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  1. Crawford and Clay will be missed. No, they were not superstars, but both of those guys showed up on game day. I always felt Crawford was under appreciated here. Sigh..
  2. Be easy bro, at 47 I was still pushing 300 (I was training my 20 year old son tryin to prep him for the military). Now I am nursing a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum and some other things that popped up on the mri.. guess I will get it fixed one of these days.. lol. The weighted dips didn’t help anything either... hard to admit to ourselves we are not as young as we once were.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with you on the coaching angle, but I propose the fair question to ask, “What would Brady have done with our offensive line and defense we roll out year after year?”
  4. Honored to help out any man trying to do the right thing. God bless you and your daughter. Please keep the link up and I will be happy to contribute again when I get paid a week from now.
  5. This..... this is why I love this place and I love you guys. I come home from work, open up the boards and I feel right at home. Thank you guys! And as always FFFF the aints!!
  6. Just wow...
  7. Wisconsin’s Taylor is as advertised. Running hard in the fourth.
  8. I intended to chime in to add my two cents on that tool, but d@mn..... you guys got it covered.
  9. Not in the least.... so ***** underwhelming...
  10. You know, there was a discussion in yesterday’s game about wasted talent as it pertains to athletes that have their careers shortened by injury, etc. With our keeping of kuttie we are wasting the careers of the talent we have on this team, I think that is what makes this so hard to swallow. If we just sucked or were just “ok” like we have been for most of my lifetime as a fan that is one thing, but to have to continue to watch such an ineptitude in coaching week in and week out is what makes this sooooo hard to endure.
  11. Ugh.... the moment you realize that the future hall of famers we have playing for us will more than likely never sniff the Super Bowl again.... -not to mention our suffering through his garbage as fans.
  12. Oh, just a typical day at the office filled with constant pressures, knockdowns, and I think 6 sacks in yesterday’s game. I do have faith in this young line next year. I truly hope to see more of Gono thrown into the fire as well.
  13. Great post, I wish to make one small addition to your list of pros. Pros: The Duke Riley experiment is over!!!