elbows is a beast. The work he has done since coming to ATL is all pro and Hennessey will be lucky to sniff his production
  16. Man what a great time to be a Dawg fan
  17. Geno Atkins on this defense would be scary
  18. Don't know about a star but if you put it that way, this staff not done bad with wideouts. An argument could be made that has been strongest attribute
  19. How about Means on his first 600 career snaps?
  20. If that's the case we are in some serious trouble.
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