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  1. Oh yeah, and last week with Murray also $$$
  2. Good point and give credit where due. My god I'm trying to look for positives so thanks. The darkness of the defense(Quinn??) has dimmed the brightness of the offense, Ryan has been lights out. Last years D would work...
  3. There are many for sure, I agree. But Id wager to say in my fandom the Ryan years have been high cotton and organizationally am blind sided for 2019 with this product. Not so much in the day as frankly we had been a mess for years. I'm in to the end as well, now I just don't watch the beating end to end as I did when I was a kid in the 80's.
  4. True my friend, but the 49ers had multiple Hall of famers torching us. That was a given in those days. This year with title contender aspirations, and giving every opposing QB a memory to talk about on their death bed of being the best at least ONCE?? Im having a hard time getting my head around it because of.
  5. Preach! An issue with me even without this clown show year
  6. His enjoying being here may not be the case after this clown show year
  7. Yeah, there is going to be a melt down on side lines coming, mark it down. I hope its Debo or Grady. Debo turning into an average LB is my biggest fault I can point out to this clown show. What a waste
  8. Hmmm. That is an interesting candidate. Come to think if he put himself out there for a GM position, NFL executives would be all over him. Id like to see it (anywhere)
  9. I agree, had no idea I would ever see a worse Falcon defense than produced before.
  10. I shutter to think about the Saints game Nov 28.
  11. My god, example after example. Rams are going to freaking destroy us, another GIF of what Im sure is a weekly new, never seen ineptitude on a NFL level. This really burns me up, I'm about to go kick my neighbors cat and go on a Falcon rant to my wife.
  12. He was sucking wind Sunday with those quick sideline passes, Campbell also. Sheffield and Grady looked like most in game shape of whole D. Trying to find some positives... Once again in awe of making Quinn making Debo look like an average LB
  13. I have had a hard time, and find it hard to believe with some of the product on the field in 80s, 90s, after Vick fiasco/ pre Ryan. The worst part of Falcon ineptude this year is my complete football blindside and koolaid shots of being a title contender. Quinn really put himself out there for D coordinator and I wager will not see any coach in near future do the same. If think about it why would you as a head coach? Another example of Quinn poor planning. Could it get any more of a personal or professional poor choice?
  14. Why is Debo coming out of game, needs to be featured SMH
  15. Mack is better than the cumulative combination of skills/stats of our full DE rotation!