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  1. When’s the last time this team has dominated after a half time adjustment???
  2. Mcvays sideline babysitter didn’t do his job.
  3. Hope all is well. I haven’t seen you around much
  4. Not today. Matt is holding the ball way too long. He’s been doing it all year.
  5. It’d be cool with that if our d line maintained gap integrity. Without a spy, he’s going to get loose.
  6. Gonna be tough. Debo usually mans up kamara. Maybe they’ll use Foye as a spy/rusher on Hill.
  7. I’ve been proven wrong. I thought they’d sign and stash him on IR or put some language in his contract about health. That’d be smart for the niners without bosa. Oh well
  8. His sample size is larger than his peers even with missing time due to covid. He has not been babied and was thrown into the fire.
  9. Yeah. He will be lined up with Emmanuel Sanders.
  10. Yep. It doesn’t help that he’s still developing his technique. His speed covered up his technique flaws. When he didn’t have confidence in the hammy, his technique issues shined.
  11. Eberflus definitely would be interesting here. On paper, we have more talent than the Colts on that side of the ball.
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