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  1. When you are the home team in extra innings and you need just one run, it’s stupid NOT to bunt when you have a runner on second and no one out. That way a wild pitch, passed ball, sac fly, or a well placed infield hit gets you the run. If he’s on second it has to be an outfield hit (and there could still be a play at home) or a home run.
  2. The integration of analytics into Snit’s old school mindset is frying his brain. I’m sure he’s been told to embrace it but it’s not working.
  3. Take away that 9 game streak against the Sisters of the Poor and what have we really done? I really like Snitker as a person and admire his life story of perseverance, but he is clearly not top level manager material. Bench coach? Yeah. Minor league roving instructor? Yeah. Third base coach? Yeah. Just anything but manager.
  4. Braves certainly need to start scoreboard watching Reds, Padres, and Cardinals now.
  5. Now if we can just get our opponents to trot out AAA players to face him…
  6. He’s the only guy that did anything tonight. Don’t lay into him
  7. Braves will score 20 tomorrow night
  8. Just making sure y’all saw this.
  9. Well they didn’t make it 6-44 Id be interested to see how many of those 44 losses came after we took the lead after the 6th and then blew it with the bullpen. I’m sure not all those losses came from this team just giving up. Seems we’ve had some rallies followed by bullpen futility.
  10. Also, why do people spend $$$$ going to concerts, get drunk/high , then SING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS OVER THE ARTIST !
  11. “Well, we didn’t block…. but we made up for it by not tackling”
  12. Upon hearing Matt Ryan postgame, one thing hasn’t changed from previous years. Matt still saying “We gotta get better” over and over.
  13. The good news is, we didn’t play well enough to have a game won only to let it slip through our hands with a blown onside kick or something of that nature.
  14. Falcons are 14-19 overall in the new stinkatorium, Mercedes Benz Stadium. They are 14-18 on the road in the same time period. So virtually no home field edge. They play ****ty no matter where they play
  15. Did Philly have anyone named Barksdale or Stringer Bell on their D-line? Searching for suspects
  16. Gonna take the Bucs and give whatever points to the Falcons. If there was ever a sure bet that’s it.
  17. When we have a precedent set right here in Atlanta for an immediate turnaround from futility (2008 Falcons) it makes today inexcusable.
  18. Looks like the Falcon organization is consistently bad from management down to the players. Sorry to hear.
  19. Football in the south should be played outside. Period. And not with a stupid hole in the roof. Real outdoors. Open air full elements. On grass. You are right. It’s a soulless warehouse That said, The Georgia Dome had tons more atmosphere than this place
  20. For some reason I heard this in my mind as the voice of Kevin Malone from The Office
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