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  1. And why are we going CB again? I DEMAND we get a top rated LB in the first.......lol.
  2. We are picking 16 again? Just can not see another 8/8 or 7/9 season. Our offseason has been too strong.....
  3. My goodness.....we have really done poorly with the 3rd rounders.....good luck Henessey.....hope you break our curse.
  4. Simply embarrassing for the whole organization. let's offer them a second round draft choice. They are likely motivated to move him after that exchange.......
  5. I agree with you. TD got the ingredients and Shanahan used those ingredients to get to the Super Bowl. TD may not be the problem.
  6. Don’t spread lies “boi”. Re-read my posts. Lol.
  7. Be careful having an opinion that is different....some “boi” may start calling you names.....lol.
  8. We will eventually need to look beyond the Ryan era. Grooming Tua for 2 years to take over for Matt, is not an unreasonable possibility. Not sure if Quinn and TD will make it past this year if they do this though.
  9. I am not saying this is what I would like to happen. But, these 2 players are the only ones worth of trading up and losing multiple first rounders for.
  10. Young or Tua makes the most sense, if we are moving to the top 5. Unlikely that Young will be available, but Tua is most likely available at 5.
  11. I would not be willing to give up a second. A move up for any of those players for a third would be the most I would pay. There is a good possibility of a QB, OL, WR run at the top, and someone we want will drop out of the top 10.
  12. I did not see bad coverage by Murray. He was solid throughout the game. They got steamrolled by LSU, but it was not due to Murray’s poor play.
  13. I agree. I would like to have Kinlaw in the first, or one of the top 3 LB. Safety in the second. We really could use an elite LB. Simmons/Murray/Queen would be awesome to pair up with Jones. We missed out on one of the Devin’s at LB last year. Need to make amends.....
  14. I believe that they presented it as next year’s first when they were discussing the trade. This makes it a little more intriguing, but I would not do it. Still made me upset that Falcons did not select Kinlaw, or Wirfs. Both elite prospects were still available. Do yourselves a favor and do not watch this CBS draft....it really was awful.
  15. I still remember those violent thunderstorms while living in Statesboro, and Augusta, GA. The relentless lightening was awe inspiring. Kind of miss being reminded how small I was compared to nature.
  16. Staying put seems to be the best option, and hope Kinlaw is there. If Kinlaw is not available..... I would be ok with taking the best available player, even if it means taking one of the premier OT that falls.
  17. I really like the idea of Simmons at 11, or Queen/Murray with a trade down. Our D would look so good with a dominant LB next to Jones.
  18. Good grief....what a way to end that debate.....lol.
  19. Thanks Kiwi. interesting take on Brown. I do not understand why Kinlaw is not the top rated DT when looking at their game tapes. Sure hope we get Kinlaw or Simmons.
  20. His tape vs Wisconsin was not good. He looks like just another guy to me. I think we should look at a different prospect on day 2.
  21. I do not disagree with you, and Kinlaw is my favorite.....but Simmons sure does look good.....
  22. I am not greedy. I just want two playmakers out of this draft. Just get Kinlaw, and Murray/Queen. We have the draft capital to move up to get both of them in the first. Our O is good enough to win as is. Our D would set up pretty well with just those two additions.
  23. Etherdome, this is a very interesting take on Murray. Please clarify this a little further. I am sincere in wanting to know your opinion.
  24. Thank you NWFalcon....this brings a smile to my face. We are in good hands, even if Julio retires.
  25. Always cheered harder for Alford, than Trufant. Alford was the more physical corner.....Trufant was soft. Trufant made our whole defense look soft....like a rotten apple spoiling the whole lot....lol. I do not remember a single player on the Legion of Boom, that was soft. I want that for us. Come on Quinn.....give us that toughness.
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