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  1. I know more atheists that have read the Bible all the way through than those who call themselves Christians. In fact, Christians are more apt to quote things as scripture that are not even in the Bible. Word is that the church board were having a discussion on what translation of the Bible the preacher should preach from. One deacon stood up and said he should preach from the King James Version. When asked why, he responded “If it’s good enough for Jesus it’s good enough for me”.
  2. That means nothing moving forward. Randy Johnson’s perfect game in 2004 has no bearing on this upcoming series, for example.
  3. I’d like to see some fire like that from our pitchers. I remember Bobby coming out to pull Smoltz, and Smoltz told him to get his *** back in the dugout
  4. We need to get you some Riley Pom-poms. Heck, maybe your cheerleading is starting to work
  5. Well, he went two full years doing nothing at all and looking bad doing it after the big splash he made. But hey, here’s a “small sample size” of a breakout and you expect us to stop with the criticism? I thought you were a strong opponent of people making claims over small sample sizes. Dude, I WANT him to hit. It’s why he’s in the bigs now, because he tore up AAA. I still think he’s a AAAA player but if this small sample becomes the norm I’ll be overjoyed.
  6. Exactly what I said. Just differently. I understand. Chill
  7. It’s supposed to be a team statistic. How many were left on base when the third out was made. This looks like it’s accounting for individuals who made outs and didn’t drive in the runners on base with less than two outs. Who knows? Anyway it’s a team stat not a compilation of individual LOBs. Looking closer at it, there were 9 players who left runners on base. But Bryce left 5 on base. That’s impossible since there are only 9 available innings to leave runners on base.
  8. 27 would be the most possible to leave on base.
  9. Oh wow! I had no idea the Dibble incident happened the same game! Awesome! Now what I want to know is was this the game where Lou Piniella attacked Dibble in the clubhouseafter the game?
  10. Hasn’t helped him much. What a disappointing career he has had. Salary $21 mil for mediocrity.
  11. However, in 1966 Tony Cloninger, a pitcher, had 9 rbis in a game vs the Giants from the 9 hole. He hit 2 grand slams. https://www.si.com/mlb/rockies/all-things-rockies/july-3-1966-tony-cloninger-puts-on-a-record-setting-power-display-2-grand-slams
  12. I usually hate trivial stats like this, but one that dates back 100 years is worth noting.
  13. Scoring 13 runs in 6 innings will do that
  14. Can’t wait til Snicker is fired. Will be glad when all the Bobby Cox cronies are gone.
  15. Can’t wait til he’s no longer a Brave.
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