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  1. They get on me for predicting this one game. Slow yer roll
  2. Dwags doing what they’re supposed to do here. Keep it up! Ccoks will lose.
  3. They moving the ball. This game closer than it should be. It should be 42-0 right now
  4. Game tracker has UGA win probability at 97.6%. I think that’s a bit low. No chance we blow this. Too many weapons.
  5. Would have been a good idea to sign up Muschamp for THIS game!
  6. Crap it all. I get told to “get my negative shiit outta here” and now I’m a confident son of a biitch and you BACK.... ME.... DOWN. GO DAWGS!!!!
  7. I’m calling it like Biden won California. It’s over.
  8. McKitty? Did Tony DiNozzo give him that name?
  9. You must have a high opinion of me and an addiction to superstition if you belive I have that power. Just stating my hunch. This one is over already. Dawgs win.
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