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  1. I agree with you. That combo of colors is the best look we have. Sure hope we get to watch some football this year.
  2. I agree. He was there for the taking. Was so excited when he was not selected in the first round....was sure we were getting him....then we didn’t....
  3. Thanks Ghost. That is how I am going to view it now. This is Hardy’s replacement..... I can not think of the last time we took someone’s draft failure, and developed them into a success story.....so not too hopeful for much from this move other than improving on Hardy’s production.
  4. Reading what you guys had to say about the potential draft picks kept me sane over the last 2 months.......thank you all. Draftnut, you ever thought about making a trophy and keeping the winner’s name on it? It would be cool to see all the names that accumulates on the trophy over the years.
  5. Hope we give him some reps at DE. He did look good as a DE. Thought we were going off the reservation after failing with the smaller Vic....”let’s do the opposite and draft the biggest baddest DE out there”....lol
  6. It is a shame that TD views him as a DT....I really was looking forward to a 300 pond DE....lol....what a bruiser....
  7. Thank you for the video Tim. I agree with Simms concerning his rating of Okudah and Terrell. I would want my top corner to have elite speed.....Terrell has it....Okudah does not. Henderson has elite speed, but his film was frustrating to watch. I would not want such a soft player on my team. Glad we ended up with Terrell. Hope he turns out to be the best of the 3.
  8. And why are we going CB again? I DEMAND we get a top rated LB in the first.......lol.
  9. We are picking 16 again? Just can not see another 8/8 or 7/9 season. Our offseason has been too strong.....
  10. My goodness.....we have really done poorly with the 3rd rounders.....good luck Henessey.....hope you break our curse.
  11. Simply embarrassing for the whole organization. let's offer them a second round draft choice. They are likely motivated to move him after that exchange.......
  12. I agree with you. TD got the ingredients and Shanahan used those ingredients to get to the Super Bowl. TD may not be the problem.
  13. Don’t spread lies “boi”. Re-read my posts. Lol.
  14. Be careful having an opinion that is different....some “boi” may start calling you names.....lol.
  15. We will eventually need to look beyond the Ryan era. Grooming Tua for 2 years to take over for Matt, is not an unreasonable possibility. Not sure if Quinn and TD will make it past this year if they do this though.
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