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  1. Just checking in. Now checking out. Cardboard cutouts. MLB has lost its collective mind.
  2. Can’t believe you guys are watching this crap.
  3. Tolerance should go both ways. Kaepernick has a right to kneel, Brees has a right to disagree.
  4. *** Breaking News*** ”Skott Lee Leaving TATF” With great regret I am announcing my departure from TATF. It has been a difficult decision to make but it is the correct one. I am way old school and I cannot speak the new analytic language and I’m just worn out from the criticism of my insufficiencies in this area. I also feel that at one time I had friends on this board but everyone seems to love hating. The vitriol gets to the point of unbearable. I can’t take it anymore. So I’d like to say that great friendships grew in my time here but that would be a lie. So my parting message to all of you is “Have a nice life”. You won’t have Skott Lee or any other of my 15 aliases to kick around anymore.
  5. Hope it does carry over but I’m afraid he’s a AAAA pitcher. Too good for AAA but can’t cut it at the major league level. So sad.
  6. I hope you are right. Seems a lot of the prospects we acquired have turned out to be AAAA pitchers.
  7. Isn’t Prado kinda washed up?
  8. Hamels and Minter LOL
  9. It’s just spring baseball. Slow your roll. Players are trying things they wouldn’t try in Regular season games.
  10. If this is true, this shows exactly why Snitker should not be this team’s manager. Everyone else in the world knows that Camargo is a utility man at best. But Snitker is smarter than the room. And WRONG! So tired of Bobby Cox 2.0 playoff choker managing this team.
  11. Good long read, but to call Andruw Jones the greatest CF of the last half century is a monumental stretch. And when is Acuña gonna learn English?
  12. Not one single guy you mentioned has shown any sign they are ready to pitch at the MLB level. His being pushed out by these guys THIS year is wishful thinking.
  13. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a real pitcher but he at least shows up and has shown flashes of brilliance. The fact that he is a veteran at #3 starter behind two unproven-for-the-long-haul youngsters is an indictment to the sketchiness of the starting rotation.
  14. Hoping Riley can step up and take the job. Camargo is a nice utility guy but the more playing time he gets the worse he gets.
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