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  1. We need a top 3 draft pick in order to draft Chase Young because we need an elite defender our last 3 defensive 1st round picks have been disappointments for the most part (yes even Keanu Neal) he is showing to be injury prone.. Dolphins are winning **** Jets are winning honestly running off wins at the end of the year means nothing ... see last year ... honestly it hurts every week to see us loose but long term we need that top 3 pick
  2. Did you forget we lost to the Titans with Mariota and the Colts and Cardinals we beat our division rival over pride let’s not get carried away were still not making the playoffs
  3. Lol we win one game against the Saints and people forget we were 1-7 ... we always split with the Aints i was honestly not surprised we won ... all that said Quinn still needs to go this team is capable of SO MUCH MORE
  4. **** no he’s not an NFL Qb ... BUST
  5. Every mock draft i look at has us finishing 4th or 5th and drafting Okuda i just have a feeling we will miss out on chase i know if Washington is above us they will draft him ;(
  6. Kansas City defense just as bad as ours if we being honest
  7. I hate to do this cause i love Matt but could you imagine if we had Aaron Rodgers or Pat Mahomes with this roster no way were 1-7 right now
  8. Wish we would of traded him .. my friend ran into Free at the airport in Miami the season before we made the Super Bowl and he asked him what he thought the falcons would do that year and he shrugged and said “man i don’t even know it’s whatever” like he had no confidence in the team at all i get it we were 8-8 the year before but if they were offering anything for him we should of shipped him
  9. Chase Young or bust at this point the only other player with his ceiling on defense imo is Delpit from LSU but I’d be disappointed if we missed out on Chase it seems we always miss out on our top choice (Mack & Ed Oliver/Quinnen) ;(
  10. No way Chase Young goes #1 to dolphins they drafting a Qb they not tanking for a DE no matter how great he is hopefully we get 2nd pick tho cause i can see Redskins taking him if they 2nd pick
  11. I think he knew he was the reason we made the SB and 49ers was a good opportunity with a legacy franchise couldn’t turn down that bird in hand while waiting for another opportunity plus i think it worked out good for him no ?
  12. Well we’re 1-7 after today
  13. BEAST verified stud