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  1. Dude there's no "program glitch". There's not a lot of logic that goes into building a voting software. Someone votes for a candidate, the candidate's vote count increases by one. Sometimes people make mistakes using software though. Don't get your hopes up.
  2. Glad we straightened this out so Marla can rest easy tonight. Also: This is all just proof that whenever you have 150M people participating in anything, weird stuff happens. Doesn't mean there's anything improper going on.
  3. I'd prefer prison, but I'll take foreclosure on his properties as a consolation. You can't **** with banks.
  4. I don't think we'll get something worse than Trump for a while. I mean, Trump lost this election as an incumbent and that's not typical. All he had to do was pretend to try to solve the biggest issues of the day, like COVID, and be a bit less abrasive after he took office and he probably would have won in a landslide.
  5. This isn't going to happen. Even if machine learning and AI are able to do what you're claiming they could do (they aren't, but that's another discussion), the demand for goods and services from labor does not go away. Someone will need to provide those goods and services to labor itself. And it sounds like your post assumes labor and capital are static groups when they're not. Socialism is a good tool to maximize worker power and autonomy but it by no means is necessary to have a functioning society.
  6. The rest of Clayton county is supposed to be released within the hour I think We got this Don't **** it up GA
  7. I wonder if Biden is going to be doing a lot of campaigning in GA the next couple months
  8. Good points. I wish I knew more about what Stacey Abrams has done because Dems need to copy what she did in other parts of the nation. I had a thought that the advantage for Dems in GA might be from a lot of Northerners moving down from other areas of the nation. Atlanta has been a big hotspot, along with Charlotte. Atlanta is becoming a vibrant city too. Makes the fear of "urban" people seem silly. Good explanation for why there's no Democratic trend in Mississippi or Alabama and why it's been a slow, steady trend for Ds in GA. That would also explain why Texas is trending blue wi
  9. I'm going to need someone to explain to me how GA looks like it's going to be a blue island surrounded by a sea of red I don't get how Biden will probably win GA but lose NC GA would be the only blue state that touches only red states
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