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  1. Prayer given.
  2. Clayborn, Crawford, and Means (I forgot hageman), are apt to make some noise also with Quinn scheming things
  3. That's funny as h*** "baaa thing coming your way."
  4. Best of my recollection Matt has gifted his oline in the past also. Not stocks in a major company though.
  5. Can we just sign those freakin arms to a contract. They're imposing.
  6. Neither is American football.
  7. It is correct that our defense would have performed at a higher level last year if not for injuries to such key contributors. However, we would have still been gutted by quality running teams. This mock seems perfect to me in addressing our needs for starters as well as depth.
  8. Only if you like falling into the 47percent risk of being a victim of violent crime. Liking Jacksonville is totally dependent on what gated community you live in. The fans and support for their team are great.
  9. That's why you needed the Clemson cheat. I do think that ledbetter and hardeman are going to be a steal for someone. Same with galliard.
  10. Pretty decent draft. I could support this. Course I'm going to support falcons regardless
  11. Okay just being a smart tail here, but according to some posts here, that makes Foles better than Ryan. (Purple)
  12. Then we agree. I just don't see paying 20 mil for a 15 mil dt or 13 mil for a 7 mil de. Not to mention the cb situation. It's not my money though and just want a good team on the field. Always have been, always will be a falcons fan
  13. I've been a falcon fan since the late 60s, I've been watching this board for over 3 years and just recently joined. I totally understand your frustration and I also see the problems of trying to fill holes by paying huge amounts of money. My argument is that an elite quarterback is a necessity. Whereas good and not great players can fill out a team very well. Where we do not need to waste money on positions like cornerback defensive tackle defensive end wide receiver and running back.
  14. Wentz 27 mil, Goff 29 mil, foles 27 mil. Pretty fair considering the MVP, pro bowls, and top 10 all time