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  1. Highly respected former scout has knowledge of the game former player well respected throughout the league plus he loves Justin Fields
  2. My #1 choice regardless of color is Riddick maybe we’re waiting till the season is over since he is the MNF announcer .. at least i hope so
  3. Enough with the o line excuses we have invested heavily there Matt has no excuses this team on offense is stacked compared to other teams and he still can’t score idc how many passing yards he has show me Tds show me wins o line play across the league is worse than it’s ever been due to spread college o line man so you get a mobile Qb who can make plays outside the pocket to cover that up they don’t pay QBs 100 million to complain about the o line every week
  4. Enough with these fake next level stats that make anyone look good use your eyes ... we need someone to stretch the field and extend the pocket that’s not Matt
  5. I know we need to offer Jags whatever they want to save Fields career
  6. Lol i know you’re joking but Bienemy and Fields would be 😍
  7. Just be honest Matt takes bad sacks can’t move we need to move on or at least draft his replacement this year trade up idc
  8. This aged terrible ... L (btw that was such a broad dumb statement based off Taysom Hill regardless of how he performed)
  9. Could have traded him last year but no we had to compete in a lost season ... and now .... we get nothing .... why do we seem to draft guys with absolutely no heart ? (Takk, Vic, Duke Riley come to mind)
  10. Takk literally was hurt when we drafted him we screwed they pick up not even in hindsight Watt was always the obvious pick
  11. Rather take that than continue to have him on this team
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