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  1. 1 hour ago, egoprime II said:

    You're right, safeties seem to have actually shrunk over the years....  Brian Dawkins and Joey Browner were easily 230-plus, so was William Moore I -think-...

    Its more about the ability to play the position and really, Jones already does, in a way.

    I do not remember Brian Dawkins being that big, but good call on William Moore.  I still remember Moore body slamming that Rams tight end.  Moore was a beast....  

  2. 23 minutes ago, egoprime II said:


    As a MLB or ILB, Jones will be taking on OGs and OCs.   Like he has already been.   To me that's a waste of Jones speed and talent.  A bigger player in the middle would be more ideal.  

    Having Jones play as SS or OLB allows Jones to play 'in space' more, gives him more options to go where he needs to to make a play.   Troy Polomalu was listed as a safety, but really he was a 'rover'.... his coach let Troy do what he wanted, the result was a perennial All Pro player.

    I think Jones has that same abilty Polomalu had, to make plays.  Cut him loose, I say....

    Troy was average sized for a safety (a little over 200lbs), and played well above his fighting weight.  

    Jones is too heavy for safety.  I do not know of any high level safety at Jones weight.  

  3. 13 minutes ago, Falconsailorman said:

    If he's there draft him. Highest rated lineman in draft. There are always risks and the Falcons have bigger needs but Sewell is to good to pass up. Question do you draft Sewell if you get a decent offer for pick?

    Now that is a great question.   I personally would not draft Sewell.  We should trade down, get a future 1st round pick, and start loading up on D.  Ideally, trade with a team who has a chance of sucking next year, so we can get a high draft pick.

  4. Back to Romfal's original question.

    If the new GM chooses to not pick a quarterback, then I would trade down only if I can get a 1st round pick the following year.  I want to have at least 2 first round picks the next year, in case I need ammunition to trade up to get my QB of the future.  At 4, getting a good compensation package, with a 1st next year, should be an easy sell.  

  5. 4 hours ago, g-dawg said:

    Yeah me either - you gotta get “your guy”.

    To me, that’s either Lawrence or Fields and I don’t think Lawrence is in play.

    If Jax doesn’t take Fields or is willing to trade the pick, that is direction I would head.  If they pass on him, I am trying to trade to #3 for Fields.  If he falls to #4 even better.

    I am unconvinced about BYU QB Zach Wilson but will watch him closely.

    I am curious to see your opinion on Wilson after you watch him.  He is a playmaker and his game tapes are just plain entertaining.  He reminds me of Steve Young.  His accuracy is amazing.  I like him more than Fields, who is also amazing.

  6. I love the game plan shown thus far by the Falcon leadership.  Interview as many potential GMs and coaches as you can.   You may not hire them this year, but you have now established a relationship with them for the future.  Someone who is not ready to run your billion dollar business now, may be ready 3-5 years later, after some seasoning.  
    Hopefully, they are going into these meetings and getting some insight on how others view the Falcons personnel.  

  7. 4 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

    To me it comes down to the evaluations.  If the new regime is in agreement that Fields or Wilson is a franchise QB, you draft him.  I mentioned it in another thread but it’s similar to the Saints heading into 2017.  They were picking 11th and tried to move up for Mahomes. Imagine if they were successful or drafted D. Watson over Lattimore.  Brees was still a Pro Bowl QB but their outlook would be much, much better right now.

    If there is no agreement on a QB, trade out and stack top 100 picks.  This isn’t the year to draft a non-QB at #4

    I agree.  We should be looking further down the line.  Ryan is on his way out.  We are in a prime position to get his replacement now.  Zach Wilson reminds me of Steve Young or Russell Wilson.  I love his accuracy.  Just watch his game tapes, and tell me you are not entertained.


  8. 10 minutes ago, gHost83 said:

    If he's better than Hardy (that won't take much), it's a win for the Falcons... 

    Thanks Ghost.   That is how I am going to view it now.  This is Hardy’s replacement.....

    I can not think of the last time we took someone’s draft failure, and developed them into a success story.....so not too hopeful for much from this move other than improving on Hardy’s production.  

  9. Just now, Osiruz said:

    He will be in the Bennett/Richard Seymour role. He will play DE in base and slide over to DT in nickle. 

    Hope we give him some reps at DE. He did look good as a DE.  
    Thought we were going off the reservation after failing with the smaller Vic....”let’s do the opposite and draft the biggest baddest DE out there”....lol

  10. Thank you for the video Tim.

    I agree with Simms concerning his rating of Okudah and Terrell.

    I would want my top corner to have elite speed.....Terrell has it....Okudah does not.

    Henderson has elite speed, but his film was frustrating to watch.  I would not want such a soft player on my team.   Glad we ended up with Terrell.  Hope he turns out to be the best of the 3.

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