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  1. Could either of those guys expect more than what we could spend?
  2. Roger that, I feel like I'm piling on the guy every time I bring that conversation up. Seems like someone else had said he was quoted as basketball was his passion?
  3. Dont think its a mental health issue, I believe he is just one of those guys who is just "ho-hum" about playing football. Even with 9 million on the line for this year. I've posted this several times about when he was drafted in 2015, one of my work colleagues was a former tudor at Clemson and had him for Math. He told me that Vic told him he wanted to play out his first contract, and then wanted to move to Europe and just.... be. (Did say that Grady was a monster) This was after Vics dominating college career so I just disregarded, especially after his 2016 season but never forgot. The guy is a gypsy...
  4. Arthur has done Dimitroff zero favors with the lifer comments, and has quietly been on mute this offseason, one which we have built some impressive depth while in Cap H$LL. If he hits on Marlon and Comminsky this year to iron out the DL....
  5. It still blows me away with how quick these guys come back from what used to be possible career enders. Blaylock got more run than Pickens early last year, and is a true 1B to his 1A. His punt returning was impressive as well, but would have to think thats over for him at least this year. Wonder who club house leader for returner is ?
  6. Bad choice of words, I think Ryan made Hooper, and think Hurst can do the same, and if not mistaken was leading team in receiving catches at time of injury
  7. I'm thinking more in line of how Hooper dominated catches, and if correct lead team before he was sidelined last year.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks Hurst leads team in receptions?
  9. Dont forget to take into account Ryan footwork on hand offs with outside zones, tucking and setting up for pass, he was brilliant in this regard 2016.
  10. Really is a lot of players on the roster to be stoked for. Could Griffin really expect more than say a 8-10 million dollars contract at this point? I dont know how it could happen cap wise, but man...
  11. Talking about a franchise that didnt know about star quarter back dog fighting and handing him a record contract.
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