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  1. Screw it. The tank is on to draft our next QB, and I don’t want that loser out of North Carolina. He’s another Trubisky.
  2. I’m a Matt Ryan supporter, but he’s old now. These first three games have shown that he brings hardly anything outside of experience to the table to help the situation anymore.
  3. Matt Ryan looks old. It happens. Saw it happen with Bartkowski. We may not have a choice but to give Rosen a shot at it eventually.
  4. People become cursed when they believe they're cursed.
  5. Big bonus points for wearing a single-digit number?🤔 That's all I got.
  6. No to Watson. I don't think I could handle our starting QB being hauled off to jail again.😁
  7. LMAO. I had to click on the link just to make sure you weren't making this up. Might as well just roll with Rosen.
  8. If I remember correctly, that safety was a dumb play by the Giants offense in that playoff, one of their few bad plays in that beat down. Could happen again.
  9. I said the same thing earlier. This reminds me of 2007 with Petrino.
  10. OMG. We have hired a F-ing dummy as our head coach. I can't believe this. He's suppose to be an offensive guru and the best he can up on 4th and 1 is maybe we'll get lucky offsides. 45 years. I can't deal with the misery anymore. Too old.
  11. I wouldn't take us against anyone right now. I know it's real early but I don't like the way this season is reminding me of 2007 with it not looking like an NFL team.
  12. You're missing the point: Misery loves company. We are the misery seeking out company.🙂😁
  13. How many F-ing threads do we need about this before people Shut up about it? One game, one f-ing game, and you post this garbage. Even if Pitts bust, Justin Fields isn't coming thru that door. It's done. It's over. And you better believe I downvoted you.
  14. If the season goes down the toilet (likely), we have to find out if Rosen mental ability has caught up with his physical ability. MR can't play forever. Maybe the universe will smile on us for a change and Rosen turns into the stud he should have been all along, and we can use our #1 next year on some other need besides Matt Ryan's successor.
  15. Is it patience or some type of addiction? I swore after the game that I would not watch those bums play the Bucs this Sunday. Yet, this morning I caught myself clearing my schedule to watch the game. It's gotta be the intense dopamine release when they win that keeps Falcons fans coming back despite knowing that misery is a real and likely possibility.
  16. I can't believe we are not dead last after one of the worst performances in franchise history, AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT.
  17. Two words: Dan Marino. Ryan may not get in the first year of eligibility, but he's going in. The numbers are too great to ignore.
  18. Again, if you didn't say anything before yesterday, then your trash talk means squat. You should have had the guts to flex before yesterday instead of wimping in AFTER THE FACT. But, good for you that the constant smell of urine no longer bothers you.
  19. Where were you before yesterday to stick up for him? You sure were quite before yesterday? Smells like a troll to me. Now, run on back to Stankville.
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