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  1. What you said about hanging our hats on the 15 year division championship run with extreme pride while other contenders built their teams specifically to beat us was dead on balls accurate. Every year we’d lose in the playoffs, (you know that 14 out of 15 year stretch of playoff losses), Bobby Cox would be asked about what they could have done better, he’d just say “Hey, the playoffs are just a crap shoot”. So clearly the team philosophy was “Get to the postseason and roll the dice”
  2. Dude clearly did not want to be here and it showed on the field.
  3. Let’s not forget the epic David Justice and Marquis Grissom for Kenny Lofton and Alan Embree.
  4. Everyone talks about John Schuerholz and his brilliance but he inherited the top farm system in the majors to use as trade bait (see the McGriff trade), and Ted Turner’s bottomless wallet to acquire free agents with. I am sure AA doesn’t have the luxury of the latter.
  5. What’s funny in this photo is that among the fans seen in the background, very few of them paying attention to the action on the field.
  6. It’s a long season, 151 games to go. That’s enough games to have several mini-seasons within a season. I know many years at season’s end I have to be reminded about what happened in April. Hopefully this will pass.... and Austin Riley will figure out how to hit or be discarded from the roster by then and we’ll have at least a serviceable third baseman.
  7. I know those players love Snit, but I really think they are missing a huge opportunity to really make the most of the core talent on this team by keeping him at the helm. I just don’t think he’s the guy to do it. We complained about Bobby Cox not being able to do it but once over the course of 15 years with all that talent, but Snit is not even Bobby Cox.
  8. I see what you did there.....
  9. Their colors aren’t even green
  10. Hate that he’s no longer a Brave but good for him. His career was almost over and found himself and worked hard to get it back.
  11. And that false sense of security Snit has knowing he has 65 bullpen arms is why he pulled a perfectly healthy Ynoa after 80 pitches, and possibly a reason we lost that game last night.
  12. I believe it was an anomaly. I love the guy but I’ve never seen him as a long term sure thing. Hope I’m wrong and he recovers.
  13. And some relief at 3B for the walking dead Austin Riley.
  14. Looks like he’s one of those AAAA players. He tore it up at Gwinnett but hasn’t figured out the major league game.
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