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  1. How stupid of you: Quinn doesn't change his hat. He changes his t-shirt.
  2. We did. We won the toss and fast and physical Danny took the ball and we promptly got a punt blocked.
  3. Bwahaha. We've got the dumbest, most disorganized defense in the league. Dan Quinn needs to be fired tomorrow.
  4. We're losing by 19, but it feels like it should be double that.
  5. No, Chris Miller gave up. Ryan hasn't.
  6. I know. I've had it up to here with Ryan whiffing on all his blocks.
  7. They're both mediocre NFL coordinators. It's like arguing if Doug Johnson or Tony Graziani was the better NFL quarterback.
  8. I'd rather keep rebuilding the O-line with that 2nd round pick.
  9. There is no way Carolina can let Allen start the 2nd half unless they have absolutely nothing behind him.
  10. I wouldn't call Fromm garbage, but he is NOT 1st round talent. I'm a Georgia fan, but I don't want him as QB of the Falcons.
  11. Who is Carolina's back-up QB, because we might see him with Allen playing like this?
  12. I remember it. Straight bs. Seems like that might have been his first game or first start. I know he held out for a part of his rookie season before signing.
  13. I wanted the team that showed up for the first 8 games to tank. I don't want the team that showed up against the Saints to tank. Where the heck did that come from?