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  1. AB gets more touchdowns but Julio is an overall better receiver AB just a spoiled diva
  2. I know it’s dumb but i just see him as a Vic Beasley clone ... high potential but only did it for a short time also very similar to Fowler and Beasley in terms of speed rush idk I’d stay away from him too much boom or bust
  3. Lol bruh as much as I love Matt Ryan they went head to head last year 53-32 ... just one game but i would take Watson going forward over Matt more mobility and more spark has injury concerns which are real but i believe Watson’s ceiling is higher than Matt’s which i believe he reached in 2016 if we could trade Matt and a 1st a few extra picks i would pull the trigger all that said ... it won’t happen ... fun to speculate tho
  4. I love Kinlaw but I wouldn’t trade up for him tho ... Chase Young , Simmons , and Okudah are the only defenders worth trading up for this year in my opinion i believe at 16 Henderson or Kinlaw will be there tho
  5. Check my replies i said Gurley would be in atl by tomorrow yesterday let’s goooooo
  6. Now way Wirfs is available at 16 tho ... so none of the guards available will be worth it and most likely Wirfs will play tackle
  7. I really think QBs and Tackles will push Kinlaw down as well as the top tier receivers in this class i could be wrong but who would of thought last year Josh Allen would last to 7 or Ed Oliver go 9 or Ferrel going 4th ? Things happen Denzel award got picked before Bradley Chubb lol
  8. He’s coming to Atl he prefers us or Dolphins i live in South Fl the Dolphins coming up but they’re still 2 years away he’ll be in Atlanta by tomorrow
  9. Yes Yes Yes !!!
  10. If we draft a guard in the 1st two strait years i might throw up ... I’m looking at maybe C.J. Henderson tho at this point
  11. Great trade there were no good TE worth a 2nd round pick this year and he was a 1st rounder with potential and we got a 4th back i love it !!!
  12. True ... the safety position is not valued how it use to be we can sign safeties for the low now
  13. It was already crispy ... that Bengals game in 2018 was the last straw for me Tyler Boyd absolutely cooked him he looked dead already
  14. I’ve always thought TD was an excellent drafter but his last few drafts after time have proved a little shaky ... Beasley busted Jalen Collins was a failure but at least Grady came out of that draft , Neal started of very promising now he can’t stay healthy but Jones was a steal in the 2nd , Takk is ehhhh Riley is a bust Kazee has been solid tho and Ridley is good still wanna see him as the #2 for a full year healthy with Julio and Isaiah Oliver has looked ok ... still won’t judge the o line man from last year yet but all that to say a lot of the early round picks haven’t aged well that’s all
  15. I think the problem is that when TD 1st came in we made splashes traded up for Sam Baker first draft (he was a bust but still...) traded up for Julio Jones HUGE MOVE , trade for Tony G ... we were trying to win a SB now it doesn’t seem like we’re in win now mode and the biggest move made in years for this franchise is what ? Signing Poe ? Trading up for Takk ? I don’t know anymore TD handed out huge contracts to a bunch of our own guys and we’re not getting return on value for them