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  1. Gdawg, just based on his game tape against Ohio State....how is it possible for him to still be available at pick 16? That is a great pick.
  2. I agree with you. I have been advocating for an elite LB to pair with Jones since last year. Sure was hoping one of the Devins would fall to us in last year’s draft.....oh well.... With Vic possibly leaving, and Takk recovering from surgery, it makes sense that Bucky has us taking a DE.
  3. Thanks Smiler. I was just looking at him as a pure Edge rusher. Makes me feel better about using the first on him, if I look at him for all the other things that he can do (especially dropping back and coverage) also. Seems he could potentially replace Vic and/or Campbell.
  4. Wow.....Vandy....you think he is comparable to Danielle Hunter? Hunter seems like a different player to me, and has more power to his game. That would be awesome if he has that much potential.
  5. I still like Takk. I know that he has been playing injured, so I am not going to give up on him yet. Von Miller and Mack are straight up beasts. I have seen them trucking people with their power pretty often. Vic and K'Lavon are not in that class.
  6. Not sure that I understand how Vic got the reputation of not loving the game. I do not see that when I watch the game....but I do not have any insider's insight on personality traits. I see Vic and K'Lavon as a purely speed type of players, which limits them. I would rather have an Edge player with more power to their game. Kerney and Abraham both had power to their game. We have sure missed that.
  7. Vic with Takk's passion? Not that is quite the endorsement.
  8. Bucky Brooks has us taking K'Lavon Chaisson, LSU Edge. His play reminds me of Vic (someone who does not beat his man one on one consistently, but is very good with stunts and is very speedy). Not sure I want to replace Vic with a Vic clone....but it might be the right thing to do. He certainly has the looks: tall, fast, and not a light weight. I would love to hear if any one has been following him and is sold on this player.
  9. Wait....hyped?...he was a 4th round draft pick that turned into a solid starter for us. I wish all our 4th rounders were as successful.....heck....I wish our 2nd rounders were as successful. He has exceeded my expectations. I just hope we use him a little differently going forward. I was impressed with how he looks when he blitzes. He can be used better, and does not deserve our disdain.
  10. I totally support kicking Payton out of New Orleans......that satan..... It would give us a better chance of hiring him.....
  11. I am saddened to see this about AB. Clearly he is brain damaged by his time in football. I hope, for his sake, that he never sees the football field again. No amount of money a team offers is worth his health.
  12. I agree. If the best available player is a WR or QB, then trade back and get someone else, plus a second or 3rd round draft pick. Do it TD. Surprise everyone. LOL....could you imagine being a GM for another team, and TD calls you about trading down, rather than up in the first?....LOL.
  13. I love the idea of this. I am greedy though.....any way to get Chris Jones and a dominant guard in FA? Chris Jones, and Brandon Scherff or Joe Thuney.....now that makes me smile.
  14. Happy Birthday. One year older, and hopefully....wiser. Joking.....like your posts.
  15. I know that you are just joking.....but, man, does the thought of that just plain hurts. Don't do it TD!!!!
  16. I doubt Kayoh is smiling....but I get what you mean. Kayoh sure has been good with his analytics.
  17. This constant turnover of coaches and play callers for the Falcons is making me ill. I would only want an offensive HC so that Ryan can have some hope of having the same play caller for the remainder of his career. Just keep Quinn/Koetter if we can win the remainder of our games.....Ryan and Julio are talented enough to make the system work by year 2....and I doubt Koetter can get another HC job anytime soon (so we should have him with us for a few years). Our O line will beast next year. Spend our top draft picks on some good LBs. I am not optimistic that we can find a
  18. Not disagreeing with you Forehead. Just hoping for stability. Honestly, I would be ok with keeping Quinn, as long as we can keep Koetter for a few years. We would have been better this year with Quinn and an extra year with Sarkisian. Matt gets better the longer he is with the same coach.
  19. Thank goodness someone brought up the topic of our needs at LB. Thanks Arkridge. I am disappointed in Atlanta for not getting a great middle LB to pair with D Jones. Imagine D Jones at weakside LB, and having a thumper at MLB. Was hoping for that with the last draft.....
  20. Always enjoy your insight Forehead. I would say that we have already failed with a defensive head coach...x2. Smitty was a solid DC and Quin was a top notch DC when they were hired as HC, and both failed to give us a top notch D. The strength of our team is Ryan and Julio (and that offensive line next year). Let's give them some stability. I would love to see Ryan with the same offensive system for the next 4-5 years, to finish his career.
  21. Thank you for the excellent synopsis of Trufant's career here.
  22. It is clearly a coaching issue. We really should hire an offensive minded head coach. This constant turnover of the offensive coordinators is killing us. The past few defensive coaches has not improved our defense, so lets help Matt Ryan end his career on a positive note, and give him some dang stability.
  23. I would pick Dan Reeves before Smith. Smith was not creative enough to win in the playoffs. I agree with the OP. Quinn looks done....but hopefully we can change this around.
  24. Rex is no smarter than Quinn. He definitely does not have the creativity to outsmart other coaches. I do like that he is more entertaining to listen to......that has some value.....
  25. How are we this bad against AFC teams? Lol.....it is becoming epic.
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