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  1. I think that we are applying the bigger, stronger, faster players to both lines. Our offseason additions so far: Hageman, Davison, Clayborn, Cominsky are all bullies type of players. Glad to see that we are finally becoming the bullies on the lines.
  2. Surprised by the results. 90% D Jones?
  3. Finally....... was getting tired of watching McCoy beat up on Matt and our interior OL. Hope he goes to the Browns or some other sorry team, and become irrelevant. Just get out of our division.
  4. I agree. Jones>Neal. Julio vs D that would be a great poll. I would select D Jones....simply due to age. Julio would be the clear winner, if they were the same age. We know Julio is a Hall of Famer.....D Jones book is yet to be written.
  5. Senat is just not what I am looking for, which is not to say that he is not good. Hageman and Cominsky are bigger, faster, jump higher.....just more upside. It is cool to cheer for the undersized overachiever / underdog....but I just want us to be the bullies, especially on our lines.
  6. I agree with this. Our off season additions seems focused on getting bigger/stronger on the DL and stopping the run. I would be happy if we can just accomplish that. Our secondary will come around eventually.
  7. Thank you for the explanation. What a classy front office we have. Makes me proud to be a Falcon fan.
  8. What a pile of crap by that reporter. In my mind, we just had our best draft since the Ryan pick over 10 years ago. Heck, my favorite is the 5th round CB from Washington.....that is how well we drafted. No way TD or Quinn are in danger this year. More likely that they had a fight over what to have for lunch, than who to draft. Even brothers fight.......
  9. Sure am looking forward to the draft next year. We are one pick away from having 5 first rounders on the OL. Who needs a D?.......jk
  10. Jordan Miller is starting to become my favorite player selected in this draft. Length, ball skills, adequate speed. Needs help with strength, but is a willing tackler. Just can not wait for the preseason to see him perform.
  11. Tru is solid. Not the same since the injury, but I expect him to be better this year with the better overall D and more corner blitzes called by Quinn. Still a good tackler, and great burst of speed to the ball in the air.
  12. This is a pretty profound post. I am going to put some pictures up in my office. Thanks Fatso....jk.
  13. All that athleticism and the most we can expect from Hill is to pan out as a FB? We took a gamble on a high upside athlete with a low floor. We missed, it happens. We just need to cut him and move on with Ollison.
  14. I know that you are one of Hill's best supporter. Just based on his athletic numbers, you would think that he would beast. I have not seen anything to make me feel that he will help this team, and I am ready to move on. Ollison now has my support, and I can not wait to see him in preseason.
  15. Sure hope he does not get PTSD from being beaten like a drum in practice. Corners need to have swagger and confidence.