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  1. Id really wish we could get some details on this front
  2. I wondered the same thing.
  3. To say Senat is the least athletic of DL based on measurables is the understatement of offseason. Couple of predictions He probably is gonna get the Harlow player development plan and be practice squad back up Board fandom approaches Massaquoi level
  4. Punter? Asking this board how they feel?
  5. Bidi Wilson not signed makes me believe they are looking to upgrade. Front office must think he is just a low usage player, and would be exposed with increased time. If brought back he stays number 4, and hopefully number 5 if Miller shows any chops. Oliver becomes the number 1 now eh ? Sheffield? Morris had to sign off on Tru release and I just don't see it without a veteran coming in who will be counted on for big minutes. I am a believer in Oliver BTW, the guy showed up year 2 still raw, but looked like he may be the most in shape dude in DB room for what that's worth. Sheffield and Neal may have something to say about this. Willing hitter to say the least, specially for a boundary corner. Gotta give props
  6. To bad this draft class was zero help for that 2012 team
  7. A frustrating few years our drafts were to say the least that period was... Yeesh
  8. I would assume that Gurley probably will live on one year contracts for rest of his career. Hes a good dude, sure he is motivated. What a gamble
  9. I must admit, if you put it like that..... Chaisson would fill 2 needs, and would probably work well with Fowler on stunts Then take Gallimore or Blaylock etc second rounder? Could it become a strength? Give me front seven
  10. So true, just shows how pass rush starved team has been.
  11. Infinity?
  12. Doubt Ito makes it out of training camp on the roster..
  13. Great point there with teams predominately playing nickel. Anybody got specs on Fowler/ Floyd win rate in nickel?
  14. 30 plus starts all over the line for Wes, was the one that I didn't think front office would let leave. Plot thickens