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  1. Agreed, but there may be more money to be had if he comes back to uga next year. Could be the difference between 1st and 3rd rounds.
  2. After yesterday's performance the bears are probably happy with dalton. If not for their defense that was an L.
  3. I don't know, offer watson free massages for life and we might can make something happen!
  4. Whatever stupid *** had us wear white for the first 20 of those years taught me how to do laundry.
  5. Yes, it is. But, I wish some of that would infect some of our falcons compadres.
  6. It will be that the falcons were gifted the game by referees, what was arians thinking, they had so many starters missing, you know the drill. It would never be acknowledged if the falcons planned, adjusted, or played a complete game.
  7. My personal wish list this past draft was slater or av-t, but pitts was the best overall pick in the entire draft.
  8. Just an answer to the question from a former ol. Is a pro bowl tackle, guard, center> a wr that averages 6tds/yr? In my opinion, most definitely, yes. That lineman is not only partly responsible for the 6tds your wr gets, but every offensive yd/pt scored by your team. Without the big ugglies, hawgs, you end up with what we witnessed last sunday.
  9. I think that every sensible person figured the pick would be one of pitts, sewell, chase, or slater. Never a qb.
  10. I certainly hope so, and will be cheering every score.
  11. No one is dissing the poster's opinion. It's just that it's not even a debatable point, and really never was. Contractual restrictions and other team priorities dictated the moves made by this team. Once again, considering the condition of our ol, defense, and knowing that our pro bowl wr wanted out added to how Ryan's contract was written totally negated wasting 2-3 yrs of rookie qb contract. Never was a serious consideration. So talk, fret, complain, dream about it till you turn blue in the face. Realists knew it wasn't happening.
  12. I try to take things one game at a time. And I know sc could destroy our season, but my mind keeps wandering past them to that arkansas game coming up.
  13. I bet our next couple of drafts will be trench and secondary heavy.
  14. The fact that the thread exists ( for the 3000th time) explains all you need to know about rehashing history.
  15. Never, ever will their be another qb available. New nfl rules committee decision to end all qb drafting after 2021, cause there will never be another class so talented.
  16. Ya know, when my kids and grandkids were playing, the moms always had refreshments in the cooler and stuff. When I played, we went to the water spigot.
  17. Me neither. We'd grab a snickers before the game and that was it. I was offensive guard so I made up for it at the sizzler.
  18. We always hit western sizzlin after games. No pregame meals.
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