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  1. Got a verbal job offer today. Going to be working a hybrid of my old role (sort of a system administrator) and will be pulled in to work on software development projects too. The great thing is that since I come in already with some specialized skills my employer needs, I won't have to take a pay cut despite having the programming skills of a junior developer. Life is good.
  2. Younghoe with a perfect kick. Surprised he made it so easily with how shaky he's been in late game situations.
  3. We'll be in prime position to draft a quarterback at the top of the next draft.
  4. Lol @ the giants. They should be dominating this game right now but they keep shooting themselves in the foot.
  5. Two of those interceptions were just really unlucky. I wonder what this game would look like without those.
  6. Great punt. Going to get a chance to see how resilient this team is.
  7. Offense looks like it's getting into rhythm. Hope the d can make some stops.
  8. Tampa has one of the strongest run defenses in the league and we are starting some young inexperienced dudes up front. I'm not going to knock an intelligent play caller because he used the Bucs weaknesses to his advantage. The offense already looks way better than last week. It's got a ways to go but... the team was 4-12 last year, lost its best offensive weapon in the offseason, and is being headed by a first time head coach. The pessimism is understandable and natural but I think judging someone off their job performance after a short period of time is a little hasty imo.
  9. Dude he's not even two full games into his first season as HC... chill bro
  10. Bad loss, but it seems too early to make any judgments on how good or bad this team may be. This was a tough matchup for us. The interior of the offensive line is inexperienced and went up against a great defensive line, and it's going to be hard to score in a situation like that. They showed potential with the ground game in the first half but they were not ready to protect Ryan. My hope is Hennessy and Mayfield get more comfortable and grow over the season into decent starters. If they do, the offense can be good. If not, it's going to be a long season.
  11. Complain harder everyone. It appears the football gods are finally listening.
  12. Hope it's just a bad drive but I doubt it. The secondary is full of backup level talent.
  13. Good looking first drive there. Nice to see lots of running and play action, and hurry up against a great defensive line seems smart. I'm concerned someone on Philly is going to murder Ryan though.
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