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  1. I don't stump for qbs, but if we could wrap up several extra picks with a trade down and pick up this kid we'd be doing well. He looks good, makes good decisions, and has great touch. He would thrive, and so would we.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Even though slater plays lt, he's played all along the line. And is projected as a perennial all pro guard. Whats his name vera-tucker is rated the best guard in the draft. Both could be had in the mid 1st
  3. Oops! Sorry, am I not supposed to say c*** on this board? It just jumped out! 😳
  4. He ranks 9th among qbs where did you get highest paid crap from?
  5. I'm very happy with top 5 talent at pick#35. I agree that the separation in talent between the top 2-6 qb's is not that great. It's just talent in different areas and would be appraised by teams according to their scheme fit.
  6. I completely agree. Last year was the year. It makes me frustrated. Stetson bennett grew up 9 miles from me, and went to the same hs as my kids, he did his best, but could you imagine justin with that team?
  7. Thank you for this. I get a little b***hurt at times knowing that fields probably could have taken the job from fromm that last year, and thinking about the possibilities with him at qb last year. I wish he would have stayed regardless of circumstances. Of course, I'm not him.
  8. What are you talking about? Decisions about what? Jake ran the team the way the paid adult professional told him to, and did it well that year. Who is a snotnosed college freshman to tell the hc that he is being misused? The chances he had to throw the ball, fields tucked and ran. I'm telling you, it wasn't there his freshman year. And btw, how well did that transfer work out for eason? My issue with fields is that for pro purposes, I think he's overhyped. Now, my personal reasons are that he has always been hyped and has always been basically guaranteed an nfl contract. He could hav
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