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  1. And when he comes on the radio he proves that what he writes is coming from him, no imposter there. He might as well be the famous Mel from SW Atlanta that calls all the talk shows. At least Mel is entertaining.
  2. Fromm, while a decent college QB, is no more than Aaron Murray 2.0. He’ll do nothing in the NFL
  3. Mixed bag. You have Grady but then there’s Vic
  4. And isn’t it ironic that Matt Ruhle’s name is among several that has come up as possible replacement for Quinn?
  5. LOL! And they lost!
  6. If the Falcons are looking for lessons on how to tank, look at tape of 4th quarter.
  7. Why is prevent defense even used. It never prevents anything except possibly winning the game.
  8. Burrow hasn’t seen a defense this good in his life. And don’t say Bama cause they ain’t typical Bama this year.
  9. Don’t know but they’ve allowed 17 points in the last 17 quarters, going back to halftime of the SC game, not counting the OT.
  10. This defense is why Georgia has a legitimate shot against LSU. If the offense can remotely find some consistency it will be a great matchup. And history tells us a great defense always beats a great offense.
  11. May have also regressed due to not having Fields around to push him. He was handed the job. No matter what anyone says, having that pressure keeps you sharp and motivated
  12. No one seems to have faith in their own team. You’re so close to the program you see all the flaws.
  13. Nice Rick Pitino quote there Not sure he’d be any help right now in his condition