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  1. I can't help but think that Lindstrom and McGary were only picked for this article because of the whole idea of them being "reaches". They even say that they were considered reaches around the NFL, even though we heard reports that Minnesota was going to pick Lindstrom a couple picks after us, and McGary was likely going to be picked up by New England if we didn't trade up for him. I don't buy into this at all. Lindstrom will turn out to be the best player on our OL and McGary has shown potential. Now where's takk???
  2. You're tripping man. San Francisco was in clear rebuilding mode following the 2016 season and nobody thought they'd be competitive now. In just his 3rd year Shanahan was not just able to make them competitive, but take them to the super bowl. This season his team was decimated by injuries, which is not a good excuse, but it will definitely buy you time in the NFL. If he were to have a dumpster fire season then he might be on the hot seat in 2022 but the 49ers would be idiots to get rid of him next year.
  3. I saw several posts saying that we can drop to pick #11 but I don't see it. I think the lowest we can go is #10. There's only 9 other teams that have 5 wins or less. I might be wrong, if anyone a bit more knowledgeable can confirm.
  4. Don't get me wrong, Matt definitely makes his share of egregious mistakes, but come on man. Saying he's the worst in the league by far in that aspect is a stretch.
  5. Hey, I'm honestly curious, do you watch a lot of other teams? Because if you genuinely believe that Matt takes the worst situational sacks in the league by far, you really must not watch much football.
  6. You're probably talking kilometers/hr while everyone else is talking miles/hr though. Glad to hear you're safe OP. I'm from Florida and a lot of people over here don't take em seriously enough.
  7. I do hope they give Gono more of a chance at LG. That being said, we have tried to develop guys along the line, Schraeder being a prime example of a solid, undrafted OL.
  8. I think everyone needs to relax and look at the draft board. Terrell was the logical pick. No DL players left on the board were worth the 16th pick, and the run on CB's at the end of the first says that a corner we would have wanted would be gone on day 2. Now, a lot of the top players left align with our needs. There are several good DE's, DT's, LB's and Safeties for us on Day 2.
  9. You consider Vic Beasley a reach? Naw man, I understand not liking the guy but a lot of people even had him being gone by our pick, so I dont think it was much of a reach. I'd understand calling the Keanu or Lindstrom picks a "reach", although I would still disagree, but definitely not the Beasley pick. I do agree that Dantzler would probably be there in the 2nd, though.
  10. Yeah... no. Considering that two of these guys are still on the team and three got second contracts, I'd say we've definitely had worse drafts.
  11. I get what you're saying, but I don't think the FO has been that bad with late rounders. Jarrett was a 5th rounder in 2015, Kazee was a 6th rounder in 2017, and Oluokun was a 6th rounder in 2018. The FO does miss out on late round talent, but it's really a crap shoot and a lot of NFL teams let those guys get past em. Personally, I'm more critical of our big 2nd and 3rd round misses. Now, didnt mean to detract from the post. Robinson seems to have the right measurables and some solid tape. Would definitely be worth a 3rd if we dont find value at corner with the first 2 picks.
  12. Contract pending, not sure how you could really hate this signing. It's low risk high reward, and from what I've read, the kid has an amazing work ethic and is a solid, willing blocker. He's been an awful pass catcher in the NFL, but was pretty great at it in college. He's worth taking a shot at as a 4th or 5th receiver.
  13. I've been considering who a good trade up partner would be as well. I think a rebuilding team like the jags at 9th overall would be more likely to trade with us and stock up on some picks. The cardinals probably want to get the best OL possible for Murray.
  14. Cutting Bailey is probably the quickest way to free up some cap space. Then itll be our 2 post June 1st designations. I'm expecting Carpenter being cut here. I'm also wondering about Trufant. If we plan on cutting him, post June 1st would make the most sense. I might be totally wrong, but I remember seeing that cutting him would save us about 11 mil in cap space if it was post June 1st.
  15. Yeah, I get the confusion. You guys meant a 6th seed from one conference having an 8-8 or worse record while the 7th seed from the other conference had 10+ wins, right?
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