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  1. Yeah i think they were trying to get the red helmet approved by the nfl. I guess they said not this year.
  2. If the ATL was smaller font and the numbers a little they'd be real clean. I wished for a red helmet but the silver not that bad.
  3. Ok Pelosi. You seen how stupid ppl are. You think causing panic and having everyone at once storming the stores is a great idea. If you paid attention and not depend on the government to tell you what to do like a little kid you wouldve been prepared when seeing how things was playing out in China. When was the last time a president really loved this country. I dont see how any one would vote for the demon-rats.
  4. This is what I'm thinking. He's not Dunn, I think he wont last long in the nfl.
  5. DK would some how find a way. I wish that was a joke but it isn't
  6. Wait until 2 week when hospitals cant handle the number of people showing up. This **** is no joke people. On a good note the company I work for won the bid to start making a vaccine to cure this ****. Only problem is it going to take us some time to start making batches and pumping it out. It's going to get bad people. Stay safe!!!!
  7. This video if O'Neal almost have you tear up cause we may not see that O'Neal again. I needed that refreshing, great post. That's some Scott Case hittin going on. Really I think of O'Neal as our tone setter, defense just not the same. You think he will be ready game 1?
  8. I wish the fans had a vote. We the ones that have to pay for the ****
  9. Wait a min didnt we stomp dat *** in ur house, and almost did it again without jj, hooper and sanu.
  10. Ok so he's the center, the OC and the QB. Let's go ahead and call him a RB cause he missed a game changing block also. **** Vick supporters.
  11. He could miss every block and still won't add up to free's missed block in the SB. I think Quinn is so far up his a$$ that he doesn't want to try changing players out. Anyone can see bench Bustley, Campbell soup and traffic jam freeway but that would make him look worse as a coach when we would get the same if not better production from way less paid guys.
  12. I don't want to see him here just cause I want to see the other 2 **** backs we already have that never are active on roster. Would've liked to see the other back that we cut and I don't know why? These falcons.........
  13. Pack your bags Quinn!!!!!