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  1. His film. One of my friend’s that’s better at evaluating DBs has him in his top 3. Jamin Davis stood out to me too while watching Joseph. He’s a bit underweight but he was near almost every play.
  2. He’s fake. I’ve been to their training camps 3 of the last 5 years and he ignores little kids screaming for him. Not even a wave. But when the cameras are rolling he’s all over there being cheerful and humane.
  3. He’s good. Real good. Watch him against Alabama.
  4. Our secondary coach did good things with Justin Evans. Let’s hope he can do the same here with Hawkins.
  5. Thanks. I meant a lil. Auto correct got me on that one. I’ll have to see the weight difference but he’s definitely good
  6. He’s a lil smaller than Julio. I’m not sure if he has the same long speed or route running but he’s good.
  7. Definitely threw me for a loop when he mentioned Isaiah’s name with no prompting.
  8. Schultz asks a lot of dumb questions that he knows they won’t answer. I really wish we had better beat writers
  9. That’s when the prove it deal comes into play.
  10. Absolutely nothing wrong with looking at a hooker. The threshold is crossed once one pays for one.
  11. Ricardo Allen is a free agent. Bring him home TF. /purp
  12. I think Hooper will do better stats wise next year. He blocked a **** of a lot better than he ever did down here tho.
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