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  1. It is clearly a coaching issue. We really should hire an offensive minded head coach. This constant turnover of the offensive coordinators is killing us. The past few defensive coaches has not improved our defense, so lets help Matt Ryan end his career on a positive note, and give him some dang stability.
  2. I would pick Dan Reeves before Smith. Smith was not creative enough to win in the playoffs. I agree with the OP. Quinn looks done....but hopefully we can change this around.
  3. Rex is no smarter than Quinn. He definitely does not have the creativity to outsmart other coaches. I do like that he is more entertaining to listen to......that has some value.....
  4. How are we this bad against AFC teams? is becoming epic.
  5. We will win in a blowout! I have not been this confident since the Browns game last year, and the Colts game this year. I think I will be putting money on this game. Falcons 27, Titans 24 (anything over a point is a blowout at this point......)
  6. I like what you are saying, and Quinn is a good coach with a good system. I am just a little frustrated by what I have seen the last 2 seasons. I just want a coach who I can say: "We beat them because we out coached them." "They are more talented, but we have smarter coaches." I have not been able to say that before or after Shannahan, during Quinn's tenure (which says it was Shannahan). Right now, we are getting by with just having better athletes.
  7. Just get to a record of 4 and 4. That was all I was hoping for with new OC. We should roll after that. you can see the O is starting to get in sync in the second half. Those penalties though......we need to clean that up.
  8. Wow, this is devastating. Wishing you well from all of us.
  9. Well let's hope he likes to eat horses. The Colts are on the menu today. I am looking forward to some domination. No more close games. Go Falcons!!!
  10. Thanks for sharing Draftnut. I remember digging through trash for food when I was young....parents dying early...on my own for a while... I would not trade my childhood also. Still like Hageman more. Still like Hageman more than the bear killer.
  11. I am disappointed to read about him killing that bear......poor bear. He will have a hard time beating out Hageman as my favorite lineman. Too bad Hageman is not as talented. Boooo the bear killer.
  12. If it were not for the Falcons, I would not even watch football. But, Deion is the only player I ever followed after he left the Falcons. The man was such a great play maker. Hated to see him come back to Atlanta, kick the Falcon's ***, and proclaim it his house.....but man....such a great play maker. You have to admit, he was entertaining. Were you not entertained when him and Rison started fighting....that was fun to watch.
  13. Naw.....Ito is going to be the man soon.
  14. Schwarz, I like your positive thought process, but I will take that bet. I just do not see how Matt avoids throwing under 6 interceptions over the rest of the season. He is clearly in the middle of the learning curve for this offense. If I win, you give me a good falcon picture for my avatar. If I lose, you can make my avatar a donkey or whatever you choose.
  15. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson was my first favorite. Deon Sanders was my all time favorite.