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  1. I feel you bro, valid points all specifically the trade capital. Personally think Foye is a demon, and have never thought about trading but should get a stud in return on same last year deal. I was concerned 2019 when Lindstrom and McGary both started on right side as rookies. If we dont get someone else in here via trade you better believe DC will be sending the house at Mayfield or Andrews, and if I was a betting man I'd go with the bad guys winning that battle. Would almost be to easy for them. I think Mayfield CAN grow into it, but he does not have the athletic profile to
  2. James Carpenter, I mean Josh Andrews the second rated worst guard in the league last year? I shutter to think we have to rely on him or the ability of the coaching staff to have to coach him "up". And Mayfield, while I like his size and nastiness, Im equally concerned about a 20 year old rookie who has never played guard learn the ropes against NFL interior linemen. Combine those 2 with whoever wins the center job? Matt Ryan has every reason to be going Aaron Rodgers on TF.
  3. This guy cant catch a break... well besides 3.5 million. He may go down as the TAFT all time best OL never to get significant starter minutes
  4. Same year Weatherspoon tore his Achilles. He was a favorite for me For some reason I always thought Joplo would be the one who maybe could stick? Certainly didnt see Worrilow doing so. That was a hard season to watch for gashing middle of a defense.
  5. Understandably not resigned. On the real this guy is a freak, and not in a good way
  6. Deion is not dominate I agree, but teams do plan around him. And quite effective I might add. On this team he is one of the only reason to watch defense tho IMO. When Quinn made him invisible in 2019 and 2020 after taking over DC I knew he was good as gone. Pees has been placed on some high ground around here
  7. I mean yes it would, but I cant see WHY it would. Just based on Pees hiring? Its not like Morris didnt blitz his face off last season. Looking at this roster I dont see a combination of over 10 sacks where the player wins a match up to sack a QB. Th
  8. That corner back depth is putrid
  9. That was the first UDFA that I was aware of at the time that really made it, and in his case REALLY made it Not like ATL didnt need a tackle either if i remember correctly
  10. Im getting prepped for the 1."no comment". 2."next question" Actually can see him pull it off
  11. The signing of Smith was first move of free agency and thought was highly curious with his relative high price tag for amount of cap space the team had. Looking at how A Smith like to use his packages makes me wonder if this team may see several 30+ rushes per game throughout the season. If so would have to imagine Davis gets 250+ and Patterson 150+(Patterson thought blows my mind)
  12. Most of the credit in this article goes to Vrabel and GM Robinson, but smells like OC call to me based on the usage of 1% to 19% of fullback after signing this guy off of a practice squad. Both running and passing was BEST success rate in 21 set after. Specifically the 13.3 YPA in passing for 21 AND 12 personnel. We about to run.. but nah here is a pass. This move has Smith all over it. If they are not happy with Keith Smith(I like the guy) could see a move for FB. Ollison seems to be this guys same size BTW. Expect to see lots of 21 sets as well with RB and FB with Ridley and Pitts
  13. They could be the trade partner after all of the intra practicing that will be going on
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