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  1. Correct and that’s what I’ve come to realize with this draft class. I remember thinking - we need an LG, Davis was available and arguably top 3 pure OG in the class - but he wouldn’t have been able to push McGary or provide depth at that position. That added versatility is what made the pick of Mayfield better in my eye.
  2. I’ll be the first to admit that draft night I was a little miffed that we had missed opportunities to pick up better players - Wyatt Davis and Bobby Brown are 2 that jump out to me now - but the more I’ve read and heard about the dudes in this class the more I’m impressed with these guys and TF and the entire staff. Mayfield and Dalman were about as perfect fits as we could have hoped for. Mayfield could start inside or out, could push others, gives us depth, may allow us to move McGary inside and give him a 2nd chance - who knows. Dalman could do the same inside and push Henny. All the defensive selections, may not be sexy or even get that many snaps, but think all of them can be developed and have great upside.
  3. That's what he is, a Clayborn/Crawford replacement, but isn't that what we have with Cominsky and Bailey??
  4. Doesn't Uche essentially play the same position as Fowler? I get that we need depth and could have them play at the same time due to situation, but I would rather go with either a S or a more traditional LB.
  5. We're in a tough spot for sure - Terrell will help the CB position, but we've got to assess all 3 levels of the defense and take the BPA. DL: With Grady, Fowler & maybe Takk, we've got a foundation. Bailey & Davison are rotational pieces/role players. Cominsky has potential as another role player, but Senant is a bust. None of the DT's on the board, save Blacklock are capable of starting IMO. But there's several capable of contributing. If he's not there at 47, I look for one in 4th. LB: Jones is solid, but needs another LB to allow him to flow to the ball and help in coverage - I don't know that's Foye, but he's at min. a rotational guy. Don't think there's an LB worth it at 47. Could see us taking one in the 3rd though. S: If Neal could stay healthy, I'd focus elsewhere, but he can't and the liability at S makes the CB's worse. If Winfield, Delpit, or Dugger is there at 47, I think that's where you go, because there's real drop off there. A healthy Neal, with a Winfield or Delpit can come up in the box to help your short comings at LB.
  6. Brown’s more than a 2 down guy, but I would much rather go with OT, DE or CB 1st and a big DT with either of the 2nd picks or even early 3.
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