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  1. I thought this was about Neasman.
  2. Not with his new gloves.
  3. https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/senat-inactive-status-was-unexpected/yF8g4vl3PPwoZzqsZl0CvL/
  4. Lots of people are talking about him making a good leap this year as he should hopefully receive more snaps.
  5. You mean Quinn won’t rush 3 on and obvious passing third down?
  6. Hopefully DQ gets the defense to defend.
  7. You developed a lack of depth perception? That sounds rough. Was It some type of injury?
  8. There was a video of him catch tennis balls or something at the beach. I’m having a tough time digging It up https://twitter.com/LD253_/status/1110384091919208458?s=20
  9. Stuck in an Uber
  10. Pretty sad but It happens more than I think people would believe. We had a guy shoot a random person walking their dog because he was pissed off at losing a call of duty game.
  11. Me too. He’s not playing behind the New England Offensive line. Nor does he have people entrenched in a culture of not making mistakes.
  12. You think alford will fair better?
  13. I don’t care where they rank. Get off of the field on third and long and get a few more turnovers.
  14. And Koetter was the OC.
  15. Huge loss. Best of luck.