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  1. Let’s go! We need some points on this drive.
  2. It is definitely what I like to bring out this time of year.
  3. I found it to be somewhat..... Inspirational. 😁
  4. Bad enough watching this style of play calling on Sundays from DK. MS smells blood in the water now.
  5. I always enjoy reading your posts. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. If for no other reason, the 2017 playoff game in philly. First and goal with a chance to advance on the line. The play calling on that series alone was enough for him to pack his bags.
  7. A few good laughs while shaking my head from side to side. It is always a joy to catch a Falcons game. Now that there is zero reason to get fired up about the outcome, I can view it as it is truly meant to be viewed, strictly entertainment.
  8. The weather is cooling off. Mosquitoes will all die soon.
  9. So all the Ryan haters in the thread can honestly say that Ryan has had alllll these weapons and yet deny the fact that 90% of his career has been spent behind patch work, league worst OLs year in and year out. (meaning there is no time to hit aforementioned weapons) Now, just for the h*ll of it let’s address the non existent defense that he has had to compliment his efforts. I will admit Ryan has his wth moments, there were several last night, but to pretend this is a major downfall of his is absurd. oh yeah.... almost forgot.... how many new offensive coordinators
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