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  1. Fields needs to be the pick at 4 he’s the best person to start the new era with on the field that #1 ATL jersey gonne sell like crazy and well have one of the few young QBs in the NFC
  2. Except for Dak you named all 2nd round QBs that’s not “late” and all those guys are average at best
  3. If i had to choose Spencer Rattler but no guarantee he comes out the rest are more in the Jared Goff mold
  4. You act like he can’t be coached up he’s young and only really had 1 full college season of starting which was 2019 he has all the traits to be great you draft players on traits
  5. Slovis from USC , Sam Howell UNC , maybe Rattler and there’s a guy from Oregon but none are rated as high as the top 4 this year
  6. Sorry to break it to you but generally QBs that go late don’t amount to much recently you have Cousins and Russel Wilson that’s pretty much it
  7. Michael turner was a back up rb from the Chargers hardly a pro bowler when we signed him
  8. Or a Matt Ryan ... people forget Matt started his rookie year and won .. it’s not impossible
  9. If Watson and Wilson come to the NFC South Matt Ryan easily the 4th QB
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