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  1. HAhah classic. I refused to go to a party after 1998 SB. Betting 500 bucks -7.5 when I was a degenerate in my early 20s. 28-3, yeesh ATL had been beating everyone like this leading up to SB. Me and wife went to the GB beating to go to SB. ATL was rocking (Im Savannah guy so really enjoyed, you could walk down shady streets downtown and if you were down with Falcons everyone was a bro) At half time I i went into a LONG diatribe about how ATL was about to win SB, game in hand. Needless to say i had to go in back yard and lay down on ground for about an hour after loss. Wife would call
  2. This... You dont practice for 96 plays. After Alford INT return for TD defense was toast
  3. Does he look like he fell out of a two story window every time he comes down for a catch?
  4. Davion Nixon is gonna be the one who we dont get and burns up the league
  5. That got me thinking of what the norm is? Heck hire away
  6. You know front office will be bringing this up with negotiations.
  7. I'd be all about this guy going full on Rodman
  8. Something tells me nobody is gonna look past these measurables THE FREAKS TCU had two players land on Bruce Feldman’s ‘College Football Freaks List’ with Moehrig and safety Ar’Darius Washington. Feldman, a writer for The Athletic, puts together an annual list of college football players who display rare physical abilities. Moehrig is No. 33 on the list. The 6-foot-2, 208-pounder has a bench press of 400 pounds, squat of 600 pounds, power clean of 420 pounds and a vertical of 38 inches. Washington is No. 23 on the list. The 5-foot-8, 179-pounder can bench press more t
  9. I would hope we are meeting with other guys besides this leak
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