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  1. A true corporate suit indeed. The irony is that it's refreshing until you're the one being ousted. Ha! Life.
  2. I can't hold last night against Shaub. That was an ugly and DANGEROUS way for the oline to start the game. And at 38 or 55 in football years, you don't want that kind of surprise.
  3. What about #40 quiting on the TD by Winfree? Flame me, but he was in position to play receiver and instead of playing till the ball hit the ground, he just assumed it would and moved his eyes to the receiver to see Winfree didn't give up. Played with guys that way and it costs TD and long gains.
  4. Elite measures like Cominsky out the draft. Given a full training camp, off-season, and season on practice squad to develop... I had hopes.
  5. Marketing: "come to Atlanta where the backups can't beat backups".
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