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  1. He knew he was on air. It was just to hear from the horses mouth he wanted out. It was planned. It probably came down to the new coaching staff telling him he will not get special treatment and he would have to practice.
  2. i would love it if this happens. i think he should've kept his mouth shut and aleast give AS one year to see how things worked. Also he doesn't have a no trade clause so if I was the falcons I would do what's best for the team and not for Julio. I send him to the worse team that gave us the best deal. Why should we do him favors after he basically **** on us. I just think we bent over backwards to keep him paid well and this is how he wants to end things. Bye then see you later. I know this i hated everytime he made a good play and than came off the field for the rest of the drive.
  3. does anyone have the joe horn and mike vick fight before kickoff even happen? flags was thrown before kickoff. i'd like to see that again. did rod colman get hurt jet skiing and that ended his career correct
  4. Did anyone else kinda catch a vibe like he was not against being traded. I might just reading his body language wrong and the tone when talked about being it. I hope he doesn't get traded. 2nd fav wr in falcons history. Roddy still bleeds falcon blood to this day.
  5. If this is true no wonder why we suck. We kept 5 washed up HC on the same team along with all the washed up 1st round picks
  6. Roddy's is my favorite but not the greatest. Matt Ryan. Roddy still hates the saints with a passion. Any see the video last yr when we 1-7 and beat the saints. Look it up, it's what i wish every falcon player to have in them.
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