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  1. I really like the idea of Simmons at 11, or Queen/Murray with a trade down. Our D would look so good with a dominant LB next to Jones.
  2. Good grief....what a way to end that
  3. Thanks Kiwi. interesting take on Brown. I do not understand why Kinlaw is not the top rated DT when looking at their game tapes. Sure hope we get Kinlaw or Simmons.
  4. His tape vs Wisconsin was not good. He looks like just another guy to me. I think we should look at a different prospect on day 2.
  5. I do not disagree with you, and Kinlaw is my favorite.....but Simmons sure does look good.....
  6. I am not greedy. I just want two playmakers out of this draft. Just get Kinlaw, and Murray/Queen. We have the draft capital to move up to get both of them in the first. Our O is good enough to win as is. Our D would set up pretty well with just those two additions.
  7. Etherdome, this is a very interesting take on Murray. Please clarify this a little further. I am sincere in wanting to know your opinion.
  8. Thank you NWFalcon....this brings a smile to my face. We are in good hands, even if Julio retires.
  9. Always cheered harder for Alford, than Trufant. Alford was the more physical corner.....Trufant was soft. Trufant made our whole defense look a rotten apple spoiling the whole I do not remember a single player on the Legion of Boom, that was soft. I want that for us. Come on Quinn.....give us that toughness.
  10. Was this from last year?....then we took two
  11. I get frustrated watching Henderson. Just not a fan of a corner who tackles so poorly. Not really interested in soft players. Want a fast and physical D.
  12. There is no way that we are going to allow a lowly 2nd rounder to play on our offense. Only 1st rounders
  13. A LB in the first makes the most sense, and Diggs seems the perfect fit for us in the second. I really like Murray, but I sense that we will not trade down. The most likely target at 16 will be Chaisson.
  14. Thanks Artys. This is the best non-Kinlaw mock draft that I have seen. I really like the idea of Murray to partner with Jones.
  15. Hoop and Hurst have very similar combine numbers, and they both ran about 4.7 in the 40. Not sure how much more explosive Hurst is based on the numbers. I am anxious to see if he really is an upgrade over Hoop, but I am not going to get too hyped about Hurst.