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  1. OMG, ummm good luck? Not sure to who tho...
  2. Hits or miss, with draftees getting on the field. Frankly I'm estatic with AJ and Mykal out of this draft.
  3. MMMM..... gambling.. Does sound like a strong play
  4. Frankly I cant stand that guy, I hope he does start and plays whole game. Gives me a better chance of finally seeing some one light his *** up.
  5. True this. The guys been an animal this year though. Dallas is lucky he got off field that day with the hammy. That stat day is the one that I wish he could have played whole game. He played 15 snaps. Just a beast, he had to of got tested for PEDs the following Monday.
  6. Bet you would take that, Collins would be a star in Boston
  7. Man you got to DVR it. No checking scores. Its wonderful just for what you said. Makes my day on a Sunday. Also helps that I no longer gamble...
  8. I was wondering the same. The sack was awarded to Oliver whole and he was the first to arrive. The bridgewater play you can see the horrible mark by the ref of making back to line, but was clearly 2 yards back. He should have that and Davis TFL, cant find that GIF
  9. Good point, id be curious to all of their metrics on new players
  10. They certainly have turned him ordinary this year tho. Concerning
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