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  1. I really like the combination of Chaisson and YGM. Or the combination of Kinlaw and Murray. We have enough ammo to get back into the bottom of the first, if needed. Thank you Patriots....miss you Sanu.....
  2. Pick Kinlaw at 16. It would be hilarious if we trade the second we got from the Patriots back to them, to move back up into the first to get Murray.....
  3. My goodness...... This would be a dream scenario. I vote you for president!!!!
  4. Swift looks like a great fit for the Falcons. He looks fast and is so smooth catching the ball. We could definitely do worse.
  5. Lol....l made the classic mistake of assuming to know how the draft will fall......my excitement got the better of me. What I should have said: The game tapes on Kinlaw and Brown are so very good. I am more excited about getting them, than any of the DE’s that should be available to us at 16. We will be lucky to get a shot at them.
  6. I agree. Brown and Kinlaw are elite DT’s. I do not know how you are seeing Brown dropping to us.
  7. Just do it G-dawg.....you know that TD will....
  8. LOL....could you imagine being TD.....no wonder he wants to move up every year. I imagine we have all watched tape on a player and fallen in love with the domination/havoc we are seeing. Kinlaw is that for me....and this year we have the ammunition for it.....Thank you Patriots.....
  9. This is the first player that I have watched tape on that I am willing to trade up for. Most of the DE's we have discussed are someone I would be ok to settle for at 16. None of them impress me as much as Kinlaw. I have not found any bad tape on this guy.....and he is playing against big name schools.
  10. My goodness.....Kinlaw moves like a DE. Just looking at some game tape on him, and it is shocking that a man over 300 pounds plays like that. Thanks OP for starting this thread. Kinlaw for the win!!!
  11. It will be interesting to see how Malik Harrison looks at the Combine. His tape vs Clemson showed some missed tackles and did not flatter him. If he has elite athleticism, then I believe there will be room to grow/develop. I notice that Quinn favors LB's that run fast.
  12. No. But, I would be willing to do that if we trade down from 16 to garner more picks....then trade the lower 1st round draft pick for the vet. Ideally, I would hope we trade down, get an extra second, and draft K Murray in the late first. Our need at LB is that high, in my opinion.
  13. Would it not be easier and cheaper to replace Quinn with someone else? I am pretty disappointed with our defense since Quinn has been here.
  14. I am not disagreeing with you. I like YGM for our new DE. Vic is just such a great athlete and does more than rush the passer. I think that Quinn may want that type of player.....someone who can rush and drop back in coverage.
  15. Just curious....any particular reason you did not pick a LB? I feel that this is a particularly big need for us.
  16. I agree with you. He may not have lived up to the 8th pick, but he was the most productive rusher we had in the time he was here. I wish Vic well. We should look at Chaisson (LSU), if we want to replace Vic (though this is not my personal preference). He plays like Vic with vocal leadership skills. We need some vocal leaders on defense.
  17. There is no way someone can go 0/266. It is just as impossible to be that wrong, as it is to be that correct. LOL....I should play next year.....I am wrong a lot.....
  18. This is the reason I like coming here. Thank you for the insightful write up on the players FYM. Wished we had this kind of analysis from any of the media. Could anyone give me their opinion on Jordan Miller? I know he was suspended....but as the Patriots have demonstrated....if you are not cheating, you are not trying.
  19. I love that idea. Any room in there for taking a TE in the draft? We need to use Hooper’s money for the guard.
  20. Good grief Vel......you have some strong opinions on Vic..... I will bow out now.....
  21. Vic's inconsistency maybe the only reason that we have a chance to keep him. His value is pretty low for such a gifted athletic Edge. If I had to choose who to give the 10 million to, it would be Vic before Hooper.
  22. Thank you for considering my opinion FYM. I do not know how to link up the tape, but please refer to Yetur Gross-Matos' tape vs Ohio State, 2019. This is more of the type of DE that I am looking for. Chaisson would play more of the Vic role, which may be more important in our scheme, since he seems solid in coverage.
  23. Vandy, you are one of the many on this board that I respect. I am keeping an open mind and will support Chaisson if he is our pick. In my opinion....his Florida tape did not flatter....in my opinion.....
  24. I am not seeing what you see apparently. He had one sack (around the 4 minute mark in the 4th, when Florida was behind and had to pass) and looked like a pure speed rusher that was not able to beat his man once engaged. He does seem to look good in coverage. We may need a Vic replacement, and this would be a good choice, if that is what we want to do.
  25. Epensa’s vs Michigan game tape made him look terrible. That Michigan LT handled him all game.
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