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  1. He gets to play with the elite Trubisky.
  2. He mentioned DQ being like a dad figure to him. I hate the feedback during the call.
  3. April fools.
  4. Rico is a bit too small. He got bowled over several times for the box safety roll that Keanu plays
  5. Bailey (285) and Tuioti Mariner (285) aren’t small either.
  6. April Fools! Real contract is coming out soon
  7. Yeah Clay will be missed. I think watching Cominsky and Tuioti Mariner go inside and out after Takk got hurt kind of sealed Crawford’s fate. Or maybe this will get Senat some snaps at 3T instead of playing Nose.
  8. Crawford had a bad year last year. He was not very effective in the games I watched. I’ll go back and double check but I got nauseous every time he tried to use his spin move.
  9. Setting up for farewell tour calls from the refs.
  10. He will be missed.
  11. If some teams sign FA they can lose their comp thus making us eligible for a comp pick. So we gotta sit and wait.
  12. The video is Probably in response to him asking. For defensive highlights.
  13. yep! He’s not going to be an MVP but he’s going to do well in my opinion. People look at his numbers and don’t mention that he played 14 games and that they ran about 58 times less than they did in 2018. pattman did a YouTube on some of the numbers but I’ve been saying that Gurley played the 6th most snaps on his team. 4th most of running backs last Year and had 223 of their 401 rushes. The second most rushes on the team was Malcolm Brown with 69. Gurley is sooooo washed up.
  14. ADG needs to gain weight. He’s about the same as Foye at his size current size. I would rather go with Logan as he is heavier and would hold up better in the Campbell role.
  15. I think his time at safety doomed him.