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  1. Ahh, gotcha. I have a pair of those as well, absolutely love em.
  2. Let it go bro... Lol. once you get used to not having it, you really won’t want it back. So much easier. I will include photos of former life when I had a head full of hair, and one of my old a@@ bald as h*ll. Just as proof, I once had it. Lol
  3. Yes, in a former life. Former Usss as well. I currently live in McLean, Virginia. If you are ever in the area give me a ping.
  4. When conus, do you spend time in NOVA or the WMA area?
  5. Lolol!!! Detail in Rio a few years ago. Well... several years ago now.
  6. You guys all look incredible. It is so nice to see many happy, smiling faces. So many wonderful photos. A photo of me and the great love of my life.
  7. Yes... the kind of catches that make you cringe to watch. Dude plays hard and sacrifices himself, you really can’t ask for more.
  8. Preach, the East was insane back then. You had the Celtics, Pistons, Bulls, Knick’s, and yes.... The Hawks were d@mn good back then too. People forget how good the Hawks teams were during that time period. Another aspect the documentary pointed out, that I have said for years, it was a farrrrr more physical game back then. I was all about Nique back then, really didn’t like Jordan, but after watching a good 40 plus years of ball, in my opinion he is the best. I’m not going to get involved with the whole a hole part... if any of you guys have been in higher tier groups, the higher the tier the fiercer the competition and the more testosterone fuels everything, we are fierce competitors, it is just in our dna, so he is no different than anyone else in a higher tier group. Be it, sports, military, etc. Great thread by the way, Enjoying this one immensely.
  9. Thank You! Only wish I could give this more likes.
  10. Good to hear. Crazy times for sure, but optimistically looking forward to a return to status quo. Agreed, the NFCS is going to be strong this year. From a snippet I read recently... it may have been from ESPN’s home page, the league is planning business as usual. Which, I think we all assumed that the billion dollar a year industry was going to find a way to make it happen... I truly think the injection of live sports would really lift a lotttt of morale around the country.
  11. Saint Ray! Good to see you my man. The only poster from that wretched fan base to come in here and eat crow when my birds miraculously played four quarters of football and put that a** whoopin on your team last season. Of course... the favor was returned in kind later in the season.... . Nevertheless, hope all is well in your swamp rat ridden part of the country.
  12. You two let me know when this goes down. Thought I was up here my my lonesome surrounded by redskins and cowboys fans. I live in Mclean, so hit me up when the season rolls around (if we are back to normal) would love to catch a game.
  13. Speaking of Kerney, didn’t he and Chuck have the same amount of sacks as Falcons? I mean... since everyone is kicking around the term “legend” around here... lol. Loved Kerney, hate he was not a Falcon for life. Always seemed like a great guy off the field as well, glad you had the chance to meet him.
  14. Don’t know about the rest of you guys, that kid battling cancer introducing the Browns pick got the eyes a lil cloudy there for half a sec.
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