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  1. He’s at the Titan’s camp. Something he rarely did here.
  2. Who’s throwing those interceptions???
  3. Oh **** hope you’re healing up ok. His long speed vs nfl level CB was a concern. Hopefully he will prove the scouts wrong.
  4. him and Matt do not have the same arm strength
  5. I’ve been saying it since they interviewed Smith, Tannehill made some crazy *** throws that Matt would have issues with. No knock on Matt, Tannehill just has a stronger arm and can zip the ball on those out routes further down the field.
  6. Everything I’ve read on him has him more likely to be a Sanu than a deep threat.
  7. Maybe this is the route tree in Smith’s playbook. Watching film, Pitts hasn’t shown the ability to fill route tree like Julio. I guess we will find out if that’s because of ability or playbook.
  8. I would hate to see some of y’all when your girl wants to leave you.
  9. I think gamepass can be streamed on a phone if you have the nfl app. I could be wrong tho.
  10. I wasn’t here but I used to be on a couple car forums. The growth of social media has really taken traffic away from forums.
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