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  1. No way bro, he is gonna be 29 next year before season starts, no second contract here. And he is far from a great player
  2. Inevitable a slot/safety type would have to play outside this year. Only had 2 outside guys on roster all year.
  3. Its amazing the work ethic of some people who will pledge working for you and then quit after getting one check. For one check... But in relation to this guy with NFL being such a "no fun" league I do find it strange the chances he continues to get. BtW I would pony up pay per view prices of this guys life outside the lines. With reality shows these days Im waiting to watch a train wreck like this would have to be.
  4. You just cant bank the possibility of Gono returning from a cervical surgical procedure and assume plug and play. We talking radiating pain in either or both upper and lower extremities for he to even have what I assume was a anterior cervical discectomy and fusion Im calling he probably has seen his last snap to be honest.. Yes I work in spine
  5. What Means brings in the staffs eyes that JTM does not is curious, 47 snaps to 11?
  6. I can see Hennessy performing better when (gulp) Andrews comes back simply based on the fact that Andrews has years of getting his butt whipped by NFL linemen on his resume, yet is not a rookie. I imagine rookie butt whippings HAVE to be worse that vet butt whippings? So should see uptick from Hennessy, no doubt split second decisions he has to make at center have affected his individual play.
  7. So bad that if he reproduces last weekend this weekend he got to be pulled IMO
  8. This team has Evan Neal written all over it based on need and probable draft position. Thibodoux probably go number 1 to Jacksonville or Jets. But seeing as how we play both that could get very interesting.
  9. Nor did the bounty from the trade down for Grant of the extra 4th rounder play today.. I do believe
  10. Couple of skates, and a couple of whiffs gets you brutal score if we talking PFF here
  11. Also learned that Richie Grant did not play today unless my eyes failed me. Is this OK? Im shell shocked of my expectations
  12. Kyle Pitts is gonna get his teeth knock out and or tongue sliced off if he continues to not wear his mouth piece out there. Yes I'm a Dad. And this would so be the Falcon way for IR of the number 4 pick
  13. Jeebuz talking about redheaded step child. Been waiting Rattler talk. I feel he drops out of the first just because.... ATL take him I seriously may have to start fishing more
  14. Working in the spine space, Im very sceptical he comes back this year.
  15. Matt Ryan sacked over 5 times Thats "Mr Nostra" to you...
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