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  1. Was this from last year?....then we took two OL.....lol.
  2. I get frustrated watching Henderson. Just not a fan of a corner who tackles so poorly. Not really interested in soft players. Want a fast and physical D.
  3. There is no way that we are going to allow a lowly 2nd rounder to play on our offense. Only 1st rounders allowed.....lol.
  4. A LB in the first makes the most sense, and Diggs seems the perfect fit for us in the second. I really like Murray, but I sense that we will not trade down. The most likely target at 16 will be Chaisson.
  5. Thanks Artys. This is the best non-Kinlaw mock draft that I have seen. I really like the idea of Murray to partner with Jones.
  6. Hoop and Hurst have very similar combine numbers, and they both ran about 4.7 in the 40. Not sure how much more explosive Hurst is based on the numbers. I am anxious to see if he really is an upgrade over Hoop, but I am not going to get too hyped about Hurst.
  7. Thank you. Some great data presented. Most of us have someone we know or love, in the high risk group. What we are doing is to protect those who are most at risk.
  8. They have Italy has put some serious measures to protect their people. Everyone there is basically under house arrest. Hope for the best.
  9. Thank you. Yes. I just prefer to go the way of a trade up for game changers. Kinlaw at 16, and try to get back into the late first to add Murray (we need a playmaker at LB), would make our D quite formidable. Having 2 rookies starting on D, surrounded by Vets, would give us a better chance of competing at a high level this year.
  10. Yeah...it is pretty sad that over 3000 people have died in Italy. I have not ever been there, but I imagine they believe in hugging when greeting each other, more than we do.
  11. It is catchy like the flu, but the death rate suggests that it is about 10 times more lethal.
  12. In a rebuilding year, I would like it. This is not a rebuilding year.
  13. I would be satisfied with 7 sacks and a lot of pressures. Takk was good with the pressures. Jarrett was good with the pressures. Just need Kinlaw, and we are ready to rock against slow Brees and Brady.
  14. Come on 1989....ease up on Hageman. The man was productive for us before being cut for non-football issues. At least give him a chance during the preseason. He may have learned something from last year and focused on getting better. If nothing else, he would be cheap, and may block a FG attempt here or there for us.
  15. I think that you are right. This staff may be too stubborn to make changes when needed. They seem to stick to failing strategies until a bye week, when they finally have time to look at themselves and adjust. Sure miss Shanahan. He was making adjustments on a weekly basis to attack other team's weaknesses. Loved what he did to the Broncos.....lol....those poor slow LB's did not know how to stop our RB's catching the ball.
  16. Well.....there goes the neighborhood..... Looks like we can look forward to a new coach and GM next year....lol....
  17. After reading everything you guys are saying, and after watching some game tapes on those players....I am feeling really confident heading into this draft. We are definitely getting a good to great player at 16. Brown, Kinlaw, or Chaisson will be there. I really like the idea of Chaisson replacing D Campbell. I have always wanted two dominant LB's on our team. Yeah Baby!!!!!
  18. After watching his game tape vs Ohio State.....I would be comfortable with taking him.
  19. Thank you for the list. A trade up for Kinlaw or Wirfs (as our new guard) looks like the best option at this point. I would hope that it would only cost us a 3rd round draft pick.....worth it. Trade down for Murray would be great also.
  20. YGM looks like a great target for us in the late 1st or early second. I hope we trade back from 16 and get Ken Murray (LB) in the 20’s, and YGM in the 30’s. That would be an awesome draft.
  21. I would trade up in the draft for Kinlaw - DT. Or, trade back for Ken Murray - LB, and Y Gross-Matos - DE. My goodness.....can not wait for the draft.
  22. Thank you “2012” for bringing M Davidson up. I did not like his LSU or Oregon tape. He does not look particularly fast or strong. Was there a game you thought he shined? I do not know much about him or if he was playing injured during those games.
  23. Thank you for asking Kiwi. I come here to learn from you guys. I just enjoy watching game tapes on the players you point out as a possible good match for us. I try not to judge off highlights, since this often gives me an incorrect perspective. What does a player do from down to down....not just when he flashes. That is why I am excited about YGM. He is pretty disruptive, even if he does not make the play. Kinlaw beats his man on a consistent basis. That is domination to me. Kinlaw does not always make the play, but you can see that he is consistently disruptive. Wi
  24. It seems like some here are seeing Chaisson as our new LB (with rushing potential). He will be replacing Campbell, rather than Vic....potentially. I can get excited about this. Chaisson's coverage skills seems very good.
  25. That is what I am expecting. YGM may very well fall. Chaisson has a chance to be there at 16. To be honest....I would rather have the combo of Kinlaw and Murray....
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