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  1. Harsin will be overmatched in the SEC. He was successful in a horribly weak Mountain West in a program he inherited. Boise coaches have a checkered history after leaving Boise. Dan Hawkins FLOPPED at Colorado. Chris Petersen who is god at Boise only had marginal success at Washington in a horribly weak PAC-12. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite OC Dirk Koetter once coached there. There is the basis for why Harsin will absolutely fail at Auburn. The dude is already trying to poach players from Boise which has limited talent. And you’ll always be the #2 team in the state too. Auburn
  2. Are you an Auburn alum?
  3. Man, the dude is a beast and makes everything look so easy. So fluid. It’s like he’s at the top of the key then two steps and a spin move and you’re posterized. He’s gonna be a problem. But I think we can do it.
  4. The second half has told the story in nearly every game in this series. Hope we can just wear them down
  5. There should be no comments on this board once the Hawks game starts. Comments should be blocked here for the length of that game. Everyone over to the NBA forum!
  6. Go Barves! Let’s get them in game 2.
  7. I’d rather lighten up…
  8. Same rules for both teams. Learn to adapt.
  9. It’s the same for both teams. Quit making excuses for these clowns.
  10. The man we traded for one year of JD Drew
  11. Good news is that home court doesn’t seem to matter much in this series. Four of the 6 games have been road wins. I’d like to see it go to 5 of the 7. Ans I think the pressure is squarely on Philly to close us out. I feel good about this
  12. At least we ain’t the D-Backs. They’ve lost 23 road games in a row.
  13. Yes because a 4 game sweep keeps us just under .500
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