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  1. Just curious - have you considered trying to be an account manager or something similar at a software company? Might be a way to get your foot in the door into IT since you'd be working with software a lot and you don't need a background in IT to get started.
  2. 2nd round pick for Julio...Jesus. The Titans got a huge steal. He is going to be what TG was for us, except the Titans have a way better team than our 2009 team. I wonder if we drafted valuable 2nd round picks in 2009-2013.
  3. To be fair, almond production is really unsustainable, so SBS shouldn't be asking for such luxuries.
  4. What the **** is going on with the hawks right now FIrst game I've watched in 5 years and they apparently haven't gotten any better since then
  5. Part of me thinks this is crazy, but we also managed to snatch Tony G from KC for a 2nd round pick. Still seems insane to me that we could be getting rid of Julio for a similar amount of compensation we traded for Hayden Hurst.
  6. The Aints didn't get to kick the can down the road this year. They lost a ton of talent to FA/cuts.
  7. Man this second vaccine is killing me. Feel like I can't get out of bed.
  8. 1500mg edible? Am I reading that right? What the duck. Did he survive that?
  9. I have seen the light. Thank you. The next time I hear about a contentious shooting of a black person, I will remember your post, and remind myself that cops like shooting all types of people, not just black people.
  10. Yeah getting a raise by going to a different company is going to be way better financially than sticking with your current company if you are patient for the right opportunity. I thought my best option for me was going to be sticking with my previous company because I was close to a promotion, and I had gotten messages about jobs supporting software client-side for about 10% more than I was making so they didn't seem like all that interesting when my company regularly gave out healthy raises. But then I had one recruiter message me about one of these jobs and I looked it up and lucky me f
  11. If he didn't produce anything in 2+ years then he needs to do something else. He has talents or motivations better fit for another job.
  12. I think this mostly depends on the market, but it's probably not as risky as you would think. Even though there is an eviction moratorium from the CDC, there are still evictions happening because residents still have to go through the process of notifying their landlord if they have been negatively impacted by the pandemic to avoid eviction, and some don't do that (incredibly). Others will voluntary leave at some point even if they are protected by an eviction moratorium. States and cities that have stringent eviction requirements and also closed their economies tend to be really ri
  13. An evicted person would add a new house to the market but would only be searching for one more housing unit so wouldn't that have no effect on that housing prices, at least from that perspective? I think an eviction would probably drive down housing pricing a bit, if anything. Evicted people wouldn't be looking to buy housing because their credit is generally bad. They'd be stuck renting, no?
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