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  1. No. Slow it down. He blocked him on the side and he crumbled.
  2. Harry Douglas said AFC are hard nosed teams while we are finesse. If we become more physical, we will stand a better chance. But that’s tough because we lack size in the middle.
  3. DYNO-Miiiittttte!!! We gonna have some Good Times with JJ.
  4. Forgot the purp but the Purge will be worse than this years!!! /purp
  5. Not trying to slight Hoop because he did what he was asked to do here, but he was a Pro Bowl TE because the actual Pro Bowl TE didn’t play so he stepped in as an alternate.
  6. Yeah we have a shietload of guys at tackle and guard. Depth should have good competition
  7. I’m not under estimating Hooper. Hurst is faster, a better blocker, and has better hands. It’s just how long it takes for Ryan to develop rapport with him.
  8. I’m a big fan of play action to a TE screen.
  9. He should exceed Hooper. I think him being a willing and good blocker will lead to some nice plays in run sets.
  10. Hill has some decent speed too. He broke some the last couple of years.
  11. Not sure he would like our helmets.
  12. This off season Purge has been terrible. anyways https://www.pff.com/news/pro-2019-free-agency-profile-latavius-murray
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