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  1. It's really not a cliche we hear every year. At least not for the same positions. Who was the last prospect like Pitts in recent memory? Who was the last TE prospect to straight up draw comparisons to Calvin Johnson? In your head you're limiting him to the TE position, but reality is that it's just a label because he's the size of a DE catching footballs like a WR. You're stance kinda falls into the category of loving a position, not a player. 3 QBs went before the 4th pick and by all accounts picking one at 4th would be picking a QB just for the sake of picking a QB. Lawrence aside, this QB class wasn't any more special than next year's will be. Next year we'll hear about another good QB class. Quote me when I say you won't hear about another Pitts for another decade or so.
  2. I understand the want for a QB, but this guy is a freak among freaks. Considering the Falcons were very much NOT in the driver's seat for a QB they wanted, there wasn't a better pick imo.
  3. I wasn't against a QB a few months ago, but I'll be fairly uneasy if that's the case now. A QB at 4 gives me the impression that the new front office likes the position, not the player.
  4. I swear. For some posters it's as if Ryan himself took a crowbar to their kneecaps or something.
  5. The unfortunate thing with Sark was that he would have probably gotten better with time. It's just that time is hard to come by in the NFL.
  6. To be fair they have been doing some stupid stuff recently
  7. QB gets flipped around at the goal line on a scramble. Refs call it short. Upon further review his *** cheeks cross the goal line. This triggers some obscure rule that no one knew about. Thus, the Butt TD is born.
  8. If you were trying to make sense this wasn't the response to accomplish that. To expand on why, for such a large wall of text, it can be summed up as "The QB does/doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling."
  9. You just make no sense. If a QB plays well, you'll pass because he didn't carry the team. In the same breath, you correlate QB success to the team around him.
  10. How many 1st rounders do you expect to put up a goose egg for an entire season? While healthy? Right after being on the cusp of a SB? Slice it how you want, but that pick didn't help them the moment it was announced.
  11. Each had a better shot at contributing than their 1st round pick, that's for sure.
  12. Jordan Love better be the bee's knees because an actual contributor is looking mighty nice right about now.
  13. I've never witnessed a consistently good defense in my life. That would be cool. But with my luck it would be a monkey's paw kind of deal. Falcons get an awesome defense but the offense is terrible. Or I go blind so I literally can't witness it.
  14. For all the apparent meddling McKay does, I don't suppose we wanna give him props for landing top shelf candidates?
  15. "We have to draft a QB. We don't often pick this high." Any variation of that is exactly how you sink a team and I pray the new front office is a bit more open.
  16. If that same block happened later in this season, he'd be under suspicion of tanking. Out of all the bad plays that game, that one takes the cake.
  17. The team wasn't necessarily wrong for wanting someone better. The problem was DQ and company hit the panic button in regards to the Kubiak situation.
  18. It's not about internet it's about licencing. Unless we wanna overpay for a playoff pass.
  19. I'm with Dungy. The fact that this is under such a microscope is a bit ridiculous. The game has become a bit too technical at times.
  20. lol no TD splash art for Heinicke. Good for him though. I'm pulling for him
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