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  1. Never said Ryan sucks .. i said we are not winning a SB with him and it’s time for a change if Fields turns into a star and we are picking top 15 next few years we made a mistake
  2. In 2 years we’ll know if we made a mistake or not if Fields is winning in CHI and we’re still mediocre
  3. Mahomes , Wilson , Rodgers to name a few ... Seahawks are always in the playoffs despite a terrible O line , bad defense and a revolving door at running back , Mahomes made the AFCCG with the worst defense in the league
  4. Honestly cause we’re lame ... they know in their heart of hearts we’re going to still be mediocre
  5. I’m always a Falcons fan whatever happens but it’s obvious we loved Lance and not Fields for whatever reason we’ll see in 3-5 years who made the right choice
  6. Chicago won the draft made a bold move now they’re set up for the future if we don’t make the playoffs and Fields is a pro bowler we missed the mark
  7. That’s how you read it ? I think they are taking a QB cause you would just move to 7 if it was for a skill position
  8. Yeah cause the Jags and Jets always make the best decisions right !!! Although this year Jacksonville can’t get it wrong !!!
  9. Going forward you can have Herbert or Matt Ryan you honestly picking Ryan ? Stop being a homer
  10. Broooooooo what !?!? You think Matt is better than Wilson, Watson, Allen, Jackson ??? I’d take all of them plus Herbert going forward any day
  11. I’m sure they discussed taking a QB already at 4 ... why would AS take this job honestly ? To work with an old QB with no cap space to build ? No he was most likely promised he would get his QB at 4 and be competitive for years
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