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  1. It's hard to give this o line high ratings with how badly McGary played. Hopefully it's just that he is learning and growing but he was a huge liability last year.
  2. lmao, probably the quickest way to legalization federally is to tell our dumb dumb president that marijuana will cure coronavirus
  3. I don't think the VP choice really matters in terms of turnout, but if Klobuchar is chosen for VP, it'll just reinforce who is really in control and how little they care about making ordinary people's lives better.
  4. 2.4 million people filed for unemployment this past week, bringing the total number of unemployment claims since the crisis started to around 38.6 million people IIRC from an article I read earlier today. Claims are dropping but they're still extremely high. Hard to believe we're looking at something that could be worse than the Great Depression. I imagine the existence of food stamps, unemployment insurance, and social security will soften the blow on people so the quality of life won't be so bad for now, but what happens when unemployment benefits run out? I also can't imagine what a college graduate is supposed to do right now. Loads of debt, and no one's hiring.
  5. I'll probably go to the Chargers game if the team hasn't blown their playoff chances by then
  6. Maybe, maybe not. This team has been the most unpredictable team in the league since 2008. I don't think 4-12 would be a shock, but I also don't think 11-5 or better would be a shock either. I think the season hinges on how our DL does. I'm not expecting much from Davidson, but if Fowler plays like he did last year and McKinley gets his head straight and plays to his potential, this defense could be scary.
  7. Here's a visual of how much WINNING we are doing right now!
  8. When you can get a gig making way more money from your masters, who cares about the American voter? lol Still, should be interesting to see how some Republicans respond to this crisis as they see their poll numbers dip. Supposedly Dems are leading by 8 in the AZ Senate race and they even hold an edge in KS (??) as well. https://www.axios.com/senate-polling-democrats-montana-north-carolina-500fc49e-53d1-4ee8-9193-a0ddc8cd960a.html
  9. The point is to shift the conversation, not get everything on your wish list. Some tactful negotiators start out negotiations by dropping an unrealistic anchor. You have to have balls to do it though. This crisis will be with us for a while. Negotiating like this could delay aid for a few weeks, but I'd venture to say it's better in the long run to get a good deal that helps people out on an ongoing basis rather than pestering the opposition for an extra measly $200 in one emergency stimulus bill. (Democrats aren't even negotiating anything right now anyway.)
  10. A good starting point is to demand more emergency checks and more money in them. Emergency checks are a fantastic idea, but these need to be much higher than $1200. In general: call any Trump bluff and raise him. Don't be "reasonable" and start your negotiations at the place you want to be. If I'm Nancy Pelosi, that means the government covering wages for every single worker in America so nobody is unemployed as a result of this. Call for higher corporate taxes to "pay" for the wages. Demand universal healthcare and everyone gets a free new car just for the **** of it.
  11. Democrats coming up short on the stimulus is infuriating but predictable. They don't have any balls. Their electoral strategy has been based on watching Republicans **** up. Now would be a perfect time to be more proactive. This is the greatest crisis since the Great Depression. The normal rules don't apply. Promise **** and deliver on it, or pressure Republicans to explain why they want the average American hanging by a thread at best or impoverished and starving at worst. You could probably win some people over. The type of people that think you have no integrity and don't vote.
  12. Nothing to worry about here man. Attendance won't reach that high anyway. You should be good.
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