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  1. Bro, I can not believe someone would seriously take things to that level... wow. Please keep putting your videos out. We don’t have to agree on everything, at the end of the day we all still have the exact same goal. To purchase some Falcon Super Bowl champion swag... thanks for putting the video together.
  2. No doubt he was rubbed and cook is going to get some yards, my comment was directed at Beasley showing his lack of violent intent, I just see him scraping down the thirty five yard line letting the runner dictate his will as opposed to Vic bringing some bad intentions. For what it’s worth my forty time was a 4.5. but that was a few years ago... as in many. Lol
  3. The first play is a prime example of Vic’s love of playing two hand touch and not attacking the runner... Vic is fast, there is no excuse to not close down on cook take space away from him and attack his a**. Nope, not Vic... he prefers to always, always let the runner dictate what is going to happen. Your choice of showing the opposite angle of the Vic wuss out does help show the speed of the game but that is not/not the soft mentality I want in my top paid defender. Unfortunately, I failed to record the game, but in watching the game there were several plays that I watched Vic’s lack of hustle and a couple of plays where he literally gave up. One I recall him slapping the ground while the runner was still running, and there was..... Vic face down on the ground... it was not a break away run, the guy was tackled just a few yards down field. I agree with others that I want the guy to succeed. I want him to do great things. But he Is soft as charmin. Picking out two ok plays does not make up for his lack of intensity, lack of killer instinct that we want and need on our defense. Trust me, I would lovvvvvvve for Vic to prove me wrong... but at this point, he is who he is....
  4. This is a great watch... I am starting to think that every team that plays the saints ends up hating their sorry ***..
  5. I think that is two points for the take down? Frkn love it.
  6. Loveeeee that take down by d hop!! F the saints
  7. Followed by a commercial showing freeman blowing past Would be Viking tacklers..... bwahahahahahaha...... oh the irony..
  8. Yesssss!!! F the saints!
  9. I remember that play and recall it being a double edged sword. I always want the team to succeed, but I knewwwwww Quinn would probably use that play to help justify hanging on to his boy. But, we are stuck with him for now, thus the eating crow ref.... I would love nothing more than to have a real football player show up on gamedays, slap Vic Beasley take his jersey from him and ball out for us. However, we are stuck with Beasley so I have no choice but to hope he finds a pair and plays like he is capable of playing.
  10. We can start a go fund me page to help with the fines collected by Vic or anyone else on our defense that needs incentive to bring the pain train to our opponents. I am sure after watching Vic’s ferociousness our opponents are shaking with fear...
  11. Bro..... Vic is hands down the softest football player I have ever witnessed. How anyone can jump on you after watching Vic try to play two hand touch or completely STOP a lay up sack on Cousins is just blind with Vic love. I cheered for Vic, still do. I want him to do well, he isn’t. I am sure he is a great guy so I am not disrespecting him as a man, but I really wish we would have let him walk. I would LOVE to eat crow, but I think we both know what Vic is going to show us this upcoming Sunday.
  12. I hate to be negative, I truly do..... but never in my life have I laid my eyes on a softer football player than Vic Beasley. We have some hungry players on our defense and I can only imagine what they must feel knowing that Vic is such a wus. I know he is a great guy, etc, etc. but he is trash as a defender. I have never seen a football player stop short of sacking a qb, quit on plays after he gets punked and literally play as if he is in a game of flag football. Ray Lewis was right all those years ago... the guy has no dog in him. And to see Quinn still dropping him in coverage.... sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Not to single out anyone player based on today’s disastrous performance. Merely pointing out he is the same ol Vic.
  13. It is the first game of the season and we just took a grade A beatdown. I remember reading somewhere that “hope” is not a plan and I 100% agree with that, but I truly hope we turn this around ASAP. We do have a lot of heart on this team, we do have some dogs on this team. In 2016 Tampa kicked our *** in the season opener only to have our boys go to the big game. I am trying my very very best to be optimistic right now, fighting the urge to write a thesis on all the holes we have and just how f*d up we truly look right now.
  14. Not a dayum thing. This is gonna be a h*lluva year. Buckle up. Our boyz are gonna get it done this year. Dream it, Believe it, and it will be so.