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  1. If Ynoa is being considered to pitch, why not just call him the starter since he’s a starter? Let him pitch until he can’t. Jeez what is baseball coming to?
  2. Well, this series is still percolating but it’s a potential candidate for the list. In no particular order (other than the holy grail of meltdowns: 28-3 (‘nuff said) Jim Leyritz (again, ‘nuff said.. the mention of his name gives me the heeby jeebies) 2020 NLCS 2019 NLDS game 5 vs Cardinals 1991 WS games 6&7 vs Twins Eugene Robinson (yep, ‘nuff said) 2013 NLDS game 4 (aka Kimbrel standing on the ready in the bullpen) And to wrap it in a nice big bow, 14 consecutive division championships and one measly WS win. We were the greatest regular season dynasty in the history of the game
  3. The whole idea of actually employing a bullpen pitching plan for a critical playoff game blows my mind. You have to hope 7-8 pitchers are all in their best form. Its like playing Russian roulette 7-8 times in a row in hopes of avoiding disaster each time. And some of these pitchers tend to have more than one bullet in the chamber. And then there’s the possibility of extra innings. You’ve already blown through 7-8 pitchers and who is left? Tired pitchers needing rest, starters on an off day, and Lord forbid, position players.
  4. And the Wohlers-Leyritz debacle. Nothing to pin on Cox but if you watch that whole at bat, Wohlers had thrown him a couple of fastballs that Leyritz could not catch up to and swung late and fouled them off. So why is Wohlers throwing hanging breakers right over the plate for him. Should have best fastball away, fastball inside, fastball high and tight, fastball down and away.
  5. Hey, just a bunch of frustrated folk blowing off steam. Let’s get e tomorrow
  6. And we can’t forget Fredi refusing to bring Kimbrel into the game in 2013 against the Dodgers.
  7. I’m still mad that Cox brought in Leibrandt to face Kirby Puckett in game 6 in ‘91. We had that series in the hip pocket until then.
  8. And just to be clear, that $800 driver sucks because it didn’t cure his slice.
  9. Probably not. But then again, in places like Nebraska, Oklahoma and such it’s understandable that they would draw non-alumni towards them because they ARE the closest thing to a pro team anywhere around
  10. Managers do need to have a quicker hook in postseason. How many times did Bobby Cox leave a pitcher in for one too many batters?
  11. Yeah, gotta love the “fans” that boo college players. Think about that for a moment. I was actually at a Tech-Georgia game back in ‘97 and some idiot next to me was berating a player, yelling every expletive you can think of, calling him a bum, a loser, and two rows in front of him was guess who? The player’s mother. She was visibly upset. Puts it in perspective. They’re just young boys that are some mother’s son.
  12. I’m tired of the opinion that those with negative ( and a lot of times factual) thoughts are trolls. The aura of “Atlanta’s gonna Atlanta” is real. If you’ve lived in this city for 30 years or more you simply can’t deny it. I’m really hoping still that these Braves find a way to break the spell.
  13. You are alumni. This ain’t about you.
  14. John Kincade always had fun with the college fans that never attended the school. He called them Walmart fans because they bought all their hats, shirts, jerseys from Walmart because they never set foot on the campus.
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