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  1. True, the Eagles may not have won if Hurts played the whole game, but he gave them a better chance than the scrub they replaced him with. It would have been funnier though if Dallas had beaten the Giants, and it was the Cowgirls fans losing their minds instead of the Giants fans. 🤣
  2. Deion Sanders does NOT approve this message. I do ... but he won't.😂
  3. Falcons flew down in a jet. Leaving Raymond James in U-hauls.
  4. Rico needs to get gone too before next season.
  5. I know it's best if we don't win this game, but I absolutely hate watching what this team has become. - Sick of Matt Ryan, Dirk, and the whole offense being nothing but a field goal machine. -what good is Julio to us if he can't play half the dayum time? - Defense. Nothing even needs to be said. - Subpar coaching staff and subpar depth. Quinn and TD have set up so far back with their stupidity. Can we rehire both of them tomorrow just so we can have the pleasure of firing their sorry butts again five minutes later? Rant over.
  6. That interview needed to end like this: "Raheem, you're better than Quinn ... but we need a complete new coaching regime. Thanks, but no thanks."
  7. I, like some others on here, remember when fans started yelling it was time for Bartkowski to go and make Dave Archer the starting QB. That didn't work out too great, but that doesn't mean it was the wrong move. Bart had gotten up in age just like Matt has.
  8. Asks "Magic 8 ball, will it ever change with the Falcons?" Magic 8 balls comes up "NEVER".
  9. The Chiefs just showed how stupid they think we are by their backs all turning around pre-snap, and then sneaking the QB up the far sideline.
  10. Just because Sark is better than Dirk doesn't mean we should have kept him. Quinn and TD should have brought in someone more competent than Dirk, like, say, my ex-wife.😵
  11. LMAO. That was shady as **** by the refs. In this day and age, the NFL doesn't need any kind of "rigged" talk.
  12. Our two best players: One is over the hill, and the other can't stay on the field. WE IS SKREWED.🙃
  13. I'm sorta glad this happened. Though I think the team has played better under Raheem, the temptation for Arthur to keep him and this staff is definitely now dead in the water if it already wasn't.
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