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  1. does anyone have the joe horn and mike vick fight before kickoff even happen? flags was thrown before kickoff. i'd like to see that again. did rod colman get hurt jet skiing and that ended his career correct
  2. Did anyone else kinda catch a vibe like he was not against being traded. I might just reading his body language wrong and the tone when talked about being it. I hope he doesn't get traded. 2nd fav wr in falcons history. Roddy still bleeds falcon blood to this day.
  3. If this is true no wonder why we suck. We kept 5 washed up HC on the same team along with all the washed up 1st round picks
  4. Roddy's is my favorite but not the greatest. Matt Ryan. Roddy still hates the saints with a passion. Any see the video last yr when we 1-7 and beat the saints. Look it up, it's what i wish every falcon player to have in them.
  5. This woman is stupid af. Good go we don't want your kind here. I'm more pissed off at see what I watched in this video more so than the falcons could ever make me. I couldn't watch the whole thing as I felt rage towards her. Than again she's not even close to be a real falcons fan. How tf you going to leave Vick's **** up and actually say he's done nothing wrong. Really.
  6. Or without a defense and without a coach apparently.
  7. I don't Ryan has ever had the power to audible his whole career. I believe he's only had the power to switch sides depending on d alignment. I also belive the only time Ryan has any power over calls is in the hurry up offense. That's when I think he plays the best. Bad apart is you only use hurry up offense when you are losing or ending 2nd half falcons lose with no time left. I just thought about this, How many punts have we had so far? How many punt returns have we had?
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