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  1. I fell asleep at the wheel on I-20 today. Thank the Lord I don't believe in for lane assist. Woke me up before I killed me or someone else.
  2. I used to work for UPS loading trucks too. I wouldn't say it's all that bad February-October, but once peak season hits... man, I had so many days where I wondered what the **** I did to deserve slaving away unburying myself from boxes until 1 AM every night. Those were some long nights that felt like they'd never end. One night a guy on my team had a meltdown and quit on the spot, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it myself. But I was struggling to find a job out of college and didn't want to sabotage myself so I put up with the ****.
  3. I think this might be the last football game I watch For the next 7 months
  4. Welp. Wasn't meant to happen. Time for Mahomes to tear the goat a new one, hopefully.
  5. Well we did get two second rounders for Matt Schaub several years ago so a couple first round picks for a former MVP doesn't seem out of the question for a team trying to win now. That said, Matty Ice is a few years older than Stafford so he would have less trade value I'd think.
  6. Hoping for the best here. But I can't help but wonder if the idea of blitzing a lot is meant to cover up a lack of talent in the secondary. Might work against some teams but smart, calm quarterbacks will eat that **** up.
  7. Didn't we try this with Nolan when he was the DC? That defense was awful...
  8. The problem isn't with the insurance companies having to compete with each other. They still have to compete with each other over employers. The problem is the insurance companies don't have bargaining power against hospitals and drug companies. Drug companies have patents on their products, meaning they face no competition. And insurance companies have to negotiate billing agreements with hospitals, but hospitals have a lot more leverage in that transaction. So premiums go way up simply because there's no way for insurance companies to bargain effectively. The end solution here is
  9. He's good but this team needs to go in a different direction. They probably won't. But there's not enough talent on this team to win the Super Bowl next year, so I'd rather offload that behemoth of a contract he has, especially if we can net draft picks to offset his departure.
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