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  1. I wouldn't call 31% slim. But it's also ESPN and I wouldn't put much weight into it.
  2. DQ is definitely on a shorter leash than TD. Try as we may, we can't really pin undisciplined play on TD. We can lose games, but if they turn out to be sloppy loses DQ is gone by midseason. I don't think things will be that disastrous though.
  3. Compared to years past, I'm fairly optimistic about this season. I'm adamant that Gurley is gonna be huge for us.
  4. The realist in me says 8. The optimist in me says 15. I'll split the diff and say 12.
  5. It's all about the eyeball test. Brady didn't really pass it for large parts of the 2019 season. This was especially true once they played good teams. NE had a soft schedule for the first half of the season.
  6. He's pretty good at throwing half of the season away.
  7. Not even sure we see Gronk at all this season. Gronk is many things, and durable isn't one of them.
  8. Yep. Coaches/players will risk their jobs and cost themselves future opportunities. All to get that sweet draft capital for a team they probably won't be a part of. How does anyone actually think people intentionally throw in this league?
  9. I wasn't aware we had so many Bill O' Briens on these forums
  10. Matt Ryan is the prime example of how you can have a great QB, but yet still fall short because you didn't put the team around him. In this case, if the Falcons decided to field a defense at some point in his career he'd be looked at more favorably.
  11. Nailed it. I mean yeah I'm starting to get used to them. But certain aspects like the ATL will always seem a bit off to me.
  12. It's really not the end of the world like a lot are making it out to be. But let's also not trick ourselves into thinking it's a great redesign. We'll all buy one eventually I'm sure. I'm just bummed because I'm cheap and I honestly don't think these will have the same lifespan as our previous ones.
  13. Honestly these uniforms are right in the middle. How much we love/hate them will be directly tied to how well this next season goes. If we bomb the next couple you can bet we get new ones in 5 years.
  14. I get the feeling these were done last minute on a Microsoft word document. I'm not even joking, but I already owned this exact home jersey as a kid. My dad got it for me at Ross. So these clearance rack jokes don't seem too far off base to me.
  15. Friendly reminder that Frank Gore tore his ACL twice in a row before he even entered the league. Injuries are random and unpredictable. Sure it's scary when a player has in injury history. But also realize there are plenty of players who have bounced back after being labeled injury prone. Let's just not go into the season with the expectation of him getting 30 touches per game. And the reason Gurley signed for 5 mil with us is because he is still getting payed by the Rams. This season he'll actually make 11 million. He was never going to be looking for a massive payday when his former team was still on the hook for his salary. We also feature a much better offense than the Rams. Our players at nearly every offensive position are a clear upgrade for him.
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