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  1. We do have Davison and Senat at the 1T next to Grady. If Davison plays well we can extend him. What we need is Grady’s replacement; which is why I think we will draft Christian Wilkins.
  2. Worse case scenario ? Sky is falling ?? This is the perfect storm !! And you left him off the list ?? And with the 14th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select TJ Hockenson from the University of Iowa
  3. I’m just trying to make a case to draft Hockenson over Ed Oliver if the rumored trade with Detroit takes place. At 14, TJ is a Bengal, Lion or Packer unfortunately. If we stay at 14...I’m a Jonah Williams fan. I feel that he is the perfect RT bookend with Jake. We have to protect #2 if we are to have a great season. Honestly CB is probably our biggest need, but, I’m a huge Christian Wilkins fan. If we could somehow trade back in the first and grab Williams & Wilkins, I’d be a happy camper.
  4. Ok...Now... we wouldn’t draft a TE because it’s not a need , but it’s the fact that on passing downs the TE is our #4 or #5 option ? Well that may be true with our last OC, but if memory serves me correctly the last time Dirk Koetter was our OC, TE Tony Gonzalez was far from a #4 or #5 option. I also seem to remember at Tampa Bay while Koetter was there they selected a certain Alabama TE with their #1 draft pick. Add to those facts that former HC Mike Mularkey was hired as our new Tight Ends coach... Hockenson makes a big case to be a Falcon.
  5. I agree, we actually have an All Pro TE#1...But.... he will also be a FA after next season and will be expecting a big pay day... along with Neal & Debo correct ? Someone on this board please have some forsite. We can’t pay everybody. I mean look at GJ & JJ now. Next year, more of the same and I think Debo is the priority. Let’s use your own wisdom : You say a TE is not a priority, that we have one... I mean why isn’t it true with a 3T DL? When we already have a 3T#1 in Grady ? I agree DL is a need. Just not Oliver. Some scouts are projecting him as a LB in the NFL. What hap
  6. Squatty, unimposing frame falls below NFL size norms inside Scouts say he played under 280 pounds Lacks functional length Gets mauled by down blocks and double teams Struggles at times when offenses run downhill at him Gets clogged up against wide-bodies Unable to sustain early jolts into extended power Backdoors blocks in lateral pursuit rather than winning across the face Forced to work excessively at disengaging from blocks Failed to convert explosiveness into impressive sack totals Rush attack is more predictable than diverse
  7. Trading up for a 3T when we just franchised a 3T for 15 M would make me puke. There are several very good DT we can get later in the draft. We have one shot at Hockenson, and that’s the trade with the Lions. Hockenson makes us a better team than Oliver does Day 1
  8. Hopefully all of this trade up talk and veteran signings is for a trade up to 8 for Iowa TE TJ Hockenson, a once in a decade prospect at his position and the way it’s looking he would be off the board by 14.
  9. Anthony Nelson DE Iowa & Daylon Mack DT Texas A&M as 4a & 4b would be very nice additions to the DL rotation... especially if we could get both in the 4th
  10. The Clayborn signing will allow VB to play linebacker. Gives us more flexibility on defense
  11. Maxx is an interesting prospect as a possible three down DE. He won’t be there in rounds 5 or 6. If the Falcons want him they will definitely have to use one of the 4th rounders
  12. I totally agree, but I’m not doing anything you said. Davison is a three year starting FA DT who would start next to GJ this year. Daylon Mack would rotate with GJ and Greg Gaines would rotate with Davison the next 3-4 years if we sign him. Senat continues to develope and rotates at both DT positions. Mack or Third year guy Senat takes over for GJ in 2020. No lottery here. Actually I guess I do disagree with you on one thing. Hockenson is better than Hooper right now as I’m typing this. He is probably the safest pick to fulfill his ceiling immediately, more so than anyone at their posit
  13. I’m totally on board with Darnell Savage & Daylon Mack in rounds 2 & 4a. I also like WR David Sills @ 5a. David was an excellent high school QB and could totally run our wildcat packages. Looks like my favorite player TJ Hockenson won’t be there at 14 and that just totally sucks but I’m warming up to the Jake Matthews clone and bookend RT Jonah Williams as our first pick. Round three is base DE Zach Allen from Boston College. 4b should be the LB from Houston Emeke Egbule or the LB from New Mex St Derek Ibekwe. 5b should be Alex Bars G Notre Dame who wo
  14. Three year starter in Davison with rookie Greg Gaines at 1T, A larger version of GJ with Daylon Mack learning the defense and in the DL rotation at the 3T. Senat at both DL positions. Hockenson immediately improves offense with blocking and receiving. Saves a ton of $ by not resigning GJ or Hooper next year. Falcons are a better TEAM
  15. Sign Davison and trade up to 8th to draft TJ Hockenson. Draft Daylon Mack in the third. Greg Gaines in the seventh, say good bye to GJ
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