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  1. If they like Lance, they have to pick him at 4. Trading with Miami could potentially make Cincy trade back with a QB needy team if Miami takes the player Cincy was eyeing.
  2. If he is clearly a BPA at 4, I would take him. Let other teams figure out how to cover us. Even if we are not taking him, I would have spent a lot of time publicly scouting him ie at Pro day, publicized virtual meetings, leak interest to media etc. I believe Miami thinks they will get him at 6 and would trade up with us if they thought we or Bengals were seriously considering him.
  3. Something does not quite sit well with me with al this trade down obsession. If we are going to trade down, Denver is the furthest down I would be ok with. Trading with NE puts us right in the middle of the draft where we have drafted of late. Reminds me of the Hawks GM trading Luka for Trae and eventually Redish. If there is a franchise QB or a generational talent within our reach at 4 don't trade that for 3 or 4 good players.
  4. Yes Matt played well towards the end of last season, but he and the team does that when the stakes are low. Maybe it was the culture under the former regime, but there is something about this team when the lights shine brightest, they tend to shrink. We will see with the new regime but I am not holding my breath.
  5. Not sure why this is important but for those who care, it does seem Blank and Rich did the hiring. From interviews, you can tell they hardly know each other but were introduced in the interview process. The era of HCs reporting to GMs is long gone. Except for Jerry Jones, there are hardly any GMs who have power to hire/fire their HCs. Lets hope these guys can work together and do their jobs.
  6. Whoever calls the Chiefs offense has been poor today. This is why people often feel that their talent more than coaching, is responsible for their success.
  7. Talk of failing up. Why is Keith Armstrong coaching in the Super Bowl?
  8. The Stafford trade should have zero bearing on whether we trade Ryan or not. The first question is whether we can get a QB we love in this draft. If we do, then we can trade Matt if someone offers good comp.
  9. For the Cap guys on TAFT, is there a way we can get a team like Washington who want a good veteran QB help us with Matt's contract in a trade? For the scenario, I am assuming we love a QB we can get on this years draft.
  10. Stafford is easily an upgrade over Golf. He will make Mcvay's play action very effective.
  11. Do not see Lions moving up. They are clearly in rebuild mode. Plus they are not getting Rams 21 pick, I believe that goes to the Jaguars for Ramsey.
  12. Rams were trying to get rid of Golfs contract. They have a championship level team and good coaches. Makes sense to go for it especially with the Chargers maybe about to wake up and realize tier huge potential.
  13. Matt is done. If we just want to be a playoff team, then Matt is good enough. But to win the Lombardi, Matt requires a ready made team which unfortunately we cannot do till Matt and Julio are off the books. Matt of today could absolutely win the Super Bowl with the 2015 Broncos but I doubt he can win with today's Colts or even Tampa.
  14. If no QB or Sewell (If he is a generational player, I would trade Jake post June 1 and take him), then it has to be Surtain or a trade down.
  15. Progress in terms of in game decision making, discipline and play calling is all we can really judge him on over the next two years. Anything above that is a bonus.
  16. It is clear from the interviews that AB and Rich made the hires. I have no problem with that, in fact very few NFL GMs hire their own HCs.
  17. I am for BPA too especially in the first round. Would have no problem with Sewell or Chase. However, the BPA has to me miles better at his position than the next best available. You cannot select a marginally better player as BPA if the next best player is at a position of need. For me, Ridley vs Bryan in 2018 was an easy BPA selection while in 2017, picking Takk over Ramczyk was a clear need pick. I am ready to forgive leaving TJ Watt on the board though in hindsight, he was BPA.
  18. Would definitely "reach" for the 3rd best QB if i loved him. Josh Allen and Justin Herbert are not that bad. Falcons absolutely have to consider a QB at 4. It is very hard to get such a high pick with Matt, Julio, Grady, Debo , and Lindstrom among others around.
  19. Would love this, especially in the first round. Far too many teams leave clearly better players on the board to fill a need.
  20. Thank God the new GM said he is for BPA. No need picks at 4 even for our defense.
  21. We had Andre Roberts here and most didn't rate him.
  22. Hopefully he takes a long term view on things. We need a rebirth, if we can win while doing it, then fine. But no more pushing especially Matt and Julio cap to the future. I am fine with restructuring Grady, Mathews, and D Jones.
  23. I liked them to the point I would have been happy with a HC Raheem and DC Ulbrich. You have to understand, no one hates DQ, but after the Super bowl, he couldn't do one thing right. Raheem may not have dazzled, but he was forthcoming about issues and held players accountable.
  24. Keith Armstrong's Bucs special teams is last in punt coverage. How is that possible?
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