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  1. Say what you want. Whether the 39 points came as a gift or through playmaking ability, you tack 39 on a team and you should carry a W.
  2. Ya know i understand the premise of getting all you can while you can. But, if i haven't established a future making 200-300 million over the past 10 years, then shame on me. Theres no reason at all matt would even miss 10 of that 30 per in order to add a key to a sb. And before i get flamed, i realize its not my money, and also realize how much owners make. But, salary cap is what it is and owners would exceed it if possible to produce a winner. How is that any different? It would still eat into their profit.
  3. This whole argument with poo-pooing qb hurries is illegitimate. If you can disrupt or get a qb off his spot, it disrupts downfield play. The fact that takk has difficulties catching a qb who is running away from him is real. An issue that will be helped by having someone on the other side to keep that qb contained. I have no problems with beasley as a person, but would prefer to have takk and replace with high motor guy. I think we'll see a difference this year. If not then bye, felecia.
  4. Man, really? Are y'all just pissing on each others cornflakes this morning? Yes, at 270 takk was a legitimate nfl player. The dude was like 2nd in the league in qb hurries. With even a small amount of help from the other side, you would have seen a different statline. We have not had a decent bookend combo in many, many years.
  5. I lost my faith in him as a football player as he obviously has done the same. If his heart is with this calling of God, then i support him and cheer him on even more than i did when he played football. People notice the creflo's, o' steens and such of this world, but they fail to realize that for every one of them there are 1000 pastors out there working a second job to provide for their families while dedicating their lives to God's service. More power to him if this is true.
  6. I am of the opinion that takk has gotten a false reputation. The man gets qb hurries but without any help from the other side its hard to connect. I'm pulling for him this year.
  7. So we're all ready for falcons to kick butt this season? Makes me happy and positive.
  8. Papa i agree. If vick could have applied himself, that would have been an historic run. That team was a threat to score from anywhere on the field.
  9. For those of you who actually saw vick play in person, do you not feel like he was one of the most exciting and unpredictable players you ever watched? I remember seeing him totally disappear in the middle of collapsed pockets only to reappear 15 yards downfield. Then he would hit an otherworldly high gear that would have him outrun everyone for another 20 yards. And as far as his arm strength, majority of his incompletions were because he threw so hard that recievers couldnt handle the ball. Its a shame how his career ended up, but he was a generational talent in his day.
  10. I agree. We're pretty stacked with linemen at the moment (knock on wood), would be nice to see that converted to a position of need.
  11. A lot of noteworthy offensive linemen on that list. I wonder how that will effect some of these teams.
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