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  1. I wanted a healthy Michel, based on our inability to sustain blocks. Chubb proved me wrong and this is one instance that I am ok with being wrong!
  2. Perennially over hyped OSU team looking like garbage against a team they clearly should be dominating. Hope the playoff committee takes note. Hard pass on Fields.... looking like garbage against inferior competition.
  3. On “IR” for that perfect pass in the end zone that went right through his d@mn hands. 😁 Been pulling for the guy, hope he heals up soon.
  4. Does my heart good to see the cowgirls implode like this.... 😁
  5. Tru met his quota of at least one PI penalty per game before going out. Sanu looking good, hate we could not keep him.
  6. Let’s go! We need some points on this drive.
  7. It is definitely what I like to bring out this time of year.
  8. I found it to be somewhat..... Inspirational. 😁
  9. Bad enough watching this style of play calling on Sundays from DK. MS smells blood in the water now.
  10. I always enjoy reading your posts. Happy Birthday!!!
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