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  1. What’s gonna be fun is after we destroy Lala Land, we can lay claim to a pennant in a real full season, and bash them by discounting their win last year with an asterisk in a fake short season.
  2. I’m saying this with love in my heart, but we really don’t need your negativity in this series. You have like 36 hours to adjust the attitude before posting again. Gotta have all hands and good vibes on deck. Never say die. We’re gonna win this one.
  3. I would love nothing better than a Braves sweep of the Dodgers. Win it on their home soil with all those looney bin Californians watching the carnage.
  4. Wishing, hoping, praying the Dodgers have a safe but bumpy flight to Atlanta.
  5. I’m hoping this is like the ‘93 season. The Giants and Braves had a similar run for the division winning 104 games to their 103. Went up against the Phillies and were just worn out from the intensity of the playoff push and lost. I hope THAT happens to the Dodgers
  6. Gotta have positive vibes for the series thread that Unknown starts!
  7. Nope. Bring ‘em on. Let’s beat them bad. You know it’s gonna be us against the World. Beat em anyway.
  8. This will be an interesting game to watch. Eager to find out which team will be destroyed by the Braves in the NLCS.
  9. It’s gonna look “Arkansas easy” or worse i think, especially if bulletin board material motivates them. These Dawgs are locked in now I believe. The biggest motivator is now with Alabama in the loss column, they see the finish line and really there’s no one on the schedule other than Alabama themselves that can really compete with them.
  10. He kinda looks like Michael Stivik, the Meathead on All in the Family
  11. To be honest, that was a very tame response to a HUGE moment, especially from Ingram who is nothing more than a hired mouth, not really a Brave homer. I like Jim Powell MUCH better. A home grown Atlantan.
  12. Most of the front office posts were along the “when is AA gonna make some moves”. Those aged very quickly. Even the endless “Snitker is a horrible manager” posts are beginning to get some bad aging to them. I think most of us are guilty of those.
  13. Yelich is as popular in Milwaukee as Ben Simmons is in Philadelphia.
  14. We’ve been playing next man up all season long. Go Braves!
  15. Why wasn’t he at the park? That’s very odd
  16. Well, we can add the “this team, even if they win the sorry NL East, Will be a one and done and crap the bed in the playoffs in usual ATL style” There were several of those and I was one of them
  17. Let’s beat whoever shows up. Just like WWE Battle Royal. Meet them at the ropes and curb stomp ‘em
  18. Dang how old is that? Brandon Phillips, Adams?
  19. I really don’t think it matters to this bunch.
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