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  1. For some reason I started feeling a little queasy when you said this.
  2. I pulled this video up for the purpose of showing y’all my all time favorite single Falcon uniform, the ‘97-‘02 road uniform, and found myself watching our then QB at his pinnacle. It was a beautiful thing to watch
  3. Ugh. Well if I gotta choose the best look amongst these loser unis, I think the all white is the best look. I hate the all black but the black top and white pants is acceptable.
  4. I’m gonna get this out there so there’s no doubt: I hate dark colored pants for football. I like, white, gray, silver, gold, yellow and thats all. I hate any style of number on the jersey except for classic block letter. And I prefer sewn on numbers. I do not like any words on the front of jerseys. I only like solid color helmets. I do not like stripes down the middle of the helmet. I do not like black-only socks. I like solid white socks with maybe a little color up top. I
  5. No, they are reminders of Quinn/Dimitroff era. Trash them and go classic and stick with it.
  6. The new uniforms already give loser vibes. We should discard ANYTHING that reeks of the Quinn/Dimitroff era. Go old school classic. Love em or hate em, the Cowboys primary unis are classic awesome and timeless and never change. Same with the Steelers, Raiders and Bears. I personally like the 78-89 Falcons look the best.
  7. That’s because it’s a “Home Run or Strike Out” culture now. Launch Angle and Exit Velocity shiit. Hitting for average is looked down upon now.
  8. He got in the 90s a couple of times but still that’s incredible. Because of his extremely strong and quick wrists, he was always in position that he could wait til the last second to commit to swing, thus making lots of contact. I also think he said he never tried to guess on what pitches were gonna be thrown. He was always waiting for and ready for the fastball, which meant if he had to hit a curve his wrists were quick enough to react to it.
  9. On strike outs: 23 years in the bigs, he never had a season where he struck out 100 times.
  10. Heard Chip Caray say this morning that you could take away all his homers and he’d still have over 3000 hits. That’s a complete ball player.
  11. If every pro franchise in Atlanta doesn’t honor him id be disappointed. He is ALL of Atlanta not just the Braves
  12. You know, I’m not a big fan of the name changing stuff going on, but if we gotta do it, I couldn’t think of a better name. It would appease the offended people and honor the greatest Brave ever at the same time. The Atlanta Hammers.
  13. I was there too. Third base side between 3rd base and the left field foul pole. Alsle 118 row 22. Still have my stub. Ticket was $4.50. Was with my best friend and his dad. I remember those idiots jumping on to the field and running toward Hank way before the cameras caught them. In retrospect that was kinda scary. A lot of the stuff we know now about the death threats and racial issues he went through were not as publicized prior to this. Hank handled it all with class and dignity. What a great man he was. RIP
  14. The real Home Run King. The original Hammer. A legend.
  15. And if WE say it’s a bad hire, it’s a bad hire... dammit!
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