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  1. Hawks already won their first round series. Of course, maybe I misunderstood you since I'm not a professional like you. 🀣🀣🀣
  2. If someone is going to tell me to fast-forward, I'd better be seeing boobs when I get there.πŸ™ƒ
  3. Shut yo mouth.πŸ˜… Too soon to be talking about more possible contract drama with a receiver.😁
  4. You need to take a few minutes to untwist your panties.
  5. No ... we asked him to practice and he replied he wanted to be traded.🀣 I kid, but I do wonder if there is some truth to it.
  6. I really believe that Dan Quinn was "this close" to discovering that catch phrase that would magically turn this team in multiple Superbowl winners. Not really, but at times it seemed like he thought that.
  7. ... but, but, but Cowboys fans really believe Dan Quinn will field the LOB II for them.🀣
  8. If we can get everything done that needs to get done without trading him ... then I have no problems if TF and AB choose to have a showdown with him
  9. I think the question that's not really being asked is "Are we drafting a WR #1 next season to replace Julio or a QB to replace Matt? Of course, the coming season will have to play out first before we have a better idea.
  10. 99% of fans from other teams keep talking like it's Julio's choice where he goes. If the Falcons receive the best offer from the Jets and accept it, then Julio has no choice but to go to the Jets, right? Does he have any leverage in these trade talks to determine where he goes?
  11. I can't believe all the idiotic Titans and Patriots fans who think Julio is choosing between those two teams like he's an unrestricted free agent. Julio doesn't get to decide where he's traded.
  12. This. I keep seeing Julio wants to to the Titans or the Patriots. Shut up, Julio. You'll go to whoever the Falcons make the trade with ... or you can retire and go home. Hope he ends up with the Jets .
  13. https://twitter.com/Super70sSports/status/1397237037238001664?s=19 This was on Twitter today. That Bob Barker ....😁
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