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  1. At this rate, I expect to hear... "And the #1 NFL player on the list of top 100 is..... Baker Mayfield" .
  2. Yeah, it's not the admin: a few months back I had to reach out to the software company to contact ATL Falcons IT because RECAPTCHA wasn't setup right and did not allow you to register or submit for IT help or anything... They reached back out and confirmed it fixed and then the "proceed as guest until approved" started showing. I thought my account was being ignored because I got someone in trouble or fired lol.
  3. I received an initial email months ago saying my account was being reviewed. And today I got the approval.
  4. From the 98 season? Like what he did the night before the Superbowl? Or that time he and his agent made a deal behind the falcons organization's back post Superbowl run? Or the fact that him and Mathis made me unstoppable on PS1?
  5. I just want to testify and give thanks to @Unintentional Groundingand all present members... I been locked in the messageboard phantom zone since last December and today...hallelujah!... I was released to participate.
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