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  1. Let's just play devil's advocate and say Ryan is hot garbage. Are we really just gonna overlook how poor the scheme was for us that game? Or how their D line was living in the backfield? Impossible to accurately assess any QB when things were that bad. We lost before the snap on so many occasions.
  2. Hit me with some more of that sweet sweet logic.
  3. Well it's pretty easy. The same way you're leaning hard into blaming players I'm just doing the opposite.
  4. **** it. Go coachless. New era of football.
  5. It was pretty bad today. RBs were basically useless this game. Routes were conflicting with each other. No separation from the WRs. Ryan took waaaaay too many sacks. Any single problem you can pin on the players. Altogether it's a sign of bad coaching.
  6. The amount of coverage sacks Ryan took today was depressing. Does Ryan share the blame? Yeah. It's clear who needed to step it up though, and he was sitting pretty up in the booth.
  7. I didn't expect a win, but I also didn't expect this. Team looked lost on a whole. Defense is better, but still pretty bad. Offense just crumbled against quality competition. No reason for Hill to have the game he did, and no reason for the offense to be this inept. At this point I'm too tired to analyze it further, but Morris isn't the one. Yeah not fair after only one game against a good team, but it's not like he wasn't a part of what got us here in the first place.
  8. Lmao if you call that 'schemed' There was no particular thought put into that route or other routes to compliment it.
  9. Oh I'm very aware. But what certainly doesn't get the team back into the game is back to back runs. At this point he's gotta actually do something with this passing game.
  10. Just what the **** is Dirk doing at this point. How well had the run been going to justify what we just saw
  11. AGAIN OUR ONLY 2 RECEIVERS RUNNING INTO THE SAME AREA. I'm actually done with this clown of an OC.
  12. If you can't see what's happening that's on you. The routes are bland, and it's causing Ryan to have to hold the ball. On the last drive there were literally all of our receivers running into the same zone. The entire 1st half is littered with plays like that. OC's exist for a reason. The Saints are having 0 issues getting their top target open. Meanwhile Ridley for us is invisible because Dirk can't scheme to save his life.
  13. Did Koetter really just have 3 receivers run to the same spot. How is he not fired already
  14. Imagine if they had an actual QB back there. Would this really be close right now
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