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  1. Yes. Not arguing about his abilities, just haven't seen him on the field enough to pay 22mil. Jj is the goat of this decade between the 20's, but 6 tds a year is a bit subpar.( just a layman's opinion).
  2. I totally agree that it was not their only recourse. They could have handled it multiple ways but you're right it was a no brainer. And we came out 8.4mil to the good. I, like them, didn't see the pros in keeping him if he didn't want to be here. Recent production didn't warrant it.
  3. The falcons were handed the s***** end of the stick this year with poor previous cap management, big payments coming due, and the ballbusting drop in cap this year. Ultimately, cap had to be dealt with but wasn't really a major issue in the long run. They kept exactly who they wanted, restructured/resigned exactly who they wanted, got rid of who didn't want them, and came out to the good financially. Not a major issue....cap can be tweaked. We will really see their mettle next year and the year after when cap numbers go up and how they manage future contracts.
  4. Vandy, i respect your opinions but feel you're off on this one. The money we saved allowed us to sign the rookie class and add needed pieces in areas of need. How does that not help us to be more competitive?
  5. No, but being financially able to keep julio AND add needed additions might have helped. It boils down to having to have money without weakening already positions of need.
  6. Not just him. Remember the white guy with long blond hair( can't remember his name). He got an occasional timely sack, but most of the time he was running around like a wildman and the qb would just step inside and run for 10-15 yds. This has happened with multiples of our edge players. Not students of containment theory.
  7. I think it's very important to note that he sets the edge very well, and turns plays back inside. We have, in the past, been burned with guys who make wild rushes to the backfield and totally ignore the containment aspect of the game.
  8. Big shout out and thanks/likes to all the good people who posted on this thread. Love the atmosphere.
  9. Thank you, and happy Father's day to all of you.
  10. Autocorrect not on...just poor grammer. Hangers on.... leaches.
  11. I loved watching him play (especially in person). Sad that a lot of these guys drag the hanger onner posses with them though. Worry about your mama, maybe your brothers and sisters, but everybody else needs to take a seat way back in the far reaches of the train.
  12. That happens when your uncle's 3rd cousin twice removed's baby mama's best friend is being paid to watch the operation.
  13. Throw julio in and atlanta would be almost an embarrassment of riches. As it stands now, I think we're better off than the titans not only as a product but also financially. I think AS would rather be right where he is.
  14. I don't expect all that much from the titans. Like I said, a lot of name recognition but making those pieces work together is a task. I don't think he's lamenting too much over ridley, gage, pitts, hurst, davis, cp, and darby. Not a bad lineup.
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