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  1. Let's pump the brakes there, buddy. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  2. This is basically what it all boils down to. AB knows just how much input TD has in certain matters. AB is also aware of what he did/didn't support. If it turns out TD voiced concern about some of our decisions, then I think we might see him stay. If he honestly didn't like something he almost assuredly made it known to a certain extent. 0 chance the guy just plasters on a fake smile and nods on every decision.
  3. If we're holding ourselves to the same standard we hold Quinn and Co, then I think a few of us need to be fired from these boards lol
  4. Matt is a good QB and it's his job to adjust. He'll be fine. But for the sake of everyone else on that team I hope we get a coach who is a bit of a hardass.
  5. TD definitely deserves his share of blame, but I think many forget he is handcuffed to Quinn. I feel his shortcomings can be overcome with a decent coach. 2017 wasn't so long ago and Shanahan built a historically great offense with TD's parts. On the other hand I feel it doesn't work the other way around with Quinn. Every GM in the league would be sunk with how this team is prepared week in and week out. With a large group of the same players, we have just seen regression with Quinn at the helm.
  6. Woah now. What is this? A fair critique of our staff and players? Get this outta here.
  7. No we can't. There is a reason every single QB needy team is throwing high draft capital and huge paychecks to try to secure a franchise QB.
  8. It's pretty universally accepted that this roster is talented. Too talented for what is going on. TD certainly has some blame in it all sure. But he's built a roster that the coaching staff certainly should be getting much more out of. Is he here by season's end? I dunno. But don't act shocked if he's still around.
  9. I understand AB not wanting to make a mid season coaching change. I really do. But I'm legit wondering how long can this go on.
  10. Guys I know a lot of us have gone off the deep end this season, but I'm decently sure this is sarcasm.
  11. I knew in my heart that the exp would be no good. And that really bums me out I've become that pessimistic. Nothing could have been more Falcon-esque
  12. As long as the players take the field there is always a chance to be in position to make a play. The issue I have is that the coaching staff really isn't helping to maximize the odds. The players gotta play, but the coaches really have to help out way more than they are.
  13. Something I'm very sure you all know, but I'm still going to throw it out there: These players are without a doubt not being put in the best position to succeed. Pretty sure I saw a couple of times last game where Takk AND Beasley dropped into coverage, essentially giving just s 3 man "rush". Against a struggling OL. At this point I'm honestly wondering how well some players will do once this staff is gone. Even Beasley.
  14. The only thing worse than what I see on the field is some of the logic coming from this board. Its getting so ridiculous that I can't even tell apart the sarcasm anymore. Send help.
  15. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, but this does sound like a very Falcon-ish thing that would happen... If I close my eyes I can see the conversion on 3rd and 15.