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  1. Why is that chump Dan Quinn still here? Why? WHY? WHY?
  2. Team is a total reflection of their head coach. Forget "Fast and Physical". How about "Sorry and Stupid"?
  3. Haha. True. He probably wakes up every night wishing he could just play the Falcons one more time.
  4. A repeat of last year's Titans game where we made Mariotta look a HOF QB. Was it the next game he got benched for the rest of the season?
  5. I totally agree with this ... but Shannon feels so strongly about this because now he's gotta listen to Skip Bayless go on and on about the Cowboys tomorrow.
  6. Absolutely inexcusable. Arthur Blank is just kidding himself if he doesn't go ahead and fire Quinn.
  7. That is all coaching right there. Dan Quinn has made us the dumbest defensive team in the league.
  8. LMAO. Vic Beasley is taking another sick day. We will never see that draft pick.😁
  9. The real question is not if we will play better? The real question is are we wearing black pants or white pants?😜
  10. No. But it's weird. We have defensive coordinators running Quinn's defense instead of their defense and offensive coordinators running Shanahan's offense instead of their offense.
  11. Sports talk 680/The Fan dropped veteran hosts Stephen “Steak” Shapiro and John Kincade this week and added several personalities from Xtra 106.3 including “Hometeam” Brandon Leak and Joe Hamilton. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the bottom lines of all radio stations. For the past three years, 680/The Fan has been operating a second sports talk station Xtra 106.3 that generates very little income and is, in effect, subsidized by the Fan. David Dickey, who runs the Fan, was using the second station as a minor league team to develop talent. He couldn’t afford
  12. That's what bothered me about Sunday. They looked unorganized and lost like they did last season when Quinn was running the defense. I know Raheem took the blame but I wouldn't doubt if Quinn has his pom-poms all in this.
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