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  1. I cant argue with that. It pleases me to no end to see zoolander lose.
  2. I understand the premise of your post, but it means nothing to beat the saints twice a year if we dont beat anyone else. All we have to do is make the playoffs, the saints will then proceed to screw themselves.
  3. You would never hear the end of it from me. They could go 0-17 the next year and i would still be like but... but....
  4. As a lifelong nurse, i learned 40 years ago that viruses spread rapidly when its cold outside. The reason, people are stuck inside(out of the cold) sharing each others germs. 66% of cases in new york were contracted at home. Look at the all knowing (purp) cuamos notes from yesterday.
  5. Yes, since theyve already ordered startup preparations.
  6. Never viewed you as negative. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and granted, i may not agree with all of yours. But, i always appreciate when a poster like yourself backs their opinion with facts. Theres nothing negative about that! We have some on this board who straight up bash the team and are very single minded in their opinions ( fire this one, trade that one, this one sucks). Theres a huge difference between saying that and suggesting we could upgrade a spot. Lets face it, these are pros. We are fans( short for fanatics), we should all want to see our team do well without being total a**hats about it. I find you to be knowledgeable, insightful, and you add to our fanbase. And even if i disagree you offer arguments to consider. You require no explanation bro.
  7. and i know, before you all start, i left myself open for all kinds of crap!
  8. If you ever played football (and i feel most of us did). I remember even in high school, our head coach (state champ team) spoke only to coaches, the qb, and maybe the mlb. Our position coaches were the ones that conversed, aligned, motivated, and taught. He might have said 2 words to me in 4 years.
  9. No, im old enough to not wear my a** on my shoulders. I read these boards for 3 yrs before somebody pi**ed me off enough to join. A troll...
  10. I didn't say anything about you, lol. You only have a measly 17000. And yes they do.
  11. Yeah, thats why even though I've been a falcon fan since the 60's, when "some" people speak, i keep quiet. My high school level knowledge of the game (experience) doesn't match some others on this board. I respect the instruction that they offer.
  12. So at what point does vb decide to stop dancing with the rt and go for the qb?
  13. And I don't argue with their point. I had somewhat of a problem on draft day, and i see him as a sheltered, immature kid with obvious insecurities. But for people to state he is lazy on the field is completely inacurrate. Vb had more sacks, but most of them were stumbled upon. Takk is relentless in pursuit. He just had 2 sucky shoulders and nobody on the other side to contain.
  14. All the people complaining about takk must not realize that he had 2nd most pressures in nfl last year (%). I agree that with his injury history, he's not worth 10mil, but with grady and marlon pushing the middle, and fowler opposite him, takk may make believers out of folks this year. But then it will be said, he's playing for a contract. Summary, not worth 10mil, but not the hot mess that people are portraying.
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