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  1. Why do we always have to go to these next level stats to prop up Matt Ryan ? Just show me some more playoff wins !
  2. Smh ESPN (Disney) is pushing this doom and gloom narrative through ppl like Herbstreit , SAS , and Schefter almost like they don’t want the season to happen or not go well idk ....
  3. I think it’s because Beasley had that one huge year and never came even close to it ... Takk is consistently around 5-8 sacks a year and has shown potential ... still underachieving tho
  4. It depends ... he needs to win a ring in the next two years i believe if we miss the playoffs for a 3rd strait year we will draft a new QB soon
  5. Bro every year being a falcon fan i legit thought we could win the Super Bowl including last year i chalked up the year before to injuries to Neal , Allen , and Deion as the reason we missed the playoffs but when we lost to Tennessee at home with Mariota and started 1-7 to start the year i lost confidence i have no expectations for this season they just gotta show me
  6. Trey Lance a sleeper like Mahomes and Love if Fields or Lawrence gone I’d take him for sure tho
  7. Also started one game at guard freshman year ... never know
  8. Terrell Lewis or Curtis Weaver would of been nice too tho ... at least TD tries to fix the line can’t argue with that
  9. Started one game at guard freshman year ... I’m sure he can for a year or two
  10. I like it i believe he’ll start at guard this year
  11. Hennessy ... good pick can play guard then replace Mack down the road
  12. That’s a fact ! But now that you look at it only Debo is still contributing to the team Neal can’t even stay on the field
  13. Why y’all keep saying safety ? Neal is very injury prone true but Ricardo Allen was good enough we passed on a chance to get Earl Thomas remember? We didn’t “need” him
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