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  1. Coming into todays game we had been doing a good job with quick short plays. But today, it appeared most plays were slow developing making the OL look bad. Most of the sacks were coverage with Matt holding the ball instead of throwing away.
  2. You knew this was going to happen as soon as expectations were raised just a little bit. The last two seasons we started with high expectations, lost a few games and as soon as we were out of it, we had a turn around. This season the same happened but the crazy season gave us renewed hope for post season and here we are getting humiliated by a short handed rival. We need a reset.
  3. TD was GM for 12+ years, 6 playoff appearances and .55 win record. That's ok but not great. It was time for change. No one is guaranteed winning in sports, but being just good like TD's Falcons doesn't cut it especially because AB gave him time.
  4. Have always liked coach Todd Bowles. I know his Jets record wasn't great, but they are a dysfunctional organization. Would consider him for us
  5. Vrabel getting mad at his player going out of bounds instead of going down inbound to false Bills to use their timeouts. Thats what I want in the next coach. Football genius wouldn't hurt, but more than anything, do the small things right.
  6. We won't win eight games and will have a hard time trading Matt. He will only leave if a team is desperate enough to overcompensate with draft picks. If I were the Colts for example, I would give ATL two 1st round picks for Matt. They are a decent QB away from making a run for a Lombardi.
  7. I don't think GB is as good as its record last season and this season so far suggests but that's besides the point. The HC went but they also changed the GM. TD absolutely need to go with DQ.
  8. That was horrible. Is the franchise tag guaranteed for injury?
  9. He deserves respect as a man. No need to kick someone while they are down. But he was not a good HQ. He made one hire that worked like a charm but screwed up almost every decision after that.
  10. Why? it would give the team especially younger players and those not being played a lot like Senat and Wreh-Wilson chance to play more snaps without pressure to save someones job. Look at Carolina, came into the season with no expectations and they look decent or at least ahead of expectations.
  11. Did we interview him prior to the draft? His attitude seems so lackadaisical. Not sure how we didn't see that as it is the main reason he fell in the draft.
  12. If Ridley is injured, don't play him. We are playing for pride and nothing else and thus no need to risk such a bright talent. DQ so desperately wants to win that we will see players being risked unnecessarily.
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