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  1. I had forgotten that he got a ring when playing with the Cowboys. Good for him.
  2. "Scott Case has entered the chat ...."😁
  3. Good thing he came thru as a 5th-round pick considering we didn't get a first-round player that year.🙃
  4. IF we go to 0-5 after losing to Carolina at home, it's over for Quinn. No Redemption Tour, part 3, this time. It sounds crazy to think we could start 0-5, but then you stop and look at Dan Quinn and realize it's definitely possible with him. 😔
  5. IF IF IF IF we go to 0-5 after losing to Carolina at home, Danny-boy is GONE!!!
  6. This will be the season when Father Time quits being distracted by that scar on Brees' faces and finally opens up a can of whoop-a$$ on him.
  7. He works the board for "Buck and Kincade" and "Chuck and Chernoff" on 680 the fan. He's has no filter and will say and do almost anything to get attention. The guy told Matt and Chuck ON AIR how his wife caught him in their bedroom closet pleasuring himself.
  8. Perhaps the Dolphins rather have the 7th than Takk?
  9. This makes me think that the front office was not happy with Takk's tweet, and has decided they don't even want him around for a 4th season, forget the 5th they already declined. Will not be surprised if they send him packing.
  10. Everybody remember Bosher's rookie season? A lot of us wanted him GONE after just the preseason. But he finally came around and had some pretty good years.
  11. Look at this way: With DK's playcalling, what's more likely to be needed.
  12. As you said, IF, if the season goes completely off the rails and we end up with a chance to take Lawrence or Fields (provided they both kick butt this season, which they probably will), then you have to seriously think about it. Matt can't play forever, and the opportunity to draft a high-caliber prospect like these two may not come again for a long time. It'll be like pulling the trigger and drafting Bart and Vick when you had the chance. Chris Miller was a young QB going into his 2nd season when the Aundray Bruce disaster happened.
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