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  1. His 2019 stat line is almost identical to Kikle and you say he’s an upgrade? And over two years is the same too.
  2. Sarcasm..... I agree. He’s old and hasn’t been good in 3 or 4 years and he replaces Kikel who was better. Can’t believe people are excited about this especially when thats $18 m that could go to Donaldson or another big signee.
  3. Well, he DID hire the Swamp Fox Marion Campbell to run it. One of the great defensive minds in those days
  4. Mike Smith .589 Dan Quinn .563 Jim L Mora .542 Leeman Bennett .529 Dan Reeves .454 Norm Van Brocklin .430 Jerry Glanville .422 June Jones .396 Dan Henning .352 Marion Campbell 2 .256 Marion Campbell 1 .240 Bobby Quitrino .231 Norb Hecker .133 I did not include interim coaches Question: Does the percentage comparison reflect the true rankings in your opinion?
  5. Absolutely! He came in the middle of the 3rd season after Hecker went 4-26-1 total. Finished 2-9 then made us 6-8 in ‘69. Then went 4-8-2, 7-6-1, 7-7, then 9-5. And he had little talent to deal with
  6. Parcells coached the Pats in 1996. That’s the year they played the Packers in the SB
  7. As far as the most fun teams, it had to be the Glanville years. That whole thing with Deion, Elvis, MC Hammar, Evander, 2Legit 2Quit, the California State Championship trophy, etc was a constant party. It was fun until Jerry couldn’t win games anymore.
  8. My top 3 are because of success but more because of what they inherited and turned into something much better than what they had. To me Smitty is far and away the best coach we ever had.
  9. My top 4 are: 1. Smitty 2. Bennett 3. Van Brocklin 4. Reeves I can’t really fairly rank any further down the list.
  10. Maybe someone can produce a video that proves the Patriots hacked into the Falcons’ radio communications during the second half of the SB and we can be named SB LI champions?
  11. Do they really need an edge in scouting to beat the Bungles?
  12. Just looked it up. Denver traded a 2nd, a 3rd, and a 4th rounder to Baltimore for the 25th pick that was Tebow. Wow, just wow Those players taken with those picks were Sergio Kindle, Ed Dickson, and Dennis Pitta
  13. Didn’t McDaniels draft Tebow? I can’t remember the timeline.
  14. May as well bring back Jerry Glanville if we want entertainment. We could have Hammer and Evander on the sideline and have tickets left at Will Call for Elvis. He could hire Rex Ryan as his DC and Mike Leach as his OC. It would not be boring
  15. Dukes and Bell just said they feel that Quinn will be back next year.
  16. Or is it also talent evaluation? #dimitroff
  17. I mean, they may as well run the classic high school offense, the Wing-T, that is designed for teams with no real stars. A good coach/coordinator can adapt his offense to revolve around the talent he has and to maximize it.
  18. ... and don’t we always match that legacy regardless of our method?
  19. That’s the true definition of a Gunslinger
  20. Deion is probably the GOAT cover corner. He never learned how to tackle however.
  21. He truly was shellfish... He had lobster-like hand and leg movements.
  22. Without the legs, he was a below average QB in the traditional sense.
  23. As a fan, I demand answers from this ownership and front office as to who is responsible for every boneheaded decision made since 28-3