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  1. I wonder if it's really that bad as that graph suggests. My company has apartments across the sunbelt and the delinquency rate at the worst-hit apartment complex is like 12%. Obviously bad but nowhere near 46%.
  2. I have done a boot camp (just completed it in May)! I did a data analytics boot camp at GT and I got the experience of creating full stack applications with Python, javascript, and HTML/CSS. I've even done some web development at my prior job as an account manager with jQuery/CSS. I also have created some pretty complicated scripts with VBA in Excel. It's less about the just being told "No" part than it is just going through the hiring process. I can take a No, that's not a huge deal itself. And maybe it's just my own ignorance about the hiring process and how to market myself, but sometimes it feels like I'll spend a significant amount of time and effort filling out applications for minimal results for a development job. After that application process is over, I have to do interviews, and while I have gotten a lot better at interviewing and gained confidence from actually being in a real job, it's still a weakness of mine. Meanwhile, to get my most recent job, all I had to do was put in that I had back end experience with the software I work with and that I was looking for a job on LinkedIn. A recruiter then messaged me about the opportunity. I had a quick phone screen with the recruiter and then two very short, easy interviews, one with my manager and one with my manager's manager. And I got a 60% raise. I must sound like I'm whining or lazy but it really just seems like the easier, less stressful option to not bother trying that transition. Overall the hiring process is such a pain in the *** for minimal results, and I know that just throwing your hat in for these jobs is the correct move, but it's definitely discouraging to see these insane job postings and see that 9000 people have applied and you're just another faceless person to these HR people whose resume will be immediately discarded because it didn't have the right buzzwords in it. But maybe there's also an issue with me looking in the wrong places for development jobs and my own expectations for how the hiring process actually is versus what I think it is.
  3. ****. I'm generally not one to want the government to step in and shut down free discourse... But in once in a century times like these, we need the government to shut this **** down.
  4. That I've never understood. My favorite and most rewarding part of my job is figuring out why something doesn't work and fixing it, or creating some type of creative solution. Yesterday, my manager wanted me to figure out a workaround for a broken workflow in the software we use as our software provider is not going to give us an immediate programming solution unless we shell out a bunch of money. I've got the basic process figured out and it involves creating a new table in our database and developing a couple of triggers off of that. I've never created a trigger before so I'm excited to get back to work on it and learn something new. I'd love to be an actual software developer. I think it would be more rewarding and it would pay better. But I'm always intimidated by the ridiculous expectations you see in job postings requiring X number of years experience for, like, 10 different programming languages. I've got some experience with programming (not just SQL) and algorithms and I'm always eager to learn something new, but I look at those and think "Wow, there's not a chance in **** my resume will get me an interview with this company! Why bother."
  5. I give permission to make fun of former package handlers.
  6. Folks, if we're not experiencing black plague or 9/11 levels of death, you got nothing to worry about. This thing is no worse than the flu.
  7. Yeah it's awesome here. Beautiful weather, immaculate landscaping, great views of the mountains and lots of hiking trails, hot women, beaches. Even if I do move elsewhere, I'm gonna enjoy it out here for a few years first.
  8. That itself won't be an option for a while. And honestly, it's not that bad if you're renting an apartment or purchasing a condo, especially if you have a roommate. I'll probably never be able to own a single family home here, but I don't really care for that anyway, though I wouldn't be surprised if my feelings change later since I'm only 27.
  9. I guess I should qualify that with *smart* solutions to reduce my rent. My rent is too **** high!
  10. I've never donated to a political candidate and I've only voted once in my life (2016), but I'll be donating to Biden (though it'll probably be after I get the next stimulus check). Also - don't really know much about local politics since I just moved to California, but I'll be donating to any candidate that promises solutions to reduce my rent.
  11. Current projections: So hard to believe that Biden, of all people, has a good chance to eclipse Obama's 2008 electoral votes...
  12. Great picture. Who's that lady? Do you have a link to prove who she is?
  13. Oh my god, she's still going. Sometimes I wonder if BBL is just an elaborate troll.
  14. It's "Mod Appeciator", thank you very much, and that new screen name is almost certainly is too long. Otherwise fine.
  15. This photo has to be one of the most desperate things I've seen posted here.
  16. The Falklands War, except against our own citizens? Interesting thought. Have the specific campaign event locations been announced yet?
  17. If I could say "there's plenty of legitimate criticisms of Newsom already, you don't have to make stuff up," I would, but the conversation was about masks, not Gavin Newsom. I wouldn't ever even try to debate anyone about Gavin Newsom because I know **** all about him and his history as governor of CA. And usually this happens in a phone conversation, so when I'm blindsided by the latest right wing conspiracy theory, it's hard to essentially say they're making stuff up (some facts like these can occasionally be true!)
  18. Oh don't get me wrong. His handling of the rona has been awful. But that story about Gavin Newsom going maskless shopping in Montana was false and, even if true, completely irrelevant to whether masks work or not.
  19. That's me. Whatever my dad says anything about politics, you can guarantee he heard it from Fox or Rush in the past 48 hours. He has a steady stream of talk radio on while he works and watches Fox News for a good 4 hours a day after that. And he gets more and more stubborn by the day. I ask him if he can turn the TV off while we have dinner at his house (it's always set to Fox except on game days, when it's on the other Fox) and he will go off. My mom is a steady stream of Boomer Facebook News, or something. I don't even know how to talk to her about politics because half the things she says are wrong on multiple levels, or they're based on some irrelevant event that shows some Democrat behaving like a hypocrite therefore all Democrats are lying to control you (often these stories are made up by someone online). Examples of things I've heard from her since the pandemic started: "This will be over in a week" (early-mid April) "YOUR GOVERNOR [Gavin Newsom] went to his ranch in Montana and shopped for hats without a mask therefore masks don't help you." "The WHO says that wearing a mask does not keep the virus from spreading. Look it up, there are videos on YouTube." "Coronavirus can't be spread in temperatures above 80F so why are they shutting the beaches down for fireworks? That doesn't make any sense." "Coronavirus has a 99% survival rate therefore it's not a big deal. It's just another flu." I always look up these things just in the off chance that my mom is right and I'll learn something, but the thing is, she's never right. I don't bother trying to argue with her. I just say "Yeah I don't know, I'll have to check that out" and she moves on usually. I've been thinking about emailing her information or arguing with her whenever she says stuff like this, but I know my parents. They aren't going to change. It's not worth the effort. Nothing you say will change their minds. But still, it does make me uncomfortable just how arrogant my mom can be about politics. I can't stand Fox News and other cable news because of how sensationalized it is and how discussions aren't really discussions; they're shouting matches. I try to get information from trustworthy mainstream news sources and though sometimes that can be a challenge because they can be wrong or the coverage can reflect a stupid perspective, I don't put much stock into gossipy info. But I've resigned myself to acting stupid most of the time around them.
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