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  1. He be Denver QB in 2 years
  2. Franchise Death blow. Like Vick
  3. I'm thinking team has Hageman in plans but has not had to show hand with his 2 game suspension. Ace in hole
  4. The collective ensemble of DL product on the field has been promising in pre season to say the least. But Takk's showing possible true dominance, he's putting guys on skates and could turn into a an offensive coordinator must game plan for player week to week. My hopes for him have been exceeded this pre season as thought he had highest ceiling for improvement on whole DL, hope he never comes off field. He is going to destroy OT not All pro and I hope he goes on Twitter rampage each week afterwards. Grady looks super active, and unblockable one on one? When is the last time we had 2 guys on DL with potential to wreck a game? If Comminsky was a first round pick we would be chirping of his living up to that status based on his showing. Mighty impressed by him and sure he will be brought along slowly, but man can he hold his gap disengage and pursue. Coaches have to be licking their chops. He has manhandled some OL and surprise with hand usage. Also REALLY looking forward to him being on punt coverage, insane.
  5. It would be fantastic if Gono became an unexpected starter, would show improved depth and growth, he sure looks the part
  6. Hmmm, haven't considered that at all, would expect Foye to be starting with Debo anyway, and maybe Grace take Campbell place? could work as Campbell not really a thumper by any means
  7. He did take some lumps, but he was driving guys in the ground next play, thought for sure would be a penalty
  8. Good read Is a waiver claim such a big deal that they could NOT cut him is more of the question for Etling. Is it a large sum of money to do a claim and if so surely will not keep because of? I'm hoping we hang on to him, but not active roster spot no way. Atlanta one of only teams showing major interested in Baldwin pre draft? Would he even be on any other team if we had not picked up? Neasman will have a big role this year, safety is shaky if he goes down with looming injury recovery from Rico and Keanu. I hope they can play 12 -14 games but have my doubts, they both are physical. Biggest weakness on team
  9. Is Blake a gunner on coverage?
  10. Two guys on bottom of depth chart at their positions, with same fight for the kick/ punt return duties. Quinn has singled out Barner and he has shown up in pre season so far. If he is kept however as 4th runner, wouldn't that mean that Ollison would be poached before practice squad? Don't hink they let that happen. Green has not been singled out nor shown up in pre season, but if RB group is Free, Ito, Hill, Ollison, he pretty much has to make it as 6th wide out and returner right? I hope he can show up and gain confidence next 2 games, if not a RB is getting exposed and snatched
  11. I second that motion Why is Duke not playing? Is he practicing? If not his roster spot is indeed shaky
  12. With you on that pretty sure coaches are down with his long speed outside. He looks kind of stout tho
  13. Even if healthy I say LB. Campbell regression and Foye not impressive could get ran over, even with Debo brilliance Foye take step up watch out tho
  14. And the reason for it should bode well for the team being able to pass Paulsen. I'm all for it if he has moved pass him, especially with Paulsen blocking chops
  15. His holding point and gap control have to endear to coaches, and then the playmaking getting past blocks is impressive jumps off screen. If this was a rookie DL first rounder we would be beside ourselves. My gosh his special team standing out should not even be a narrative, but isn't this guy 285 pounds? What??