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  1. To be fair, McKay did not have Matt Ryan as quarterback. The lines were better back then. I think this is the year that the defensive line will match what we had back then.
  2. Ra'shed Hageman. He has had time to get himself straight, and should be given a second chance. That man was a beast. Still remember that shoe string sack on Rodgers. Danny Shelton is a good fallback.
  3. Sure do like the thought of White and Jones on the field together. White would probably be the most impactful player for us in the first year.
  4. Gdawg, I really like your reasoning on the OL, but I really hope that we do not get one until at least the 3rd round. Really hoping for DL and linebacker with the first 2 picks.
  5. I sure am happy about this. It makes the possibility of linebacker in the first 2 rounds possible. we need one more dominant linebacker.
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