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  1. He could miss every block and still won't add up to free's missed block in the SB. I think Quinn is so far up his a$$ that he doesn't want to try changing players out. Anyone can see bench Bustley, Campbell soup and traffic jam freeway but that would make him look worse as a coach when we would get the same if not better production from way less paid guys.
  2. I don't want to see him here just cause I want to see the other 2 **** backs we already have that never are active on roster. Would've liked to see the other back that we cut and I don't know why? These falcons.........
  3. Pack your bags Quinn!!!!!
  4. To bad we don't have a coach that knows how to do his job. Everyone on this board has been saying give the other two backs a chance. It took Ito to get hurt before you make changes. Bye Bye Quinn.
  5. They should be playing boyz to men "End of the Road" requested from fans to Quinn.
  6. Well what is there to get hype about. We suck. The trade deadline is about the happiest I've been since week 3.
  7. He is now on a team that will go the super bowl and not blow a 28-3 lead
  8. He is now on a team that will go the super bowl and not blow a 28-3 lead
  9. hey leave Freddie out of this ****. He's the only bright spot of the year.
  10. Well get ready for week 7 Offensive Player of the Week on Sunday Jared Goff. Anyone playing against our defense should be Player of the Week.
  11. Not only take the lose at home but give up another record for the books given up 10 runs in the 1st inning. We don't just lose, we go out with a bang. So sad.
  12. Wow he's right though. If I was AB I want a body camera on Quinn during preparation for the game and before the game and at halftime just to hear what's going on. If it's the players that have quit, don't care who they are they need to be canned. If it's lack of leadership from Quinn and staff they need to be canned. If it's both we need to change the team name and start over. Lol
  13. Worst team in NFC South, try worst in the NFC. Only 1 team I believe we can beat and that's Miami and I wouldn't bet on it. We really suck. Got lucky in Eagles game.
  14. How is it every game I watch other teams seem like every1 is open? Why cant we get separation
  15. ATTENTION all bandwagon falcons fan (which is 85% of all posters on this board) I'm looking for 2 falcons tickets for the remaining home games for this year. How is it a coaches fault that his players get flagged during the game? Why is Matt Ryan still throwing into double coverages? Firing Quinn would be the stupidest thing the falcons could do since Reeves got canned. I know we will still win the south and can go and win a SB with this team. On a sad note the easiest decision this team will make will be letting O'neal walk due to injuries. That's the real loss today nobody seems to care about. For real let me get them tickets!!!!!!
  16. Malachore you need to go under a rainbow and write a poem. Yeah we've had a lot of bad years due to the Smith's not wanting to spend money. Forget about the past bro, look at the strides this team has taken since AB bought the franchise. Even with the Vick crap we've rebuilt and have had a competitive team since he destroyed the city. I don't see why people still love Vick. Helena Keller could read defense better than Vick.
  17. I can't believe no one has said this man. The hardest hitting safety in the league. Only player I know of that hit someone and crack his helmet. The white assassin!!!!!!!
  18. I hate ****-in-Werth. He wasn't even a great player.
  19. I'm done. I can't take this shate anymore. I see a heartache in the near future.
  20. I'm scared...
  21. This game shouldn't even be close. We played a great game.
  22. Yep it's on him to win it.
  23. Here's how to solve the qb problem, put swabbby in at halftime.
  24. Let me guess, you want Vick out there huh