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  1. 4td passes in 2nd quarter a superbowl record. Justin fields is not doug William's. William's played almost an entire season with a broken jaw.
  2. Do you remember what that ol and rb situation was like?
  3. I'm all about winning games not packing seats.
  4. Thank you for making my point
  5. Yeah In the second half. Which gassed the defense. Notre dame came out in the first half shot full of adrenaline. Played better than they have all year. Shot their wad early. Uga then took advantage with up tempo. I saw the nd defense wilt before my eyes.
  6. See notre dame vs uga. 1st half I was screaming at the tv. Second half I saw that the nd defense was wasted. They knew it too, thus the fake injuries. In the nfl, refs don't make exceptions for defensive substitutions. Opens up the playbook second half for up tempo.
  7. I've heard about enough of the justin fields crap. Couldn't crack 1st team at uga, 1st year as a starter, and osu has not played anyone better tha a juco team. Not only that, but our whole offensive team would have to be completely revamped to feature him. Short of Russell wilson, no qb has succeeded with his style of play in the nfl. People are just wanting Mike Vick 2.0.
  8. She did well and I thank you
  9. Havent seen the colts game, was out of town being papa with my granddaughter who had surgery. Understand that it was a real mess though.
  10. Oh by the way, I'm not the ***thead. The ones who truly believe those things are. My thread title should have been purple.
  11. Exactly. It just gets old hearing people come up with solutions that would end up scrapping the whole team when we've only played 3 games. We are 1-2, were expected to be 1-2. 13 more games to be played.
  12. @Draftnut57 you are hollering at me and I agree entirely. 1st, td is only responsible for building the team that dq wanted. Which happens to be very talented. 2nd, matt ryan is probably the most successful qb we will see in a falcons uniform. If we do get a stud to replace him, it will set us back 2-3 years during a learning window. 3rd, do is an excellent defensive coach, not quite ready for prime time as a hc. But replacing him so soon would be doom for the falcons this season. Finally, rather than give up on this or the next 3 years, i would choose to wait and see if things come together by the end of this season.
  13. Yeah I wasn't serious. That was a click-bait header. I've been a fan of this team when they only won 3 games all year. Doesnt make me happy, but doing 1 of those 3 things would destroy this team at this point of the season. Doing 2 of these options would destroy the team for several years.
  14. So, 3 games into the season and 2 losses that were predicted preseason and so many people want to scuttle the ship. I think I'll just wait for the potential to show up.